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    F11 tailgate corrosion

    Kia over an Alfa Giulia?!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Collected the car from the welding shop today. All jacking points now repaired, a few pics of their handy work........ Not a cheap job, but the car is now structurally sound
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    Tools for the job

    Cheers. The golf tee is a good tip, thanks
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    Good article: https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/magazine/2019/bmw-e34-touring-its-top-gear/?fbclid=IwAR2GwyjoBfsbFeMEUQleLRg6JiXGKYGWOLa8JlrHq-xEe8aq6nEPM-nJI5w I can relate to the this is all you actually need mentality of older cars giving more satisfaction at lower speeds than these monstrously fast modern machines.
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    I have to say, the BMW nav in this generation is the poorest nav I have ever used. The RTTI seems to hinder the route choices if anything, the routes it chooses are also bordering on shocking. I think it is time they throw the towel in with built in Nav and just use Waze (which is google maps proper nav app btw) where it tracks users routes at different times if the day to see which way locals who know the shortcuts go. If you don't know the quickest way through cities, around the UK, then I am sure it seems impressive as it will avoid major holds ups etc. But personally I have given it with it now. I paid for the latest 2019 maps recently hoping it would improve things, but it hasn't at all. Problem for me is my car is too old to retrofit Carplay, I'm seriously considering one of the third party adapters. A mate of mine was arguing that it is fine, he has an F11 too, I said "fair enough, you use the BMW nav to get home and I will use Waze." This was Woolacombe, Devon, with him getting back to Watford, me getting back to Norwich (another 120 miles from Watford). I got home 1h20mins before him. The BMW nav had sent him into some seriously heavy traffic, where as Waze seemed to guide us round most of the big hold ups. Carplay and Android Auto has made factory nav pointless for anything but basic journeys imho.
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    Slow to boost, grey smoke..

    Is there vacuum on the hose coming from distribution piece to turbo vacuum reservoir? For test purposes you can connect that hose directly to turbo vacuum bell bypassing vacuum solenoid.
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    Fuel Filter Preheater replace

    Job done, fault code cleared so hopefully solved. My old 320d always had the preheater fault code and ran fine but feels nice clearing it on the new car. Pretty straight forward - most fiddly bit was getting the pipes off the preheater and the end of the filter but took my time. Used a golf tee to plug the pipes but not much fuel came out - couple of dribbles. Put ignition on and left it for 40 seconds (with engine off). Ignition off, waited 30 seconds then started the engine - maybe cranked for 2 seconds longer than normal and fired up. Plugged in the computer and cleared the codes.
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    Paddy O'Furniture

    E39 530i SE manual

    Each to their own and all that but that does absolutely nothing for me. The way a car looks has always been important to me, any BMW has to be a Sport for me, I couldn't drive around in an SE, they all just look like an old man's car.
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    Running Issues 528i

    Hi Al, Do not bin the old AFM as they are a "core" item from the main stealers. This means that they charge a deposit (core) on a new item which they hold onto until you return an old one. So your old AFM has a value for somebody looking to purchase an AFM to hold as a spare as they can return an addition duff AFM so as to recover the "core" and hold a spare. Just been around this AFM buoy with the Diamantschwartz eta Regards, Mick
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    All done in hour and half. Got a hell of a advisory repairs list though.
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    Correct method to drain coolant

    The system is self bleeding, fill up, start up, keep filling up as it pulls the coolant in and soon after the small return line will start bubbling coolant back in. When the bubbles stop close the cap and rev to 2k for a short time then take the cap off and top up. Go for a drive and provided you get no coolant low warning on route go home and leave the car overnight then top off the next day. I monitor for a couple of weeks but usually by day 2 it is fine. If you want to flush my method is the top rad hose off and shove the hosepipe in toward the engine with the stat off (or water pump if doing that) then leave it until it runs clear, as the coolant specifies it is fine with tap water I don't worry much but did put a gallon of deionised in and ran the engine then drained off again, my method to mix is to (assuming 8.2 litre fill capacity) pour 4.1 litres of neat coolant then continue to top off with deionised. I took my rad out considering how easy it is to remove and flushed that off the car, I got a lot of shit out but I had just had my water pump fail so the impeller had ground to powder mixed in with the coolant.
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    525/528i AFM

    Got one! Woo Hoo
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    Yeah, the rear ARB upgrade could be a route I go down, but need to check it first as some Jap cars came with the M5 ARB from factory Not rushing to upgrade this though, body work finesse is a priority once this work is done. It’s very clean, but a few ‘flat’ areas that I’d like sorting and brought up to spec
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    E39 530i SE manual

    Think you are missing the point with this car. It is original, some times Less Is More. As Dan says clean and retro!
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    Ah great thanks, I’ve been practicing my plastic welding skills quite a bit recently so maybe that with some epoxy over the top too would do the trick. I guess new seals would be best, I think the X8R instructions said you can reuse them if they’re not too old but probably better not to chance it.
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    E34 530 manual Touring

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E34-530i-V8-Touring-Requiring-Some-Restoration/163849778806?hash=item2626353676:g:H34AAOSw2bhdSWU1 For sale ...
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    535i Andrew

    F11 tailgate corrosion

    ^ it's hard to see past that at the moment given its the only 6 pot petrol in the entire 5 Series range. What else out there is petrol and (biased) rear wheel drive, that isn't a Jaaaag or a Merc or a dull Lexus? I wonder if the G30/1 will have rust on their doors, tailgates, rear anti roll bars though.
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    535i Andrew

    Sudden rock-hard rear suspension.

    Glad you found the forum useful @Flames34. Thankfully to a good number of kind hearted souls (or should that be geeks* ) there is a shed load on info on here from folk who have spent their time to share their experiences to allow others to follow. If it wasnt for these folk this place wouldn't be anywhere as good. And I thank them all. *I'm including myself as a geek, I have been called worse.
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    I only use Sport so don't have that problem.
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    I loved my e34 525i sport, it was estimated around 200 bhp as it had a good few mods like BBTb decat and chip, went really well and was polly bushed everywhere, b12 kit, and the lsd really made the car fun, it was very useable power and I really miss the car now it’s gone! ive had a few v8s and a couple of e39s etc but this was the best handling and most fun car I owned. No no rocket ship and certainly no v8 torque but hit a nice country road and it was great fun!
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    I've said this for a long time - i reckon there is more enjoyment to be had with sub 200bhp and a nice chassis with modest grip than a 600bhp tech fest. Some of this modern stuff is just too big and fast to be fun, i used to love wringing the neck of my 205 or nova SR and even the M535i in a way i never did with even my M3.
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    This is the car that I built 7 years ago and it's good to see that Top Gear presenter , Chris Harris , is happy with it . D
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    Oh dear god no! If you are cruel to a dog, you get quite rightly banned from ever owning another dog. We need the same law when it comes to cars.