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    I've said this for a long time - i reckon there is more enjoyment to be had with sub 200bhp and a nice chassis with modest grip than a 600bhp tech fest. Some of this modern stuff is just too big and fast to be fun, i used to love wringing the neck of my 205 or nova SR and even the M535i in a way i never did with even my M3.
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    Space Grey F11

    Had my F11 3 weeks and been busy. Mechanical: oil, filters, glow plug control unit Interior: leather conditioned, parking brake switch replaced, cabin filters Bodywork: clayed, compounded, polished and two coats of wax. To do: wheel refurb, rear pads and discs, four wheel alignment, clean inlet manifold, boots & bump stops for rear shocks Such a smooth and comfortable big car
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    my 540 touring

    thought id post a couple of pics, recently done a deal against my 530 touring for this 540 as i was pestering the lad for age s to sell it me lol as it needed a box so a deal was done and finally had a great basis for the mods i wanted to do it got fully wet flatted and polished to give a nice deep gloss shine as i hate orange peel, my 19 paras fitted, the spec of the car is nice, even power boot ive recently fitted double glazing as well, and just finished fitting full airlift air ride into the car with all new arms as well, and chopped the spare wheel out a bit to create a route so i can run dual exhsusts properly i have full leather lower dash, consoles, door cards to eventually fit in champagne, as well as contours, that i will be converting to heated and active massage, door blinds, and also e38 headrest mirrors and tables to be fitted to contours as well. it shoould be a ncie spec car when ive finished as i plan on alcantara roof lining and maybe full boat space too, with anice clean stereo install to be able to keep load bay as well some pics and some genuine 19 inch alpinas i had refurbished which ill use as winter wheels unless they sell
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    Install West only. East will need a different FSC code and I don’t think you can nor would want both installed.
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    Rear subframe tool recommendations

    Great thanks. Maybe I should feed back in a few weeks on how the lemforfers lasted after just 2 or 3 years. Good luck with your swap.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Have spoken to him he said he will come on and reply to you dan.
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    New M5 V8

    100mm in it it seems: F80 M3 4686Lx1877wx1425h E39 M5 4783Lx1801wx1412h
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    I loved my e34 525i sport, it was estimated around 200 bhp as it had a good few mods like BBTb decat and chip, went really well and was polly bushed everywhere, b12 kit, and the lsd really made the car fun, it was very useable power and I really miss the car now it’s gone! ive had a few v8s and a couple of e39s etc but this was the best handling and most fun car I owned. No no rocket ship and certainly no v8 torque but hit a nice country road and it was great fun!
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    New G30 520d M Sport

    Thank you will do. TBH its been p***ing with rain here the last few days or I would have got some pics by now.
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    New 5 Series Owner

    Welcome to the forums; as @535i Andrew said, not many petrol F10s on here; mainly all dirty oil burners £130 sounds ok, but if you're a capable DIY'er you'll be able to do better than that on your own drive. But, ask decent local indy garages too and see if they can beat the price, unless you want to stick with BMW for all your work/servicing etc
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    Yep, your maps haven't been updated since 2015 not necessarily an issue in its own right. It will take around 40 - 50 minutes to do the update so just do it while you're driving the car. You can stop and restart the update where you last left off if you are only doing short journeys.
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    So long as you have a CIC headunit and they’re a decent seller you should be fine. If you have ESyS and an ENET cable you can generate your own FSC code and the map downloads are available.
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    4.2L stroked M5 , Kevin , put out 436.5 bhp and 514.5 Nm of torque , normally aspirated . Owner is proper happy . D
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    From what I can see in TIS the power to the front window switches all comes from the footwell module behind the bonnet release lever and the junction box module up in behind the glove box for the rear windows. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f10-535i-lim_201301/wiring-functional-info/body/locking-security-functions/power-window-regulator/AGOYCnBx So in terms of the windows as a source of power, that might not be ideal. Here is the wiring diagram below for the connector to the door at the A pillar so all the circuits going to the door are listed which you can trace back. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f10-535i-lim_201301/BtFeiFHV There are a few fused supplies going thru this connector which you could check on your car.
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    Wanted single Alpina Classic wheel

    Thanks Mick Ive looked at Alloy wheels direct, they no longer have the 9.5J 17" wheel available. I am based in South Africa where Alpina never really featured, so the main stealers wont have any Alpina parts available. but will go ask them
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    Wobble diagnosis

    Control arms and track rods/ends as well.
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    535i Andrew

    Space Grey F11

    On your 351 wheels I would recommend getting them powder coated as you can see so much of the inside of the barrel of the wheel, you want just as good a finish here as you do on the front face*. Don't powder coat the alloy to hub mating face of the rim but a decent wheel specialist should know that. *assuming like me, you suffer from automotive OCD.
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    E39 in Berlin

    Hmmm Slate Green Takes me back...