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    E39 M5

    Love mine. Just saying !
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    Bmw newbie

    Hi all, my names Dave, from Worcestershire, just bought my very first bm today, not even driven one before , it’s a 520d 2012 with what seems a lot of extras, not sure if it’s standard , heated electric memory seats, electric rear blind, etc etc , the is in mint condition with 108k on the clock, had a new clutch and flywheel replaced last year , lots of history etc, and I’ve throughly enjoyed driving it home, it’s got a certain feel about it I’ve never had in other cars , one little issue I’ve found is the parking sensors, it says the parking aid is not available and to contact the service dept, then it kind of works??? There is a chip on one of the front sensors, prob a stone chip, could that cause it ???? Wish I’d bought a bm sooner I’ll post a couple of pics , I know it’s just a520d nothing special but I think it will lead to others in the future
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    E39 M5

    Same here! I think I bought your rear wheels last year ER! The above pic is them finally refurbed and fitted. If I've got the wrong person I apologise
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    E39 M5

    Me three
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    E39 M5

    Me too
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    Retrofit rear parking sensors

    No coding needed for center console button assembly. The early versions with rear only PDC did not have the button. The system is just activated with reverse signal and dropped off when speed increased over 30 km/h.
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    Retrofit rear parking sensors

    You will need sensors, PDC module, acoustic generator and wiring loom. Module is connected to I-/K-bus where it gets the reverse activation signal. You can use the older (black) 4 sensor module with 2 connectors or the newer (white) 8 sensor module with 3 connectors. If you use the newer one it needs to be coded to 4 sensor (rear only) mode but in this you can also add the button on center console to activate / turn off the system. Acoustic generator and module is located above battery. https://www.pss-autosoft.net/diagrams/bmw/release/en/zinfo/E39_EH40B.htm https://www.pss-autosoft.net/diagrams/bmw/release/en/zinfo/E39_EA81B.htm
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    BMWmotormec must make a fortune. Best prices on there and I used him for all of my front arms, rear arms, drop links and ball-joints, wheel bearings. Rapid delivery, awesome correspondence and best prices on the place.
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    Discovered the drivers side rear door vapour barrier isn't doing it's job... There's a job for the weekend, when it stops raining!
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Colour coded the bumper trims
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    Seems expensive Mark at the BMW dealer. Your car qualifies for a value servicing; you put your details in BMW UK website and they price it up then you chose your dealer. My four pot oil change and filter was £140 earlier this year. I do the cabin and engine filters myself as they are dead easy. You may find with the brakes that the miles to replace stays the same for quite a period of time, mine were on about 2500 miles for almost a year before replacing
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    Car sitting - not doing much....

    If it was my car, I would ensure to always use premium unleaded. That way, you'll avoid any bad fuel issues with petrol going off overtime. Plus you'll benefit from the higher octane when you do drive the car. I know it's down to personal opinion on premium fuel benefits but I always try and use them if doing limited mileage (bit different if I'm planning to hammer through a tank of fuel in a couple of days in which case it doesn't matter aslong as it burns to an extent!)
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    The Ultimate Detailing Travek Case.

    Can i come and park mine along side? in case you have some more free time
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    M30 camshaft

    Think you'll struggle to find one used but i can recommend the schrick one.
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    Style 49's on SE

    As per Chicane's post above (he owns the car now) it's on a standard sport suspension set up, all part of the Sport Pack that the car was kitted out with when built. That part of the Nurburgring, the Carousel, is steeply banked and therefore the car appears lower than it actually is, due to compression of the suspension.
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    I would say it needs plugging in to read any fault codes, there is clearly a fault there so this should show up.
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    The BMW5 random picture thread

    Not the best pictures but this CSL sounded fantastic at Donington on Sunday. Ex Steve Soper M3 was mixing it with the RS500's too.