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    Taffy 1


    Well this is the result as of Monday night -
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    I had to register just to make this post, I had problems with 2 salvage original old E61 IBS cables and came up with this thread, so I bought an E9x/E7x/mini cable off ebay and soldered the thick wire from original IBS with correct plug. The part number has no role in it, just make sure you get one new-looking model. Works like charm no fault codes anymore and battery seems to be charged much better now. Thanks Edd for discovering and sharing this with us!
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    my e60 530d m sport LCI

    hi is my 08 e60 m sport LCI.. I bought her compeley standard 96k with FSH. the first thing done was swirl flaps blanked. every cleaned , glow plug regulator. dpf deleted as well as egf delete. the rear box gone for twin 3.5" pipes the front lips and sideskirts. rear spats not on yet stage 1 map making a healthy 280 hp and 490lbft 20" mk motorsport. e60 m5 brakes front and rear suspension is standard m sport ( not sure what to do ) just had full service with pipercross filter all oils and gearbox service and diff. what a difference the gearbox service made ..highly recommend it. anyway some pics pic heavy
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    R44M BM

    E39 M5 Engine Bay Detail

    (Taken from my build thread / link on my sig:) Used a foaming bottle with a mixture of APC, snow foam and hot water and sprayed on the engine bay, left to dwell and agitated with combination of brushes. Rinsed off with water, dried with a cotton rag and dressed with Autobrite direct dressing. Took me no more than half an hour: \
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    R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    A productive weekend: The car had an unpleasant smell when using first turning on the aircon - a combination of a car thats over 18 years old and lack recent use due to work commitments. I sprayed some Bilt Hamber citrus "air con bomb" in the pollen filter intakes and the rest inside the a/c ventilation hole under the glovebox. Safe to say, it smells wonderful! The titan trim (interior trim) was looking tired, full of minor scratches. With OEM replacements probably totalling near £1000 for a full set, I decided to try out and see how the 3M wrap (BR230 / titanium) looks like. I dropped the M5 off to a local wrapping place - here are the results: this pic compares the OEM finish to the wrap - the ashtray lid is stock and the rest of the trim has been wrapped I am very happy with the results - the trim is slightly brighter but i would say it looks 90% as good as the original decided to detail the engine bay. Used a foaming bottle with a mixture of APC, snow foam and hot water and sprayed on the engine bay, left to dwell and agitated with combination of brushes. Rinsed off with water, dried with a cotton rag and dressed with Autobrite direct dressing. Took me no more than half an hour: all 4 power steering pipes were replaced. The OEM items cost close to £300 ! No more leaking power steering fluid!! Had a power steering flush too - steering has vastly improved. feels MUCH lighter in normal mode Thats it (for now!)
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    I’m loosing my mind!!! I got that one very wrong, sorry.
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    Guess the mpg

    Thanks, but no. I can’t think of anything more boring. Hth.
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    Headlight beam converters?

    That wasn’t the case in the old F10. Normal xenons adjusted, albeit through settings, vehicle settings, lights. have a look in there OP
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    After growing increasingly tired of driving around everywhere in a bloody great camper van I finally got some time to replace the blown airbag on my suspension the other day. Pleased to report that the job really is a doddle as everyone on here has said many times. Honestly, the hardest part was finding a flat surface with enough space to fit the jack with the adapter on it. Simply hoiked it up at the front, put an axle stand under the rear jack point, removed the wheel, detached the air hose, popped it out and then reversed the process with the new unit. I believe the material on the perished bag is Kevlar but I’m not sure what it is on the replacement. It was pretty shredded so will be interesting to see how the non-OEM fares. I very much much enjoy having my car back.
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    Thermostat failure

    He'll be monitoring the temp closely, I'm certain of that. If anything goes wrong, we'll sort it!
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    The BMW5 random picture thread

    Eclectic car meet again...
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Funny little job this morning. When I got my Touring the rear glass tailgate was very heavily scored from a knackered rear wiper blade; it wouldn't polish out so Tims helped me out with an unscored one - the only difference being the new one had the third/high level brakelight. The brakelight was broken in one corner so I looked at replacing it but I could not get the old one out as the screw heads had badly rusted - so I left it and simply put reflective tape over the lamp so it was exempt from any eager MoT testers. Fast forward about eight years and the screws eventually rusted out so much...the lamp fell out! It hung on through the electrical cable but I now had to clear the debris out and try to refix the lamp in until I figure out whether to buy a new one and wire it in. A couple of grommets and plastic trim screws and it's all back in place so I'll enquire on Monday how much a new upper brake light will cost me...
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    Good effort. It's not that bad and you you've done a great job of repairing it. Take your time and it will be good for years to come
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    Bmw 530d few questions

    Sounds like you have no DPF but there's no link to the gears as stated above. Below 30c box temp is the only time you will notice it act strange as the torque converter doesn't lock to encourage slip to warm it up. The bad change could be the need for a box service, bad clutch pack, bad mechtronic solenoids, worn bridge seals or low oil. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    So injectors Nr.3 and Nr.5 are 4 times the accepted 20 ml @ 2 min. Definitely need changing/refurbisment. Nr.4 is also over the limit but won't yet cause problem if those other two are renewed. Removing the the injectors is not that difficult if your car is not the first versions and there is o ring on the injector body. Just loosen the small bolts on injector clamp and run engine until the injector looses up and starts to leak compression. Then retighten and do the same on other injectors you are going to remove. Then remove intake manifold and the injectors are to just lift out. And before the task run engine warm.
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    Taffy 1


    Now I've decided to install a new rubber bellows/seal at the bottom of the steering column shaft, I've had it ready to go on for several years and now seems an opportune moment whilst the interior is removed.
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    M57NTü Top Torque Specs

    No worries. It got me interested and i done some research. Basicaly m57 and m57tu is same motor and differece are minimal. First one is injectors on 2.5d is 1300 and on the 3.0d is 1600. Then it either bore size or stroke,not sure. Other bits and bobs are same and i strongly believe that torque specs be same. If you need,here is vin of my car CR89416,this should be enough to find data on specs in tis or other bmw service manual.
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    Front suspension wear

    I fixed that with Koni special actives
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Currently sat in coffee bar in Cotswold BMW Cheltenham while the M5 has its airbag recall done. Lovely range of M cars in here but they are all massive. The e39 feels so light and airy compared. The M2 looks fun though!
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    535i Andrew

    Car stolen but not finished

    That's not a nice thing to happen. May the thieving scum be caught and hung from the nearest lamppost by their dangly parts. Let's see some pics of the new car.
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    You will at least know the floor's solid once fixed ... It's not that bad
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    This has got to stop!

    [emoji1787] [emoji1787] [emoji1787] That's for the M5 only lane, right? Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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