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    VW Arteon 4Motion + BMW content

    I will do a proper write up (Like the GTR ), now that its got used to me since last July
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    Cannot figure out issue

    Find a new mechanic, he's a bell end.
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    Yesterday, I got my winter wheels swapped over, fitted my new pressed number plates and gave it a wash. I now have a full compliment of Michelin Primacy 3 tyres. Absolutely planted going thru a roundabout. Shines up well after a snow foam and hand wash. Today, nothing, hungover.
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    Woke the 540i up after her winter hibernation. Went for a short blast to clear out the cobwebs... Nothing quite like the sound of a V8 on a Sunday afternoon....
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    Cannot figure out issue

    The actual recall is just to change the plastic cover on the trunk side. Original was black and the changed part will be white. The actual problem on that cable connection is on the underside. So you have to crawl under to check signs of corrosion. This can also be tested by measuring the voltage difference between direct battery connection and voltage post in engine bay while starting the engine.
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    auto gearbox repair guidance

    I like to think I'm handy with a spanner and maybe just for sport and with a good workshop manual I would take a transmission apart in the garage just to study it but if I wanted a working gearbox, manual or auto, I would go to a specialist. Trying to fix a car you rely on diy with a budget or deadline is simply not funny. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    The digits are stamped into a sheet of reflective aluminium to give a "3D" effect to the digits. Black foil is then heated onto the raised digits. Plenty of styles to chose from on eBay, but I wanted ones without a black border. The type I've bought are no longer available but here are similar ones. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PAIR-2x-3D-PRESSED-METAL-ALUMINIUM-NUMBER-PLATES-Registration-MOT-DVLA-COMPLIANT/123500712558?hash=item1cc137526e:g:LukAAOSwEVlb8v9S
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    Snow foam recommendations

    Can I just add that the snow foam lance will affect the results. I've been using the little Karcher lance (the one with a trangular grey bottle) and always had very runny foam. I've now used a Pro-Kleen lance and got amazingly thick foam and greater adjustment too. These results were using the same snow foam. RgdS Paj
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    New plug arrived, and some quality soldering later, I had a very nicely repaired loom. Fitted new water pump and thermostat from EuroCarParts, very reasonably priced thanks to a couple of discount codes. Filled with Comma G45 and bled using INPA, which also handily served to confirm the new pump was working perfectly. Been for a drive whilst monitoring the temperature, and all seemed to behave perfectly. All in all, a very productive day's work and now for some wine. Cheers!
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    Centre Caps for staggered 19s

    @535i Andrew Here you go on mine... In essence they are the same depth as the normal non floating ones but have a hole on the centre that links the front BMW badge with a counterweight that sits on the inside. The cap as usual has the retaining clips retaining ring which are sandwiched between the front BMW badge face and counterweight. Problem for me now is that the little M badges look weird!
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    Build 2

    Little update that can speak for itself
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    5w40 ll04 castrol

    £68.50 including delivery isnt bad. 3 oil services plus change https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Castrol-GTX-Fully-Synthetic-5W40-Engine-Oil-20-Litres-5W-40-BMW-LL04-LONG-LIFE/264259742931?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
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    I always found that I had to burn at the slowest possible rate... if you burned at 8x or 16x then the car wouldn't play the MP3 disc. No idea if that was just a quirk of my laptop or disc drive...
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    Cannot figure out issue

    Ha! Had same thought!
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    Yes and at least the steering wheel and i-Drive wheel track select/volume controls work . Note that the in-track seeking forward/rewind is too slow being only ~2x normal play speed (slow decoding MP3 on the fly, 2007 LCI). Also a bit of a pain with long tracks, so I now have a way to more easily pre-process 1 hour mixes into managable 4 min chunks and only experience a slight ~0.1 second delay between tracks. Plus I have had a few MP3 files skip past in the track list and wouldn't play due to the MP3 headers not satisfying some sort of Joliet naming requirement, which was resolved by using a different MP3 creator/converter. Edit: For Navigation maps and MP3 storage I'm burning to Philips DVD-R 4.7Gb (regular single layer).
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    Cannot figure out issue

    Your battery also needs to be coded to the car, you cannot just drop another battery in...
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    auto gearbox repair guidance

    Some bedtime reading. http://pro-ht.mbnet.fi/Kuvat/automaattilaatikko/5L40E.pdf
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    Hi Gazza530, As per above, you'll need to provide an idea of what you want, along with a more relevant budget range. From your initial post, pretty much the hundreds of thousands of cars for sale in the whole of the UK could be something you'd consider! Perhaps narrow down to 4/5 cars and then look on Auto Trader, Ebay, Pistonheads, the relevant car forums, Gumtree etc. Will you be looking for a run of the mill BMW or something more special/rare ? Cheers, Dennis!
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    As far as I'm aware, bluetooth music audio streaming/control is not supported (in i-Drive until ~2011), only pairing for phone comms and in car hands free. Might as well just use the Aux line-in/headphone jack. Edit: Or burn 4Gb DVDs compatible to MP3 storage (Joliet file system ISO 9660 standard, ImgBurn) for use in the Sat Nav DVD. Both front ROM slots will read MP3 discs, the other/top being the smaller 700Mb. Edit: My MP3s worked when converted to 128kbps (@44kHz sample rate) or my IDrive skips over them.
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    Did you really just revive a 5 year-old thread? I suspect the O/P has not only resolved his issue but sold his E60 and moved on, unless of course it was a sneaky opportunity to get some pictures of your own car onto the forum??
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    Looking for new Car - What you got.

    Yes advert is on E39 Facebook page. But I can send you some details. It's not a perfect example but a very good car that I do need to let go Pic to possibly tempt you
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    Prime rib dip sandwich plus assorted dishes at Laguna Beach!
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    Adam's E39 Touring Project

    Well this happened: At least the boot is big: Horn broke. Fitted air horn: Could see. Fitted reverse camera: AliExpress told me it bolted in. It didn't. Couldn't hear. Fitted components: Couldn't hear bass. Fitted subwoofer: Tidy install is tidy: Fitted rubbers on cut metal to stop cutting: Couldn't charge laptops. Fitted inverter: Gave it a hoover: New stereo is SICK: Couldn't reverse without rumble. Thought it was a gearbox. Did this in hope. It's fixed: Big Feed:
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    Build 2

    Took the clocks out today to see if i can get the rev counter, mpg and service indicator working. Hoping its just the batteries. More to come on this. Also got the hazards working. Since doing the obc and cruise they stopped working. Test fitted the wheels as I need to buy new lips. Looks good already with the brembos peeking through.