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    Mo's GT

    So bought the new-to-me F07 2014 Orion Silver 5 GT less than a month a go. It came with a bunch of optional extras that made me think its worth the journey from London to Bristol to bring it home at 1am with a 7am start the following day #dedication lol Some of the extras: Digital Cockpit Pro sat nav Sports seats HUD with Speed Limit Display 3 days after purchase I realised the previous owner left me 2 years of Connected Drive / Live Traffic subscription. Shortly after the purchase I did the following: Assigned my personalised number plate Coded Extended Bluetooth Con. (£70 via usb) Rear lights as DRL Default start in Eco Pro Mirrors to fold instantly upon locking the car Remove the reverse camera warning message. Installed a wifi Dashcam. I have now fitted roof rails to attach my MTB bikes to it... now the car feels truly "Mine" Thinking of getting a Sigma 10-20 wide angle lense for my Nikon D90 to take the GT on a photoshoot soon. Will share the photos here once that's done. Thanks for reading! Mo
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    Should I gamble €125 on an OEM part?

    OK, I could obviously share it straight away but would rather not upload it as is. I've tried so many different tests or experimental readings that the file is a bit of a mess. As you can see in my above screenshot I had "Boost" and "boost test". That's just me trying out different PIDs with differing calculations but for the DPF stuff I have a load of entries you can't see. Give me a chance to filter/clean it up and I will share all. As a precursor, if you google "BMW custom PID" you will get the kind of hits I did when I started. When I get the chance I'll start a fresh thread on it. But I'll try do it soon. Keliuss
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    Text message on display

    I’ve managed to get it working (somehow) thanks for all your help. i used BimmerCode and a vGate pro 4 from Amazon. I’d already activated the BLUETOOTH_2ND_HFP and I’m not sure why but it didn’t seem to work. I the. Set all the features for EBT you recommended and it is now working! Thanks again for your help! shame I can’t adjust the heated seat temperatures with the vGate though
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    Thanks, I've also realised these are used...less than 1k miles like the springs, so £50 for the pair.
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    Snow foam recommendations

    I personally use the power washer for all light cleans, nevermind full detail cleans etc It uses less water due to it being under pressure; but the snow foam is an easy start to the clean; a simple rinse IMO still leaves a lot of fine debris on the car; ripe for scratching the paintwork... The snowfoam lifts this prior to the rinse and wash...
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    M5 purchase potentially

    Haha. Will do. My first wash/bonding session is lined up for tomorrow with a quick once over on everything. Will want to do a deep clean/clay/polish/wax etc but it's going to have to wait
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    M5 purchase potentially

    Update on this. I have taken the plunge and gone for it. Drove it home last night. Some niggles but drives so well for the miles under its belt and nothing that I didn't really expect at its price point. Interior is just lovely
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    I bought them for my 530i saloon. Not sure which other models they would suit.
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    Anyone in/near Solihull?

    Hi Vishal, Looks like you are going to have to make the drive up/down ! Is the car at a BMW dealership or an independant dealer or a private sale ? My example was a private sale so no comeback after the sale. If the car you are looking at is at a BMW dealership, it's almost guaranteed the car will be in good shape and mechanically sound. There are horror stories of course, but on the whole, it's the safest. An independent dealer if a good, reputable one, might have already had an inspection carried out with a report. Other dealers might not have done that nor would a private seller. When I purchased mine, it was a very very good £140 or so spent, the car was absolutely flawless for the 6 years I had it with only servicing and one suspension item I remember needing doing. Good luck with your search/purchase ! Cheers, Dennis!
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    I'm using Torque app on my phone with some advanced settings to read custom PIDs and a cheap ELM327 Bluetooth adapter. I have a powered phone cradle and pretty much every time I'm in the car I have Torque running. I don't bother to use the actual log feature, I just track the readings on the fly. The above is a screenshot just after shutting off the engine earlier. Keliuss
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I got another MOT pass. 212k young
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    Mis-matching wood trim

    Isn't the first pic both?
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    Paddy O'Furniture

    Snow foam recommendations

    All I would say is make sure it's PH neutral.
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    I can sympathise. When my 420d broke (the fire risk/manifold issue) I was told that Enterprise were under strict instructions from BMW uk only to provide me with another BMW - enterprise locally didn't have any and so had to move stock from another enterprise. Eventually I managed to get a local dealer to fix me a loaner and did it that way around rather than waiting - but certainly the service is less than stellar in these situations. I hope whatever it is, it gets put to bed properly and completely this time and it doesn't go on and on
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    MOT'd the old Girl and it sailed through with no advisories Jay
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Quick wash, need to wax it next time. Also stuck some rubber to the base of the wiper to stop the thud sound when it hits the bonnet. Simple fix that works.
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    Don't lose faith, the chances of buying a 13 year old car with no faults is practically zero, it doesn't matter how careful you are. I had to spend over a grand getting mine up to the condition I wanted, these cars have a lot of common faults most 'casual' owners will happily bodge or live with, so it's up to us enthusiasts to do things properly. I'm sure you'll get it sorted.
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    I telephoned my dealership Wednesday as they have had my car 3 weeks, the result was that the 2.0ds F10 and F11 are the longest cars waiting for parts, I was told even Germany have no parts and it’s very likely to be 8 more weeks at least. I then started to have a moan, that no way was I driving a Kadjar from Enterprise for that length of time, she said I will ring you back. Half and hour later she telephoned me back and said come to the dealership tomorrow and they will have a Active Hybrid 530e for me, I picked it up Friday and it’s brilliant, only done 900 miles, they can keep mine for as long as they want. Well done Synter Tamworth
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    What someone else decided to do for me. Although they came of worse Fuming ain't the word.