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    F11 Speaker and Amp Upgrade

    I have the base audio system in my 2013 530d Touring and I'm not happy with the sound so I started work on upgrading it today. Parts: DSP: Alpine PXE-H650 £100.00 Amplifier: Vibe Slick Stereo 4 £35.00 Speaker Set: MB Quart QM200C £275.00 Tweeter Covers: £13.00 Silent Coat 2mm (4 sheets): £5.39 Fabric Tape: £3.19 Phono Cables: £2.78 Power Cable: £14.50 Inline Fuse: £6.99 Speaker Wire £9.59 Trim Removal Tools £7.29 Total £465.44 Removed the four T50 bolts, tilted the seat back and removed the cover (four T20 screws). Removed the old speaker (four T10 screws). I was suprised how lightweight the new speaker is. It's bigger though, and we all know bigger is better. The speakers came with a blue connector that fits the BMW. This was wired to work with the built in head unit amplifier so I ha to modify it. I don't have a tool to release the terminal pins and after trying various screwdrivers, a knife, paper clip and a needle, I gave up and drilled them out. I then soldered the new wires on and pushed them back in and glued it all together. If anyone wants to know more about this and what needs to be wired to what, then I can post a more details when I have more time. I wanted to use these connectors rather than cut the facotry wiring so that I can refit the original speakers if I sell the car. I put all three wires together and taped them using the TESA fabric tape. Then removed the trim from the sills and fed the wires through to the back seat. I fed laid the wires across the back seat under the fabric trim and carpet then removed the side bolster and fed the wires trhough into the boot. I'll take photos of that tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm planning to: - Fit the passenger side sub - Wire the passenger side - Fit both side door speakers (tweeter covers have't arrived yet though) - Wire the amp and DSP to the battery - Test to check everything is working before I replace all the trim and seats
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    Started to upgrade the base audio. More details here:
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    Age old steering question.

    There's no "sweet spot" for the adjustment screw - you just have to tighten it a bit, then road-test and see how it is. Pay attention to how the steering wheel returns to the centre after you make a turn. When you notice that it no longer returns freely back to centre, then you know that you went a bit too far with tightening that screw. Also as you said, it's a steering box, NOT a rack, so don't expect a response like from modern cars.
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    When I changed mine on my saloon, I used the part numbers for Mtec I as I couldn't find Mtec II shocks. I'll try to find the thread and link it Edit:
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    F11 Speaker and Amp Upgrade

    I did this job on my F07 using a Mosconi 6 channel amp and Gladen components. Will you be coding HiFi sound?
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    Yes but can the E60/90 6speed g/boxes bolt straight up to the m60/62 engines?! The 420g gearboxes will always be desirable and command strong money imho.
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    Rough m5

    Posts on M5 Board say that the Viton seals shred and you need to use the Genuine BMW “D” seals No, leave them off.
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    Fast opening bootlid on saloon

    Thank you so much. I'm going to see if it will be replaced under warranty. Are there two, one on each side? If there are two then do both need replacement? Many thanks
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Sport bumpers (especially rears) seem to be very hard to come by I've found, have you looked at the aftermarket bumpers? I had one on my 330d and it was a good fit and decent quality.
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    new project e39 touring to chamgane

    made a start to make it shiny, also went to bodyshop who quoted me a good price to sort the whole car, so im putting money aside now fro a full respray, im also selling the bike soon to get air ride and to finish another car project off too lol but some pics, the whole car got wet flatted from 1500 to 300 then a 4 stage polish, it still needs more cutting but as im going to have a full respray it will do for the time being as you can see the rear has had paint and they couldnt be bothered to paint behind the strip lol, but it hasnt come up to bad
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    Up the exhaust presumably?!
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    Rough m5

    When I changed my solenoid o-rings I only changed the 8 larger and 8 smaller on the solenoids themselves. I couldn't find the parts I think you mean on the realOEM link here: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/en/showparts?id=DE92-EUR-06-1999-E39-BMW-M5&diagId=11_2674 You need parts 3 (x8) and 4 (x8) to do both sides. These were about 60 quid all in I think. They're a special 'D' profile so any old standard o-ring probably wouldn't do the job. From reading in the past, any oil leaks from solenoids come from the solenoid o rings themselves. While the solenoid board is out it's well worth checking they all fire correctly with a 9v battery and some wire. There's threads on M5board for info, one or two may need the solder re-flowing due to heat cycled/cracked joins. I did mine and one of my solenoids didn't fire until I repaired it. All should click audibly especially after removing the gauze filters (if present) and blowing compressed air/carb cleaner through the holes while firing to clear them out.
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    2002 530d Torque app

    When trying to connect to the engine ECU on a wired connection to my laptop using INPA, I have to connect to the ECU with the ignition on and once connected, I can start the car to get live data. See if that works
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    Buying an e39 M5.

    Check that the headlights work and there aren't any broken adjusters etc. Same with rear lights, make sure they all work including the reverse lights Have a good drive and when safe to do so, anchor on, sensibly. If it brakes straight and true, you're fine Check for the 50/60mph shimmy Check under and down the sides of the front seats; there could be loose change lying about, keep schtum and you're quids in
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    Leave the steering box alone, but tighten the 32mm nut at the base of the steering column. This is for the in-out column slider and the splines wear. This generally removes a lot of steering free play.
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    The BMW5 random picture thread

    Decisions... decisions...
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    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    Its been a while since I have been on, but here's my list of BMs. First BM: Then defected to an Audi A3. Second BM: Then swopped into my 3rd BM: Since defected and now in a Merc. I miss that 535d.
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    Kit's E34 535i

    Looks brilliant with the new suspension. Has a really nice stance especially with 5e style 32s on it.
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    Not my E60 but a very very nice 10 plate 535d, I took a trip to Warrington to replace both stats, fit the gearbox stat mod as that was faulty. Replaced all the vac lines with Cohline 2122 as it is one of the best quality OEM spec vac lines (not a fan of silicon) followed by all 6 glow plugs and controller. To finish, new inlet manifold seals and put it all back together. Son of a bitch blew 2 of the new glow plugs so I had to strip it down again and put 2 of the old working ones back in Went out for a very short trip as it came up to 88 in a few miles compared to the previous low 70's giving it some down the motorway. Happy customer (Also a very smart M3 that sounded beautiful when it fired up)
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    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    Nice thread and some great cars. Interesting to see the steps and occasional sale regrets. I miss my first BMW (the E34) but selling was the right thing to do at the time. Anyway, my history.... E34 525i Sport Manual Daytona Violet E30 C2.5 Alpina Covertible E46 330Ci Sport Manual Atlantis Blue (Still owned) F10 520d Auto F10 520d Auto G30 520d Auto (current)
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    The BMW5 random picture thread

    The other one...
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    The BMW5 random picture thread

    Sincere apologies if it seems like showing off, I do realise how lucky I've been. The tale is that I bought an M635 12 years ago when they were relatively cheap (£6.6k, I found the receipt the other day), I pursued the E34 when hardly anybody knew it even existed and I just got lucky with the B12 as no-one else was buying when the PO wanted to sell... and I was looking to buy, and I specifically wanted the Langversion The bitter truth is that just recently the E34 and E38 were days from being sold to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads - it's been a tough year... and so after another long day today I managed to give them all a quick wash to get the three of them looking nice.
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    Grand Dragon

    The BMW5 random picture thread

    No one likes a show off Mr Sharkfan....
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    The BMW5 random picture thread