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    The BBC referred lovingly as Auntie amongst their employees is as far from the British people's Auntie as you could imagine ... False news and a real hate of the people that pays their tax's to the BBC is very sickening and once you see their actions in the cold light of day leaves one unable/willing to pay the BBC's tax ( The people of this land have been paying to be brain washed by Auntie Beeb for far too long) The other media outlets at least fund their own propaganda machine ....
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    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    After a long wait, the prep work began today for a full respray More to come...hopefully will have paint on by the weekend
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    BMW M135i

    Because some folk are anally retarded when it comes to fuel economy and it's all they can think/talk about... They also like peas; grey pullovers and sandals...
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    Spanner in the works

    Didn’t realise BMW were offering a free gift for every service now. I may have to ditch my local Indy!
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    A quick check over this morning at my pals; skewiff steering wheel sorted, cars driving straight & true Its immaculate underneath, not an ounce of rust... Did find the oil filter housing gasket leaking though, so that’s been ordered along with a new stat, water pump, coolant, the 2 main belts etc, oil and filter ordered also & booked in, next Tuesday, to have it all fitted Will get more pics up as things progress
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    Easier this time as I lifted from outside the car leaning in over the rear pillar but it's a tight fit and a bit of an awkward lift for those of us who don't lift rocks for fun[emoji38] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Price history for bmw

    My September 2000 pricelist* has the following for E39 Tourings; 520i, £25,210** 520i SE, £26,850 525i, £27,070 525i SE, £28,490 525d, £27,070 525d SE, £28,490 530d SE, £31,395 530i SE, £31,395 540i, £41,950*** A year 2000 Alpina pricelist gives the following for E39 Tourings; B10 3.3 Manual, £37,950 B10 3.3 Switch-Tronic, £39,950 B10 V8, £56,950 I have the 2001 Sytner B10 V8 Touring demonstrator which was specced up from £56,950 to £74,000**** *All prices are on the road inc VAT. **A basic 520i Touring at £25,210 could be specced up with well over £20,000 worth of options without BMW Individual options ***Even at £41,950 with a very good spec there was still well over £10,000 worth of options to add to a 540i Touring without going into the BMW Individual programme. ****My car hasn't got double glazing @ £680, integrated rear child seats @ £260, ski-bag @ £150 (although I have one to retro-fit), retractable load floor @ £375, tyre pressure control @ £280, and probably a few more obscure options.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Changed the exhaust manifold today. We did it without removing the cam cover, injectors etc.. It was an arsehole of a job and not one I expect to be doing again with the cast one fitted. New air filter and took it out for a run. Let it do a regen on the motorway and all is good. It picks up better from low rpm now it's not leaking exhaust gasses from the cracks. One big one from the flange to the top which forked into two and one smaller one. Ignore the oil on the pic. We used a lot of penetrating oil before we attacked the nuts and my hands were filthy by then.
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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    I'm not sure those who are attacking the truthfulness or otherwise of the Press OR Trump quite realise the extent to which Trump appears to lie. The Washington Post started a Fact Checker in the days following his Inauguration attendance claims to attempt to verify or correct some his claims; as of today, 775 days later, they have found over 9000 examples where he has not told the truth. Now if you; a. Believe that is normal for any Politician, why on earth do you vote at all or post at all about Trump, or any politician at all. b. Believe that all 9000 examples are false, then you must believe Trump has only told the truth. c. Believe that the answer is somewhere inbetween then there are still 9000 examples of either the press OR Trump lying either way. I can understand the broadly held belief that Politicians lie sometimes, and that papers and the media have a bias sometimes but please, those that are attacking the press or defending Trump, how do you square the argument where there are over 9000 occasions in less than 800 days where the truth is subject to question? In regard to the 'No collusion' status of Trump, and perhaps in no small part due to the 9000 contradictions of truth to be resolved, there are now nearly a dozen convictions or admissions of guilt by those close to Trump, and Congress has now sent out a further 80 subpoena letters requesting information under oath about Trumps affairs.
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    The beast has its mot tomorrow! Need the gods on my side (Prayers)
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    E34 540 - left bank not firing

    Nope, from the symptoms you have described this has nothing at all to do with timing chain
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    BMW M135i

    I actually wanted a 125i but that was more expensive.
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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    I've not needed the BBC's service since 2013 ...
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    F10 525d brake pads and discs

    So here are the old springs side by side, you can see the one on the rightmissing the top of it... apprently a bit of a pain to do as to access the the top of the shock you need to remove the rear speakers on the shelf!! Once out removing the slring was easy with the machine they have.. Now the car feels totally transformed.. spring must have been fubar for a while
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    This term is usually reserved for dirty oil burning diesles ha.
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    Welcome back to the dark side, looks a stunner
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    Does my car have swirl flaps ?

    Your 2018 car is totally fine. It was sound advice to remove them on much older models as they could (and often did) fall off into the engine and essentially destroy the thing. But BMW realised this (a little too late in the day for some people) and revised the engines. The advice to remove is valid for an old car, but definitely not for any G30. I don't know if the engines still have a re-designed flap, or none at all, but either way - no need to worry about taking bits out of your engine as the problems they caused no longer pose a risk. Besides, you still have 2 years+ of warranty to protect you against that sort of issue, and if you did remove the flaps (if there are any to remove) then your warranty could be affected adversely.
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    I really miss my E39 touring, that's a very nice example you found there! Decent sport tourings with the correct engine like that are like hens teeth. Well done sir!
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    E39 M5 timing chain tensioners

    If it does spring open it isn't possible to just push it on with a socket and ratchet, there isn't space and the spring is quite strong. The risk of cross threading it is serious if trying to force it like that. I found it is possible to rest a pry bar / long screwdriver against the chassis leg to apply enough force to the back of a deep socket on the cap of the tensioner to overcome the spring. Carefully move it forward into place with the lever while turning the cap with fingers to start the thread. Once you are 100% sure the thread has safely engaged keep pushing with the lever and use an open ended spanner to turn it a further few complete turns. That will ensure the thread in the aluminium timing chain cover is protected. After that use a torque wrench to finish the job. I needed to order the crush washer separately from Cotswold when I did mine a year ago. The tensioner came with a shiny new cap though!
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    A little change

    I like it. As you can see mine is similar.
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    Just did my brake bleed last week. It all went swimmingly, except my bleed screws were clogged with grit and only allowing a tiny trickle of fluid to escape despite turning them 360 degrees or more. So rather than wait hours, I just unscrewed them completely, and let the fluid flow. I have one of those pressure bleeders so I kept the PSI at 20 and placed a small bucket underneath to catch the fluid. I marked the inside of the bucket with permanent marker to show 500mL. I screwed the bleed screws back in once the 500mL mark was reached, and then used a hose to rinse away fluid that may have dripped on the callipers. I used almost 3 Litres of brake fluid in total. I was a little anxious that I might have made a pig's ear of it, but having driven over the weekend I am pleased to say the brakes are good and tight, and working nicely.
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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    For what it is worth, I have refused to pay the BBC tax for the last 3 years.. Apparently I am supposed to inform the BBC that I no longer need a TV license but in my opinion it is a bit like having to dash into Sainsbury's when I drive past to tell them that I don't need to buy anything from them..
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    535i Andrew

    BMW M135i

    Oi, I take insult at that! I've got a grey pullover.
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    Cleaning my car

    Update Thanks for all your info and advice, I decided to have a try using the Autoglym Polar products for use with the Karcher pressure washer and foam gun First I gave it a good spray with just the pressure washer,then used the Shampoo and Wash And used two microfibre mits fixed on a brush head, Cleaned that off and then used the Polar Seal and then fibre clothed it dry! Took me no time at all and what great result! The rain just beads off ! Cheers
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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    Sadly it seems that one of the media outlets who have for many years has been held in high regard and is duty bound to be honest and even handed has recently been exposed as having an agenda to destroy people who they deem to be unworthy of personal popularity... I can see a day when annoying people will ring us to see if we too have a claim against the BBC. I wonder if all media outlets have a similar agenda?