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    Grand Dragon

    Advice on selling a car....

    WBAC- yes I’d imagine they’ll chip you at least 10%! Just pull your big boy pants up and sell it like normal people. All the doubts your having about selling the car to “wrong-uns” true buyers have the same doubts about buying from “dodgy used car sales man” you know like Mike gobshite cheeky chappy hold your hand out Brewer.... It’ll be fine
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    Advice on selling a car....

    This makes me feel far better about the 535d..... I think you should take £9k for it.. [emoji848][emoji12][emoji12][emoji12][emoji12][emoji12] Sent from my SM-N9600 using Tapatalk
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    When do angry young men become grumpy old men!? I'M AS MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!
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    Advice on selling a car....

    I sold my last E61 to Evans Halshaw, they offered me £1100 more than WBAC and the transaction was very straightforward. Having said that higher value cars tend not to attract the "I'll give you £2000 cash money now" type phone calls I seem to get plagued with when selling low-value cars and I would agree that selling private doesn't automatically result in your home being ransacked whilst you're away on a test drive!
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    Replacement key?

    I had a '98 528, which only came with one key when I bought it. Never got around to getting a spare until I locked that only key in the boot (used the boot release on the key as approached the car whilst key was still in jacket pocket, took off jacket and put it in the boot, closed boot, swore a lot). Key of the type shown, main dealer (Chandlers in my case) ordered it that same afternoon, it was ready for me by 10am next day. £150 ish, and I just needed to code it myself with the right sequence of key turns and button presses, which I believe Duncan has already linked to. Worked first time, no fuss and no extra expense to get the dealer to do anything other than order and then hand me the key.
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    Sir Anthony Regents-Park


    Add to that littering. Should be shot on sight!
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    I think you may struggle with 14 grand - you haven't given a mileage....SE or an M Sport? Manual or auto? To give you an idea, you can buy a 12 plate 530d SE from a main dealer now for under 15 grand and 11 plate ones for around 13k. 14 grand private sale? Very little chance. I'd take the 12 grand WBAC but stand firm on price.
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    I've been waiting a few weeks now. After a test drive in a 530d F11 at an indy dealer and thinking it over for a few days I decided the car was too nice to turn down. I paid a deposit and the dealer sent the car back to the local BMW stealer. It had been there prior to my enquiring about it, was awaiting the parts arriving and had to be retrieved so I could view it. They replaced the EGR valve and cooler and sent it back to the indy where it's been getting serviced, inspected, valeted etc. I'm planning to collect it this coming Saturday. The wait is nearly over. Exciting times
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    Rare Leather goodies

    OP has gold membership so linking to his own advert is fine, the ad would be removed if a non-gold/ platinum linked to their own advert.
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    Insurance Hike

    Further to my above comments and in relation to Seesures post about age having its benefits, Check this one out. Received an email from Moneysupermarket that my insurance was up for renewal and based on last years details the following was the best quote they found. Only Tesco again would you believe and £251.00 compared to the £397.69 they quoted me!!!!! Rang them this morning and an 'error' had occurred regarding my age and low mileage. Really nice guy went through the whole thing again and cover is now actually less again at £210.80, although it will be £236.71 in total as I pay by monthly direct debit. In short I will now pay £19.72 per month as opposed to the original renewal quote of £37.25. God is great but he hasn't a patch on the internet.
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    E39 Touch Screen Head Units

    No lies here, friend. Again, I point out that my post is simply a round up of my own research online regarding fascia options. I am not an authority, I have never had access to an X5, and this is all based on other forum posts, owners images, and manufacturers documentation. I also encourage / invite others to provide their own info, fill in any gaps in my findings, and correct any wrong assumptions which I may have made. There is no intention to mislead anyone. My post is entirely about fascias, and by X5 / E39 'install compatiblity' I mean that the specific fascia in question can be installed / is physically possible to fit in either, not that all X5 fascias are a perfect match appearance wise for E39 appearance wise. The cross bar inside the aperture and other alterations required to fit a double DIN unit would have to be addressed for the head unit install. I'm not offering any advice about the HU install, my post is just listing the range of fascias which I've found. For the record, the X5 has the same bar to deal with as well anyway, according to Connect2s guide to installing in an X5, which advises on how to cut it out. From what I've seen (further reinforced by your picture, thanks for that, it's genuinely helpful - May I ask which head unit that is?), it appears that the width and height of the X5 and E39 apertures are the same so a fascia intended for the X5 would physically fit in the hole. How well it lines up with the profile of the dash is obviously fascia design specific. Anyone buying a fascia will primarily be interested in how it looks, and I would have thought that the X5 curve vs the E39 flat front would be quite apparent to anyone looking at them. Anyone who's looked into buying one of the many android head units marketed for the E39 which clearly have the X5 curved front has no doubt noticed this - It wont look pretty because it wasn't designed specifically for an E39, but it must physically fit or every single one sold would be returned as unusable? But my post is not about head units, and the comment you have pointed out was used with regards to one specific fascia, which does not have the curve, which the manufacturer shows in an X5 dash (despite how terribly out of place that flat panel looks in an X5 dash in my opinion!), and which appears to be visually identical in every respect to the flat fascia which Chris28 has in his E39. In the absence of any other even near visual matches, I personally can only assume that this is the same fascia.
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    Paddy O'Furniture


    I don't believe it, I think I'm turning into Victor Meldrew.
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    ^^^^THIS! Exacerbated by the 'professional' lawn fairies on TV continually gobbing or worse still clearing their noses on the pitch, add to it those ignorant gobshites who think it's OK to just spit out their chewing gum anywhere they happen to be standing
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    This isn't Pistonheads though. Others are allowed to have an opinion, and a response without recourse to sarcasm.
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    Advice on selling a car....

    Yes, planning on doing that..... Just need to give it a good clean and take some decent pictures of it
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    There's no guarantee there's work to be done. It's an inspection followed by work only if required. Completely your call if you're not comfortable with the wait time - I'd suggest a call to BMW HQ as they might get you up the list with another dealer.
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    ^^^^^^^^ THIS... stupid pop every gearchange which is about 6 to the next traffic light in 400yards
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    535i Andrew


    +1 on that, I had a roadworks truck do that this morning. Road was curved to the right so I couldn't be 100% sure if he was fully up on the verge or not so I flashed my high beams momentarily to get a better look to make sure my lane was clear. Retard behind the wheel then gave me the birdie. Grrrrr, having been hit twice from behind that's a particular worry of mine.
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    MStyle Gallery

    The 5 Series Gallery
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    I use Google calendar on PC (via Chrome) and iOS (via the app). Very pleased with it and used it for many years. I find the multiple calendar feature handy as well.
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    Simply Calendar on Android.. Privacy friendly on permissions and the Pro version is currently free until next week.. Does most things including syncing
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    We use Microsoft Exchange which syncs everything seamlessly with Laptop/phones/I Pad. It just...works.
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    Have you downloaded Outlook for Android onto your Note 5 and tried to sync calendar info with that? Can't understand why Google Calendar isn't working for you. What about uninstalling it, reinstalling it and then syncing from there? BTW; cracking phone. Best of the Note series IMO; better than the stupid Edge screens
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    I use Outlook calendar and Microsoft tasks.
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    Day per page a4 diary which sits in my desk. Email my self a note if needs be. Old school but does does what it needs too.