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    Upsetting the purists...

    The M5 has been under an almost 4 month transformation. The purists are already screaming and shouting. But 1590KG with a full tank of fuel isn't to be sniffed at!
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    Bought it & drove it home
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    Cadwell Parker

    Picked up this F11 on Saturday

    A new addition to the family. 530d with variable dampers. Needs a wash after driving it home but is nice and clean under the grime. Just under 60000 miles and almost like new inside. Looks like the n/s/r corner is sitting down a bit after being parked overnight so might need to see about getting that looked at under the 3 month warranty from the indy dealer. It's a lovely car to drive and we're very happy with it. Will put up some more photos once it's looking a bit cleaner.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finished with interior!
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    Finally got round to actually washing the car myself; plus a full bottom inside (it needed it) It's been thoroughly cleaned inside and out and given a good coating of wax too; wheels cleaned as best as I can, they're presentable for now, until I source their replacements A few shots of the alcantara interior too; it's a lovely place to be (until I wear my leaking Rohan gilet and there are feathers everywhere and they're a sod to hoover up) Some pictures for you, just for Keith ( @Loadmaster ) too of it 'on my drive'
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    Popped over to iRock to see the progress of the restoration of my M5
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    Buying an e39 M5.

    As requested, a couple of quick phone photos, the thing needs a good clean up, so have set aside next Saturday. The more I see it, the more I love it - don't the fact I now own one of my dream cars has sunk in yet. Its also cheaper to insure than my e60 525d - madness.
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    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    More pics of progress on the full respray underway at the bodyshop: On that last pic the bonnet had to be taken all the way back to bare metal (this was previously resprayed by Oxford Crash Repair in 2013 but the paint had started to peel - we found they'd just resprayed over the top of the original paint with minimal prep. Cowboys.) She'll be painted and back with me in a week or so.
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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    He sure is keeping election promises... More than the crowd down London and that's all the Parties included. 80 % of the people that were very angry concerning Trumps victory here in Britain that i came across typically could not stand the fact ... That the man was legally elected to power by the American people and went against their own snowflake two party nothing changes Westminster style of politics where years are wasted while the two parties play politics while really doing nothing but destabilise the country with their crap.
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    GONZO - Highly recommended!

    Guys I feel compelled to recommend what is a 'come to you' expert that can complete work on your beloved (and sometimes troublesome) BMW E60/1 I contacted Gareth to ask for advice on a range of cetain jobs I was looking to complete as a preventative measure on my 2010 535d M sport - a few chats later and I was asking him if he'd consider me paying him to come to me and do the work such was his knowledge. Gareth came to me yesterday at the crack of dawn to undertake a long list of work - replacement of the following Update NAV/Maps Glow plug relay Glow plugs Turbo vac hoses Inlet manifold seals Main Stat EGR Stat Gearbox stat modification Full test When he arrived an unpacked it was clear I'd made the right decision - the chap is like a mobile BMW workshop differing only by the fact he actually knows what he's talking about! I'm someone who finds it hard to trust people to work on my cars as I always seem to find something lacking with many garages. That said, when peple do get it right and meet my expectations then I'm the first to voice up praise! So if anyone here needs any technical work completing right first time by someone with a thorough, methodical and sometimes frighteningly geeky level of knowledge then our resident forum member 'Gonzo' aka Gareth come highly recommended. Great price too! Hahaha just to add - it was after about an hour Gareth called me over to ask if I had any rust convertor liquid! Fearing the worst I raced over and asked why - he's undone a nut from the EGR valve that had some surface corrosion on and wanted it to go back treated!!! That made me smile with admiration and surprise!!
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    Up to Glasgow today to buy this Decided that diesel and I do not get on; so the land-barge went yesterday and this was collected today These are pics from the seller; it's covered just over 85k miles and drives faultlessly... Had plenty of work to it, just needs my touch
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    F10 M5

    Had a photo shoot of my M5 recently, pretty pleased with the pics, i have since had a new Turner motorsport exhaust.
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    New G31 arrival

    Switched from a 16 plate 335d xDrive saloon to this 530d xDrive touring. Such a lovely car. Most refined and comfortable i've ever driven. Really pleased with combination of Bluestone and black alloys. It's all subjective, but i was worried it was going to be too 'halfords' but looks just right.
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    The lies and exaggerations printed about Brexit and Trump have really opened my eyes to the extreme political bias of the media, Inc. Facebook, Twitter, Google. Huge media corps led by globalist leftists intent on censoring conservatism.
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    I like him, I wish he was over here sorting Brexit for us, he'd tell all those Eurotw@ts in Brussels where to get off.
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    E28 525i Restoration Project

    Thanks for all the encouragement guys! The laws are pretty much the same. Most of them came from the UK anyway. Its the Police that are different! So a few new updates: One of the best ones is that I finally got the brakes to work so now the car can be driven around safely! The problem was the brake bomb and the master cylinder. The brake bomb had to spend a whole night in oil and the MC I had (also a replacement) wasn’t really good. I also bought a brake caliper repair kit and new brake hoses. After replacing everything, things are working now though I’d say the E28 brakes aren’t that good in the first place. I still have a busted tail light on the right. Those are super expensive so I’d rather fix mechanical stuff first than fork out all that cash for a new one. Looking for a second hand one at the moment so its cat and mouse with the cops. All my lights are working though so don’t freak out. It’s just the housing on the turn signal that’s broken. Drive shaft was loose so did some re-engineering on those just to improve them. Also put in new boots and grease. Worked on the front suspension. New bushings for the control arms, new tie rods and stabilizer link bars. New front tyres as well. Cheap ones though as I want to go 225/45/17 in future. Still on 15s now. Replaced all the rear sub-frame bushings and the diff mount. This has made the biggest difference in the ride quality. Before there was a loud knocking sound whenever you took off from a low gear. Sounded like you were ripping the rear end of the car off. SOME OTHER MINOR REPLACEMENTS/REPAIRS INCLUDE: 1. Fixed the high beams. 2. Fixed all the brake lights and modified the brake fogs to be brake lights. The single brake light was too little. The added light also helps in dealing with cops. 3. 3. Fixed reverse light as well. 4. Fixed the speedometer and odometer. 5. New drive shaft support bearing 6. Did a full radiator flush. 7. Got a second hand valance for the front and front turn signals. 8. Fixed the holes in the floor board and reinforced the chassis. Did a hack job on it since I intend to smooth everything out once I strip it for paint work. 9. New gear shift lever and rubber shift boot. 10. New seal for the fuel sending unit 11. Fitted new door handles in the front. 12. Fitted new hood roundel 13. Fitted license plate lights THINGS THAT NEED ATTENTION: 1. Still no temperature gauge even after replacing the sensor. Car does not overheat though. 2. No fuel gauge. Guesswork for now or have to top up extra each time I drive it. 3. No coolant level sensor. 4. There is a leak at the power steering pump. 5. Engine warning light will not go off. Tried resetting it, nothing. 6. No wipers. Need a new motor as the other one rusted to failure. Water reservoir also dried up to the point that it cracked. 7. Dirt in the fuel lines causing fuel leaks at the rail. Now that the car is in use, rust is coming off in the tank and in the fuel rail and causing blockages. Have to keep removing and cleaning so as not to destroy the injectors. Also have to put in new fuel filters to save the pump. Im hoping this will subside with time coz even though we clean everything out it keeps coming back and its expensive! 8. Though the car moves well, I feel like there is some power loss (expect more kick out of a 2.5l engine). Might be the dirt in the lines, might be something else so will need a proper tune up to get it to pump out the full 150HP. 9. Also the exhaust has major issues. 1. Its not the right exhaust for the car and 2. It keeps cracking. When we lowered the rear sub-frame to replace the bushings it cracked again so it seems I need to replace the entire thing. NEXT UP: Painting! I was trying to get some Noico sound deadening mat but it’s too expensive to ship out here because of the weight in the required quantity so I have decided to just go ahead and paint. I’ve been looking at Titangrau 892/A36, Callisto Grey B64, and the original Platanengruen Metallic 188. I am leaning towards the Titangrau for now. Windshield wiper motor, rear window motors, Exhaust work, and an engine tune. I think those are the critical items. I also ordered some Polyamide shifter bushings from E28goodies.com supposed to sort out a lot of the slop in the gear. Those are yet to come in.
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    I've turned very anti-confrontational in my old age; the last guy that cut me up a few years ago scaring my daughter and flashing the V's at her, had some unfortunate luck a few days later with not one but three punctures on his brand new Jaguar. Shame.
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    Time to Change the Company Car

    From another forum.....
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    Kit's E34 535i

    Fitted the new suspension yesterday with the help from my brother. I did prepare the car first by removing the back seat to save his time. We did have a chat as we did it and took our time and it was all completed in about 4 hours total. The fronts were easy enough to get off. Only had to fight with the brake piston to get it back in far enough for the new pads. Rears were even easier, but I knew that as even I have done them on my own! Sits a lot better now. Front has dropped a lot but I think it was also drop a bit more when it has settled. Little drive home and it does feel a lot more tight. Wasn’t too mad with it as the boot was full and just wanted to make sure it was all correct first. Give a another drive this week and get the wheels aligned. So everything is new that holds the suspension to the car - dampers, springs, wheel bearings, dust shields, brakes, bolts, sensors the lot. When I was out in it last week, exited a roundabout and something went twang. Then it started to knock and the rear drivers side had dropped. Broken spring? Nope. The damper body had rotted away. Got the most out of it as I wasn’t worried as I knew I was changing them in a few days! I’m going to “complain” to BMW about their shoddy quality as as far as I can see these are the original rear dampers while the rear seats were out I replaced the back speakers. One was awful and crackled at loud volume. Turns out the cone was ripped. Now it sounds as good as an 80’s tape deck does! Next few jobs are: * get the body work sorted. Did notice the front wings are staring to show their age. They might have to be replaced at the same time. * 4 pot Brembo brakes and do I put a front spoiler on it?
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Got round to changing my pads, discs and callipers along with a brake bleed. Cheers Tims again for sorting me the 540 callipers. Cheers again d_a_n1979 for the brake advice...although I did bottle the mtec c-hooks and pads...so stuck to my tried and tested pagid. ECP had a 55% sale so couldn't say no. Everything went like a charm...although my disc shield needed a bit of persuading off my mallet so it didn't contact the disc. Then after wrapping up...took it for a gentle spin round the block and there was an awful scraping sound coming from the o/s. Come back and whipped the wheel back off...and clocked a tiny stone wedged between the disc and plate...after a bit of poking and ramming with a metal ruler...the stone was free and the disc span freely with no noise. Wheel back on, another spin around the block...nice and quiet now. I've been bedding them in and the stopping force at higher speeds is definitely noticeable. Cant wait for them to get even better once fully bed-in. Oh and for the possible haters...we all know red callipers gives you an extra hp per wheel
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    In the afternoon sun today after a quick wash...
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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    I disagree somewhat.. I thought Trump would be a disaster... But the more it goes on, the more I like him. He's everything the government isn't. He's done everything in his power to uphold his election promises... He does what he thinks is the right thing for his country, and let's face it, more jobs, more business, and despite the democrats nay saying about the tax cuts, more revenue than ever before. My investments in USD are looking great. Actually bringing North Korea to the table with South Korea, and getting the nuclear testing stopped. And what seems to be progress with the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsular, I couldn't see any of that happening under Clinton. Now the investigations are wrapping up with no evidence of the Russian collision, in the wake of the biggest temper tantrum in history, I actually think he's going to get a second term and if he keeps going the way he is, he's going to deserve it. I really didn't like the man coming in to the presidency, but he's surprised me and I think he's just what America, and probably the world, needs right now. Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
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    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    Nice thread and some great cars. Interesting to see the steps and occasional sale regrets. I miss my first BMW (the E34) but selling was the right thing to do at the time. Anyway, my history.... E34 525i Sport Manual Daytona Violet E30 C2.5 Alpina Covertible E46 330Ci Sport Manual Atlantis Blue (Still owned) F10 520d Auto F10 520d Auto G30 520d Auto (current)