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    What do you all get on full tank?

    Having plenty left over assumed range and actual range driving are two very different things....... so my response is the classic KB https://goo.gl/images/o6aZnd
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    Not really new, but.....

    Hi Guys Not been here for a couple of years since I sold my E34 525iX, and wasn't really planning to get another BMW. (Daily now is an LPG'd Volvo V70.) HOWEVER, my Son bought an E39 540i last year, which he has enjoyed despite timing chain failure/new engine a few months back. He has recently bought an E46 Coupe so the 540 was surplus to requirements. I definitely don't need another car, especially one this thirsty, so of course I have taken it on....... I'm sure I'll be asking for help. It's a lovely car with few real faults (At the moment!) Cheers
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    Grand Dragon

    heater stopped working.

    It’s your hedgehog or final stage resistor (for the technical term!) do a search on here there’s an abundance of post that will get you back up and running
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    Grand Dragon

    coolant shelf life?

    Some people eh.... I wonder which focus he’s bought?
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    New pads 1 hr fitted, mot 35 mins, job done, and a very cheap autobahrn storming wagon.
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    Temperature gauge fault

    System test submenu
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    Odd issues after LCM swap

    Its working perfectly now; many thanks
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    Matthew Ashton

    Istep update

    Take it to BMW and pay them to update the iStep version. I’ve been using Esys for many years and the programming is one thing I wouldn’t take on myself. Or find someone who has done it and has the experience. To do it yourself You will also need a newer working version of Esys Launcher and with the premium version expiring at the end of 2018 your only legit option is to try get hold of the Pro version along with tokenmaster’s license. If you go for it yourself the jump leads would need to connected to the underbonnet connectors with the other car’s engine running for the duration.
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    Heat on the big nut.
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    Johnny Grabble

    Temperature gauge fault

    +1. It can be accessed via the hidden menu.
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    540i heater valve-repair?

    I've not tried one of those repair kits but have stripped and cleaned my heater valves, it's easy enough. There are a couple of V8 heater valves on the bay for less than 30 quid at the moment too; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1999-BMW-5-7-SERIES-E38-E39-HEATER-CONTROL-WATER-VALVE-PUMP-8374994/264155127529?hash=item3d80df5ee9:g:2rcAAOSwIqxcRhLG:rk:20:pf:0 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-5-7-SERIES-E39-E38-HEATER-VALVE-WATER-PUMP-8374994/254080258075?fits=Plat_Gen%3AE39&hash=item3b285d101b:g:ytkAAOSwlEBcQf9K:rk:48:pf:0
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    Temperature gauge fault

    The dashboard test function might tell you if the needle actually moves. You may need ISTA to turn on that test. Unless it's available from the hidden menu you have showing. .?
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    I’m back! 86 M535i

    Lachs Silver with Pacific blue leather. 70k auto. Lady owner last 25 years. Unbelievable clean and original Dont mind the alloys!
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    My e39 540i/6 touring

    Hi, I made my first post asking about diffs a while back and promised to upload so pictures of the car. Only just got around to it! The car is a bit rough around the edges and this is it's good side! Its a factory 540i manual and is quite highly specced which is nice. Sorry about the terrible blanking of the numberplates, I did on my phone and it's quite difficult on a small screen. Ed.
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    I’m back! 86 M535i

    Blaupunkt graphic equaliser. Very top end stuff from the 1980's.
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    MStyle Gallery

    Nice to have you guys aboard. Will there be any new products in the pipeline.
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    Grand Dragon

    coolant shelf life?

    Nope! Wrong again! Was genuinely trying to help but if you want to carry it on then so be it! you set fire to that turd you call a car yet? If you want, I'll send you some instructions if you like, seems as you can’t even wipe your own ass!
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    Hi everyone!

    Just thought I would share that I bought my M5 folding wing mirrors from these guys. Colour match was perfect as was fit, still no issues with them 4+ years later excellent quality. Carl.
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    E39 Amplifer, Nav, touring, WHERE IS IT?!

    Simple and concise. Cheers for that! I had chased the trunk of wiring into that plastic and couldn't find it exiting so assumed there was something under there (just hadn't got that far yet!). I'll order up a radio and harness and get this moving.
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    Tyres and Non Runflat

    Got no complaints at all with the Dunlops so far. Grippy and compliant. Turn in is sharper than the previous Goodyears. I'll get them again and probably put another pair on the rear at the end of the summer when the current ones are finished. Recommended in the 17 inch.
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    535i Andrew

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    My dad had them in his F10. Plenty of grip. I had similar Dunlops on my E60, great tyre. Loads of grip in the wet and quiet too. OEM fitment so you won't go wrong with them.
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    Swap out the F10....?

    Don't think i'll be going for a diesel again - this will be my first and last
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    My E30 M3, the story so far....

    Inside the rear right wheel arch is the fuel tank breather system which is an area often full of mud, rust and holes. The filler neck blasted and painted, vent tank cleaned, all hoses replaced with new and new electro plated fittings. New Splash guard and a new metal pipe cover fitted (they have now doubled in price!) after being painted and cavity waxed on the inside. Ignore the suspension components as these will be tackled later on but i gave the shock a wipe down for the aid of the pic. Freshly refurbished 16x7.5 Style 5s by Lepsons shod in my favoured Yokohama AD08R rubber Starting to look more like a car now. Bumper foils (black stripes) have been applied and new rear badges with the all important M3 badge fitted millimetre perfect as per BMW fitting instructions.
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    Dealer advice please....

    Well, the saga continues. Or I assume it does.... In a new personal best for any dealer of any car manufacturer I've dealt with, I've heard not a peep since taking it in at 0945 yesterday. Come the 48 hour mark tomorrow morning, a call is going to be made..... Not amused. On another topic...after the rocker cover was replaced, I noticed something. Could be nothing, but I always remember the metalwork inside the oil filler cap being at least oil-coated. The car did a couple of journeys before the EML came on, but when I had a peer inside, the top of the engine was dry as a bone. Surely that can't be normal?