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    Ram Rod

    Goodbye and thank you

    My car is the same colour as this pic. I parked the Talisman next to my F11 and had a close comparison. Boot size is exactly the same. The doors closed like the BMW with a cushioned clunk. When you get in the car you are immediately impressed with the width and driving position. The seats are superb and are heated, cooled and have three massage functions. The car is loaded with safety kit, adaptive cruise control, autonomous braking, lane departure warning, blind spot warning, full LED headlights that can be left on high beam and dip automatically for oncoming cars and when you encounter lit roads. You have three settings for the adaptive shocks and the auto box....comfort, sport and eco. 12 speaker Bose entertainment, electric tailgate, HUD, speed limit warning, car will crawl and stop in traffic jams, 245/40 19 wheels. That's the headline stuff. On the road the first impression is the more compliant suspension than my standard set up on the 5. On smooth tarmac the Talisman is just as quiet as the 5, but on roads with granite chips there is noticeably more tyre road. The revelation is the four wheel steering, it is amazing. At low speeds the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the fronts, but at motorway speeds they turn in the same direction. The car feels so agile, plus on a cross country road there is not so much centrifugal force going round bends. There was less turbo lag with the Renault's bi turbo set up, the auto box is a dual clutch and very smooth. The engine is 160 bhp and 380nm of torque. Because of the rear wheel steering, the tank capacity is only 47 litres, 5 litres less than Talisman's without the four wheel steering. I will certainly miss the range BMW's 70 litre tank gives me, although diesel is almost the same price in the UK as in France thanks to Macron loading up the price....hence the gilets jaunes protests. Getting straight back into the 5 and driving the same stretch of road, you do get the impression the BMW is a step up in quality, but the Renault is very close behind. There is no doubt Renault have taken aim at the 5 with the Talisman, but don't quite pull it off. However the Renault has more style and really is beautiful to look at, even better than the pictures show. There are a lot of soft materials and leather in the Talisman, to put it simply, it just has more character and flair. My car will spend more time on British roads than French, so it will be interesting what reaction the Talisman gets. The D segment is dying somewhat, which is a shame Renault have not tried to sell it in the UK. Peugeot are having a go with their new 508 which is also a beautiful car. If the French can just improve the quality a smidgen, then BMW will really have something to worry about
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    Some really great looking BMs there, enjoyed scrolling through them all. Just two for me, both E39s. A 1999 523i SE from Feb 2009 to Feb 2018 and a 2001 540i Sport from April 2018 until.....Who knows?
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    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! Just want to say thanks to the BMW 5 team for having us on board and thought we would give a quick intro ourselves and share some of the 5er transformations we've been a part of. So who are we - MStyle Based in Romford, Essex we have a large showroom, workshop and bodyshop to help provide a number of services for BMW owners. - Diagnostics - Repairs including rebuilds, vanos units, differentials, rod bearings - Servicing including iDrive and software updates - Maintenance - MOT's - Electrical repairs - Coding - Insurance and Bodywork repairs - dents and stonechips to full restorations and resprays - Remapping - Exhaust conversions - Performance modifications - uprated suspension components, intercoolers, brake upgrades - Styling modifications - carbon fibre parts, grilles, bumpers, diffusers, spoilers; lighting upgrades - Experienced in M cars and ALPINA. This is just part of what we can and do everyday for our customers. Even if you would just like some advice regarding your BMW, we're happy to offer suggestions. Just drop us a message to info@mstyle.co.uk or call 0208 598 9115. As a way of saying thanks for your support, if you decide to have a product or service from us, just mention you are part of the BMW 5 forum and we'll get you a better price. Stay tuned for pictures and updates Happy motoring! MStyle Team https://www.mstyle.co.uk
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    New Sponsors!

    You may, or may not have, noticed that we have had a couple of Sponsors join us recently: 1. @CNS 2. @MStyle Please join us in welcoming them aboard and thanking them in supporting our site. Also a continued thank you to our existing sponsors who continue to support us! @cotswoldbmwmini @ChrisKnottIns
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    Bloody cold weather....

    you damn pussies brits we ve got minus 21 overe here me balls are freezing into oblivion how cold is it and what county
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    E39 Touch Screen Head Units

    Milo. Have a look at this thread. There are pictures of my installation. Highly recommend the Android units AudioTech Direct in N. Wales, customer service is most excellent. Ignore any negativity from Dennis Cooper !
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    Former Police F11 reviewed

    ARGH! The temperatures aren't the same for driver and passenger. had to turn off at that point.
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    Too much oil?

    Not disagreeing but the other issue with overfilling as I understand it, if massively overfilled, is that the crank whips the oil into a foam and it lowers the oil pressure as the pump basically sucks air..
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    Hi, newbie post!

    Thanks guys. This is the car, I pick it up Saturday!
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    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    Gorgeous car and project; very jealous I agree that 17" Style 5s or similar would suit the car best. A suspension refresh and maybe a touch lower, but not too much. It's a waft-bus at the end of the day, not a B-Road hoonigan
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    Cadwell Parker

    VDC on 530d SE Touring

    Ah ok... Point taken The G-Series must ride very nicely indeed.
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    Lovely E39 528i

    Looks very nice. A bit of a shouty 'Del Boy' advert and maybe a somewhat optimistic sales pitch suggesting it could be valued at £10k in a few years...
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    Is my engine shot!!

    So the 2nd response didn't help... What were you expecting? Someone to rush out and fix it for you...? Ok - Bye ...
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    Sounds a cracking project! Get a separate project thread up in the relevant projects section further down the home page and get a lot of pictures up... We all like to see a lot of pictures
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    Goodbye and thank you

    I ditched BMW daily drivers a few years ago, although I kept two e34's as these IMO are the last of the over engineered and mechanically simple BMW's. C.
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    Goodbye and thank you

    I hadn't come across that model of Renault so googled images. It's a fine looking car, good luck with it.
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    Top left E36 316i Top right E36 328i sport Middle left E36 M3 3 litre Middle right E36 M3 Evo Bottom left current car 528i sport manual (my daily since 2015!) Bottom right e92 M3 Absolutely love my 528i she runs like a fecking dream!
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    My E30 M3, the story so far....

    Inside the rear right wheel arch is the fuel tank breather system which is an area often full of mud, rust and holes. The filler neck blasted and painted, vent tank cleaned, all hoses replaced with new and new electro plated fittings. New Splash guard and a new metal pipe cover fitted (they have now doubled in price!) after being painted and cavity waxed on the inside. Ignore the suspension components as these will be tackled later on but i gave the shock a wipe down for the aid of the pic. Freshly refurbished 16x7.5 Style 5s by Lepsons shod in my favoured Yokohama AD08R rubber Starting to look more like a car now. Bumper foils (black stripes) have been applied and new rear badges with the all important M3 badge fitted millimetre perfect as per BMW fitting instructions.
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    My E30 M3, the story so far....

    For those of you with a good memory, back when i listed the new replacement panels one of them was a sport evo rear spoiler. For those of you not familiar with the Sport evo it was the last homologated version of the E30 M5 which had a 2.5 engine as well as adjustable front and rear spoilers plus many other changes unique to the Sport evo. The spoilers have always been something that owners of non Evo M3's have retro fitted and ive always been a fan of that look (and function!) The correct spacers unique to the Sport evo spoiler were fitted, something often missed out be people retro fitting or fitting a replica. The bolts! These countersunk hex head bolts that hold the adjustable position rear blade to the main spoiler at NLA from BMW. I had a selection of original ones, 6 corroded and 2 new (8 in total needed) and i was going the get the corroded ones blasted and re- chemical blacked to original finish but a trial fit found that the latest batch of Sport evo spoilers made by BMW had the threaded inserts recessed further in so the original bolts were not long enough, Some searching online found the correct countersunk M8x1.25mm hex head bolts in a choice of lengths but in stainless so 5mm longer ones did the trick. A coat of satin black had them looking good and the result..... Very happy with the rear end now! I've now the dilemma as to weather i replace the evo 2 front spoiler with a Sport evo adjustable front to match the rear... What has become quite noticeable now is the left reverse light being duller than the right hand one so a new left lamp unit is now added to the ever growing list of new parts required.
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    My 1st E39 wooohoooo

    Hi Keith, it was like this when I bought the car, so unsure when/how it was done. Two owners before me, it looked like this; (He saw me on Facebook and sent me some photos!) Jimmy - nice to see the update, glad you're still enjoying her. (I do miss her to be fair!!) Polished lips do look good on the parallels, but you'll be forever polishing them to look good. I'd think twice if you drive her often! lol
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Avoided a lorry who drove towards me with one side of tyre in my line.. opted to damage the tyre and wheel instead of scraping the whole driver side... Hit the kerb really bad on the passenger side. Will have to check if 19" spider is still ok. New Good year asymmetric3 will have to be ordered. ... Not a good day at all..