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    Its been a while, as well theres not been much action or love for it to be honest. The missing a running E34 in my life is strong! I thought i'd jack it up in the summer, lol this is an update from the last 5-6 months. Pleased to report its not a rusty scottish looking tea bag under here. On the grass isn't ideal, but that should change soon not the best picture but the fuel pipes have been replaced so thats one job saved! Next is mounting the intercooler. Theres cutting involved here unless you want to buy a "bi turbo" bumper from Alpina for about a million quid the all important mounting brackets, these are replacements from Alpina as the originals were bent in the accident The bumper won't mount with the intercooler fitted so you have to make room for it by chopping bumper! This is most of the cutting to get the bumper to fit properly bumper fitted, the number plate holder also needs triming, or again you can buy and alpina one for loads. The bi turbo front spoiler mounts over the whole lot so you can't see any of the cutting. Its the only real part missing as it was damaged in accident. Its a £600 bill i need to stump up for, luckily you can still buy them i suppose My dad had to make a little fiddly part here that was missing* it connects this pipe to the boost controller ECU. It runs to the inlet manifold This is the throttle potentiometer. Or fly by wire throttle. I found this in a horrid oily box of bits that came with the car It was a moment i had in the shower when it all twigged. So the throttle opens and shuts now with this plugged in Back on the theme of missing parts. It takes alot of looking sometimes to notice things aren't there. So the red wire is the live battery feed to the starter motor! Plus the engine earth strap was missing - this one is a temp one. This did bring the car back to life alot. then come to today! 4 books of main dealer wiring diagrams and a mate who knows how to read them with a volt metre So some checks with a volt metre revealed the ignition switch is working and the DME or engine ECU was getting power. A good sign. Still no cranking over This is the starter motor relay, it was missing so i've sourced one and fitted it. Now the wiring diagrams reveal this is only needed for auto cars, the manual cars don't have a relay. Our guess is this is fitted for the auto selector switch on the autos so the engine will only start in N or P and not D Testing again revealed the starter wasnt getting the start signal/volatage to crank. So removed said relay and bridged the wires together aka like a manual like below Lets give it a try...............................engine cranks over!!! This turd may see the road once more, engine hasn't run at a guess in 10 years. We can smell fuel and checked for spark and have both. Theres lots unplugged but this is probably the biggest leap forward in my eyes. So the games back on! Theres no oil, coolant, radiator, intercooler pipes, auxillary belts, exhaust fitted currently so will need to get busy to get it into a postion that will run, signs are promising that it should go The loves returned for the mutant I've dont a bit more alpina wiring in the mean time but forgot to update this
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    New E61 Member

    Hi all, After a few years away from BMW (after having an E46 Touring and an E36 323i coupe) I’m back with an E61 525d Auto 2009MY. I picked it up the other day after quite a long search and couldn’t be more pleased. Really smooth, good power delivery, comfortable, loads of toys (M Sport Business Edition). I’m making my way through the manuals to get the best of it, but any tips for settings etc would be appreciated. May have a battery / charging issue, but I’ll put this in the technical forum for help. I currently have one picture of the car. Will take some more in the upcoming days. Nothing really planned for her, potentially a refurb for the wheels, a repair to a stone chip on the passenger side of the windscreen, and a few stone chips on the bonnet which i’ll think about.
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    E34 m5 on eBay

    Great potential and nice spec although the colour kills it for me. The car would need a full re-paint to look mint and then keeping it clean if regularly used would be a royal PITA. Diamond Schwartz Metallic is THE Black on 80's & 90's BMW's. It's more of a Graphite Grey which is heaps easier to maintain and still looks mega when clean or dirty. C.
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    Here is an alternative to paying £200+ to BMW to replace your failed IBS (Intelligent Battery Sensor.) Many people disconnect their IBS when it fails, and that's fine if your battery is healthy and you use your car daily. But the IBS does a few important things including charging your battery accordingly to its age, and preserving charge when parked for long periods. Here is a step by step guide for diagnosing and replacing your IBS for around £20 instead of £200! If you suspect your IBS has failed (eg your battery is going flat even if it is new) get your error codes read with INPA or similar. This is the code you will see if it has failed, 4477. I think mine failed because water had dripped on it through the rear light cluster gasket, common fault on the E61. BMW updated the sensor at some point during the E60’s life, so you can no longer buy the original one I had. That means you need to buy the new style IBS and a converter loom which together cost over £200 from the dealer! While looking for a used one on eBay I noticed that despite having many different part numbers for different cars including Mini's and other BMW models, all Intelligent Battery Sensors looked fundamentally the same. So I took a punt and bought this one for £20 from an E90 on eBay. Make sure you get the complete set - negative battery cable with IBS, AND the loom. A few days later it arrived, and here it is next to my old one on the left (sorry for the crap photo, it was dark.) Notice that the IBS itself looks different, and also one of the connecting plugs is much bigger on the new one. This is why BMW sell you a converter loom. Here’s a close up of the two sets of plugs next to each other. As you can see one plug is the same on the new loom, only one is different. This made me think that the converter loom was unnecessary, and as it’s only one wire (thick red one) I should just solder on the old plug. This is the label on the new cable, note it mentions several different BMW models including the E90 and E70. It does not say E60, but I was sure it would work as I have seen lots of different ones all with different part numbers but for multiple cars. Just buy one that looks like the one in the photo above and you should be fine. The two plugs chopped off so I can solder the old one (right) on to the new loom. Here’s my new make-shift loom. I put the battery back in, connected the new negative power cable (which is quite fiddly as the nut is behind some trim) and plugged in my new loom. I cleared my error codes, went for a quick drive, read them again and as you can see, no errors! I hope this guide helps other people with the same problem, and saves you some money. I know used parts are always a risk, but at a tenth of the price it will take quite a few failures to be more costly than buying one new sensor!
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    Yes, my understanding of the Audi multotronic box is it uses the two variable diameter pulleys and drive belt and will alter the diameters in stages (6 or 7) to give fixed ratios. It's like using a CVT system but not having it continuously variable, but jumping like gears on a mountain bike, changing both front and rear derailleurs at the same time. The older ones look troublesome, even worse than the 6HP ZF boxes in E60s!
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    I consider myself educated (thanks); The DCT/DSG type box doesn't fill me with confidence either. Plenty of actuator things to go wrong, the fluid changes are 40,000 miles, and as I tend to buy cars with ca 100,000 miles it would be too risky (even for me). A friend had a new 2014 A6 for 4 months before the CVT box exploded (literally). Indeed, that was a 2.0TFSI. Somebody will correct me, but does the Audi Multitronic box use predefined set ratios rather than being continuously variable (same revs but speed increases)?
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    With my E61 the sensor would show as faulty until the N53 was up to temperature. Same sensor at that price I put up with it and not long after, binned the E61 N53 for my F11 N57.... and am loving it! Hopefully having the sensor out will give you options when you have it in your hand... damage, clean it, how it may work, etc.
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    My CVT experience was like driving a manual car with a worn out clutch. Noisy and not very relaxing. Probably worked well in the Daff 33 variomatic...
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    I really hated the CVT box in the Lexus 300h I had. I would not want a car with a CVT box. Truly dreadful bits of machinery. The VW Passat I drove with the DSG box was fine, a bit dim witted compared to my 8hp box, but it was o.k. Nothing compares to a fully slush TC auto for ultimate waftomatic driving, but can still allow you to drive like you stole it when you need too. I wouldn't rule out a manual if it the car had the right engine and spec.
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    Divorce is not an option!
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    Nope the 7spd auto box fitted to the C7 fwd tdi is a dual clutch DCT box not a CVT as was previously used which was unreliable. But the 7spd DCT box is fine. Obviously as like all the other DCT type autoboxes they need regular fluid changes which is why VAG has them on fixed price servcing, which is about £200 if memory serves me correct. There is an 8spd CVT available in the C7 But that is only fitted to the 2.0Tfsi petrol fwd. The Quattro’s use the same 8spd zf boxes as the f10/f11.
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    It was neck and neck for my F11 against a BiTDi avant. The Audi had the F11 licked for noise and speed, but the spec on my F11 won the day in the end. Plus BMW make it very easy to buy their cars, whereas every single Audi dealer is a tosspot in my experience! The rear opening window on the F11 is a lovely touch. +1 for the mother in law hatch, what is that? Mine finds her way in often enough so I guess I have it too!
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    I had also narrowed my choice down to the A6 Avant or the F11. The main things that put me off the A6 were: The auto gearbox in the front wheel drive models is a CVT unit that is horrendously unreliable. The quattro has a conventional auto, but they are all 3.0TDI's. Not all 3.0TDI's are quattro's, some are FWD & have that same chocolate gearbox. Petrols are v rare. The specifications vary only slightly model to model. Most I looked at had near zero extras. On the plus side, the A6's cabin was a nice place to be. Not special, but nice enough.
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    Beige interior. Convince me!

    My car had a beige interior with wood trim albeit with the black dash and door tops and I really wasn't sure on it when I bought it having always had cars with dark interiors, it did grow on me but it was still a bit too beige so I got hold of a black lower dash, center console and mats, an aluminium trim set and 'two toned' a set of black door cards. I don't have any before pics but it now looks like this;
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    A6 is a nice interior but the screen isn't a patch on the wide f11 and the ZF is sublime ime.
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    ^^^ I did look at a 530d f11 luxury spec. Which was really nice, however the previous owner must have owned dogs as it stank of stale wet dog especially towards the rear of the car. Also it was a bit out of budget and the dealer was not up for any negotiation at all. last time I looked the car was still for sale on eBay have to say the A6 interior felt a lot more premium than the F11 and it had a nice Bang & Olufsen stereo system too with a high resolution screen etc. Have to say the F11 does ride well with 18” wheels and RFTs. Very refined on the motorway too and the 8spd zf box is brilliant.
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    I am wondering would you think the same if you had purchased a 30d/35d with comfort seats, HK Audio, pro nav etc etc.
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    What on earth is a "mother in law hatch" ? Does mine have one I wonder?
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    Nice miles but seems a lot of money for a pretty basic spec car. Personally I couldn’t live with a beige interior but it is down to personal preferences.
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    I agree they would come straight off if it were me, but also if I were looking to chop my car in and it needed tyres I'd put any old shite on as the dealer won't even look past the tread depth if you're lucky.
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    If you go to the block you will often see the traders running around the car testing and checking things. They always check the roof and aircon is blowing cold. Its only seen as a liability if it is broken. Having had Hondas with Sunroofs for the last seven years, it was a must on my F11. I like just opening the blind and letting the sun into the cab. I agree that you should decide on what you want and be patient. I wanted manual and standard suspension on standard wheels. The RF's make the ride harsh enough. I also wanted the mother in law hatch and the pro nav. I am happy with my F11 but surprised at some of the cost cutting. Still great cars to drive on a daily basis. The separate glass hatch is a great design feature.
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    When I was looking at getting an F11 last year, I focused more on the mileage and condition of it rather than what options it had. Think mine is just a standard spec f11 520d M-Sport auto. Which is an LCI car but with the N47 in it. In hindsight I was also considering an E220 AMG spec estate and an A6 S-Line 2.0d Ultra Edition. After having the F11 for about 6 months I wished I had bought the A6 lol reasons: seats in the F11 are woeful on anything longer than 2 hour journeys. Basic business stereo system is pretty poor for what is essentially a premium car heating system is very poor unless above 27 degrees on both temp settings. steering is quite over assisted and has poor initial turn into corners overall build quality is a step back compared to E39s. RFT tyres and cost of replacements compared to premium non RFT tyres realiability of N47 and air suspension system in F11s is concerning touch wood so far mine has been fine for the last 10k miles. But will I keep it long term............. probably not.
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    No, I haven't. But mine is a F11 525d anyhow (2.0 twin turbo, mapped, Eibach front springs & lowered rear).
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    E60 M5 finally bought

    Bit of an update, I had the rod bearings replaced back in October and some paintwork in December to get rid of a tiny rust bleb, a bad scratch and a scruffy front bumper - it now looks brilliant and I'm much happier with it. Coupled with the all clear from rod bearing failure (they wernt too bad when removed but were ready to be changed) makes for a much less stressful ownership experience. Ownership over the last 10 months has been basically painless, a small issue with some water ingress into the boot turned out to be a tail light seal but sadly this appears to have finished of the PDC module so that is currently the only issue. I've now done around 3000 miles in it.
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    Project bites off more than can chew

    Snap - my E34 is sort of used for some storage as my garage isn't big enough. Although it is mainly car cleaning stuff, some tools, things to fit to the car and cycling gear. Can also use it as a hiding place for things I haven't told the girlfriend I have bought for the cars.