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    Wax = lovely beading
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    I had a 2004 4.4 Sport and I loved it. Only sold it due to needing a seven seater, as said they drive very much like a raised E39, fuel consumption was around 19mpg if you drove like the clergy but it was a superb mile muncher.
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    Took it for the first blast of 2019 yesterday... love it still
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    I got one as a courtesy car when my first E60 broke down in 2008 (so whatever Emodel that was on a 57 plate) and was helped by BMW Emergency Assist. I loved driving it, it was a 3.0d. It was in January and I felt the 4x4 system kick in when pushing it on icy roads. I did think it was a bit thirsty for a Diesel and that was me coming from a sub 29 mpg average E60! Mechanically the 3.0d autos are no worse than any 530d auto as its all the same stuff. Can't comment on the additional 4x4 transmission systems. Would I buy one though? it's a lovely thing to drive for a 4x4 and would be capable enough of hauling/lugging stuff on rough roads. If I were you I would buy a load lugging estate, it will be longer to get more stuff in I would think and less thirsty and have better road manners. Obviously that all goes out the window if you get the chance to buy a V8 X5. Just don't expect to pass many petrol stations.......
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    100% above, I lifted the pipe up and worked on it from above once clamped and released from the stat. I used those clips so it looked neat but others have used jubilee clips m8
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    F10 Sun visor replacement DIY

    Great guide Would it be worth smashing out the remainder of the broken mirror from the old, glueing in a replacement and then putting it on eBay? Should get some money back and to be fair, it won't be far off stock as the removal of the old mirror will mean the new glued in one doesn't sit proud. Just a thought (I suggest that but if it was me, it would end up on the pile of things to fix or put on eBay and lay their for the next 12 months!)
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    535i Andrew

    F10 Sun visor replacement DIY

    If I hadn't got the resolution I wanted, that was an option but runs the risk of getting one stinking of fag smoke.
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    Brake Cleaner recommendations

    They’re the best way IMO You can change the spray pattern etc and cans run out very quickly
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    F10 Sun visor replacement DIY

    Annoying that you had to deal with someone's carelessness, but satisfying to have it pristine again. You could have saved the cash though by printing a photo of your face and sticking it over the broken mirror....or a photo of George Clooney, etc.
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    535i Andrew

    Brake Cleaner recommendations

    Thanks lads. I like the look of the spray bottle, very Edd China!
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    Price please Cotswold

    Hi, I believe you have since called in and placed the order over the phone Kind Regards
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    A mate has one (4.6 sport i think) and find's running it expensive, check out the price of replacement tyres for example... Other than that feedback is it's a very capable all rounder
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    PREDATOR - It really does exist

    My mate has one Dunc, nice doggie
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    PREDATOR - It really does exist

    Here's a less silly one.
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    P 5UML

    Rear sill welding

    @DatV8 Thanks mate! much appreciated
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    F11 MSport Rear Air Suspension.

    Read my previous posts (in this thread), I paid £330 for a pair of new springs from HIDS Direct. I wholeheartedly recommend the Arnott springs, they are better quality than the original BMW springs (which you can see in my picture above) and are freshly built rather than refurbished. I have now driven 20,000 miles on these and they've been perfect. As I mentioned previously, ECP's prices are bonkers, but likewise don't buy a safety critical part like this on eBay, unless from a reputable retailer that in turn is supplying them from a known and trusted manufacturer (like Arnott). Anyone could take a an air spring that's covered 100,000 miles, clean it up and stick it on eBay and you'd be none the wiser, so don't be naive, buy it new.
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    A Few small annoyances :-

    And totally dependant on the people working there, the problem is that you have no idea who's working on it once it dissappears into the workshop. I personally wouldn't have total peace of mind with a dealer.
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    Adam's E39 Touring Project

    I need to drill the hole for the aerial and fit the "on" LED, but it's all coded up and works. DOES YOUR E39 TEXT YOU IN THE MORNING?!
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    535i Andrew

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    The cover over the yellow grommet is found on the bulkhead. In the photo above if you look down underneath the two hoses (bottom left hand corner of the red box) you will see it. There are three heater hoses that run above the chassis rail which dissapear directly above the cover. You will also see a red battery cable above the cover too. Picture of the cover from above. Another close up In the photo above, top right hand corner is the lowest heater hose, red battery cable. Bottom right hand corner is the chassis rail. The cover is stepped over the chassis rail and there is one cover screw here. Two of the other screw heads can be seen in the photo. The fourth screw is up near the red battery cable going into the inner wing. Get a beer and read this thread from the beginning. I was confused at first but I read the post from the beginning and then poked about my car and it was easy enough to find. The only reason I can see for the cover is noise reduction and possibly fire prevention. It would do no harm leaving it off. Torx T30 is the size you need. Tools I used.
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    ^^^ As above I test drove a few before I bought my 730D My advice would be get the 4.4 or 4.6 V8; the 3.0 petrol is far too small, the 3.0D is ok, but still lacked grunt IMO Shares a LOT of E39 running gear and interior, so check for wear & tear and corrosion too Tyres are chewed readily also!
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    E39 540i/6 Touring on eBay

    I think it’ll fetch 2k myself, and there’s not many cars that fall in this category, can anyone name any more cars that have the following combination? rwd estate v8 manual box rhd all the audis are 4x4 and all the mercs are autos so they are really the only thing of there kind other than the e34 v8 and e60 variants and there’s only 6 e34s left I think. i know to many they are what dan said above rusty old guzzlers lol, but I think I’m time the values on these will rise, as they are the range topper of the tourings. It’s a lot of car for 2k if the rust isn’t really bad, most of that can be tidied up fairly easy.
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    Heavy on bushes and prone to transmission/ transfer box issues I believe
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    Manual and auto performance will be practically identical although the auto may be slightly more "juicy"
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    No personal experience on this one Scott, but I have read on several occasions that these can have trouble with front diffs. Worth a Google anyway!