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    Battery issues :'(

    She lives 14.11v at idle. Will take another measurement when I go to collect my prescription in a few minutes. Thanks Deepan 563652A6-73FB-4F08-B404-27DD1D33BC11.mp4
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    Thanks for the tip

    Welcome... At last Now I’m going to have to watch what I write
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Coded double impulse hazards.
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    Thanks for the tip

    Nah, never. Learnt a lot about all sorts of stuff from you!
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    Don't let that fool you she's an eight stone baby
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    Smoke / EGR

    Yes, I should have mentioned that. BMW will replace the EGR cooler (that includes the EGR valve) and also the damaged inlet manifold for free, if the problem was indeed caused by the EGR cooler. They asked me for a £99 inspection fee, which would not be payable if the part was found to be faulty. If your car is actually on the recall list, then they will check it for free anyway. In the first instance, I would phone BMW and ask if your car is on the list. If it isn't, then see if your coolant level is low and if it is low, then the chances are this is the cause of your problem.
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    Classic 7 Series

    Spotted this parked up locally the other day. Classic luxo-barge in pretty good nick on an E reg.
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    Washed and aqua waxed for the first time (myself) in nearly 5 weeks! Every time I wanted to give the car a good once over it's lashed it down; ended up using the local Albanian dudes to give it a good wash (to which they do a cracking job TBH) Also bought a Nextbase 512GW dashcam today and the hardwire kit, £110 via eBay with the current New Years Eve promo! Nearly £50 cheaper than Amazon and £70 cheaper than Halfrauds! I'll have that
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    foglight replacement

    Is the pheasant ok?
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    Battery issues :'(

    You can get basic cheap one from your local screwfix tool station or wilko The idea is to determine the health of your alternator, even if the battery is new, an alternator that is not performing well, at least with an output of 13.8 volts under load (lights heater etc) would be a problem as it doesn't fully charge the battery especially in shorter drives adding the cold dark days when lights and heating is used most. I would do the alternator and battery health check first then if you still get battery drains then time for looking into a parasitic drain.
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    Classic 7 Series

    Smart looking 7... although wheels are bloody awful! C.
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    My E30 M3, the story so far....

    Small update. Chipping away at refitting it over the Christmas break. Routing the body loom in place and wrapping it using the correct tesa cloth tape. Carpet and HVAC box in place. Both doors have the wiring fitted, complete handle and lock mechs plus window regulators and glass. Main part of the dashboard in place. There are other various clips, bracket and fittings also in place around the car.
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    Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Classic 7 Series

    730i or 735i. The wheels are a bit rank.
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    Thanks for the tip

    Dan he knows how to use the search function! Welcome Phil.
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    Which BMW?

    I’d dearly like to return it to the owner
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    E39, when to call it a day?

    I think there is a consensus on another motoring forum that the 535i is pointless and not worth buying. It's often stated it's no faster than a 528i/530i but has the running costs of the faster 540i. I just like having a V8 and enjoy how it needs to be taken to the redline to really get the most of the engine.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Just cleaned my son's e46 and my newly purchased e60 (525d) whilst the Turkey was in the oven.... Glad to be back in the 5 series club again. I've been away with a Mini Cooper. RgdS Paj
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    M88rt j

    My e60 m5

    Couple of pics from this morning after a quick tickle with the quick detailer
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    Cadwell Parker

    Newly aspiring 530d owner

    It's going to be an F11, the latest I can manage on my budget so maybe a 2014. There are a couple of potentials on Autotrader just now. I'll make another thread later and post up some links. Thanks for the welcome
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    My E30 M3, the story so far....

    Safely delivered back at my workshop today so can press on over the xmas/new year break. Very pleased with how the factory look has turned out. The aim was to replicate what was there before but without the corrosion and flaky sealer. Beige underseal and just the right amount of body colour over spray along with the black inner wheel arches faded in. Every orifice from the inside out has been liberally filled with Bolt Hamber UC cavity wax to keep the rust at bay.