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    Oil level above maximum warning

    Had this issue over 6 months ago. Originally I just remessured and reset in idrive and seemed to work for a few days. Once warning came back I took it in. BMW said it needed a software update and was common problem. Once this was done not had warning again. I could not tell you exact issue that caused it. Just go back to dealer they will sort it.
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    https://www.expolicecarspecialist.co.uk/used-cars/search-results?make=BMW&model=5+SERIES&vehicleType=cars The milage will be high, but there is one in the list that had a new engine put in by the dealer @ 113k. But in terms of leather seats, it won't come with that. But they do have some cheap ones just google online. Most of the ex cop BMWs are motorway interceptors. This is the place that auctions police cars http://www.woma.co.uk/police-auctions
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    Brightwells auctions in Leominster
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    BMW Lego ?? is there any out there

    Tell me honestly Captain. Did the lad get a look in when it came to the build? Like my first model railway as a child that my Dad spent most of Christmas day assembling and operating.
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    Business edition and Blue Efficiency

    There was no Business Edition but there is Business Nav which has a smaller screen than Professional Nav - both were optional on pre-facelift cars. Basically you had SE and M Sport and for a short period of time there were Modern and Luxury versions both based on the SE. Luxury was facelift only so after about Sept 2013. As above there is no AdBlue to any F11 diesels
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    Chinese Winter tyres?

    had a terrible experience twice with Michelins cracking i've actually never bought michelin tyres since 2004, have always favoured Kumho's very underrated brand and when the Pilot super sports are finished on the rear of the M5 i'll be going Kumho PS91 As for Nexen wifes saab has them N'Fera model now on her second set never had any cracking issues and she also this year has Nexen winter tyres
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    I cannot comment on what business edition means but I did own a March 2012 F10 520d with blue efficiency. At the time this was an extra cost option upgrade from Euro 5 to Euro 6 emission standards, costing £999. It was achieved by an additional catalyst in the exhaust system. It did not use AdBlue at all. Supposedly various components of the timing chain system were upgraded around September 2011 which reportedly reduced but did not eliminate timing chain failures. I got rid of my 2012 F10 520d with about 40000 miles on it because it started making the timing chain death rattle.
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    Diesel 11p a litre more than petrol

    I reckon good news would be somewhere near 50p a litre for your fleet Mr Sharkfan!
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    Paddy O'Furniture

    E39, when to call it a day?

    I loved my E39, and used to enjoy working on it, but at 56 years of age I was starting to ache from head to toe for days after a few hours of crawling around underneath it. So, having changed career I can now afford to lease, so I just get a brand new car every two years, can't be arsed with old cars anymore.
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    535i Andrew

    Tire reccomends

    All weather tyres, try Michelin Cross Climates. They get a good write up. Plenty of online websites to help you choose, inc adding options like rim protectors which I wanted to save my 19" rims from the kerbs and potholes. Buy online get delivered to your door and take to favoured tyre fitter for max savings and no damage to your rims. Don't skimp on tyres. You want to spend money on tyres not save it.
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    Tire reccomends

    Discovered my cheapo rears are just legal and the cheapo fronts aren't far behind. I also discovered the near side tie rod end ball joint has play, so that needs sorting first.