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    535i Andrew

    Bosch brake discs, quite cheap.

    Bad news, Nope no markings on the edge of backing plate. Completely void of all identification. C'mon BMW, play the game. Good news, I now have beer.
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    E34 Anthracite cloth seats

    I wish you had posted this a month ago, before I scrapped an anthracite touring interior. Will keep a look out for another.
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    We are looking forward to finished articular.. But also enjoying the Journey 1994 models tend to rust more then 1995 models from my experience and other people have shadowed my statement saying 1994 E34 likes to rust more then an 1995.. But it could be just the ones I've come across.. Our other manual was very ship like all sorted now and she is a 1994 model. Think we have gotten off lucky at this point... Still need to start cutting back the metal to clean but.. Don't think it could get TBL bad at this point.. Sure has 50 small miles from the big 270K.. Drives great but body work shows it's miles... Update 8/11/2018 Topped up the power steering fluid today.. Didn't go manky and horrible. Also gave the engine bay a little more tender love and care. Still much much more cleaning to be done but getting better every time. Comments Welcome
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    Bosch brake discs, quite cheap.

    True. I am that monkey! I'm sure there are after market pads and discs that perform OK and are cheaper than BMW ones. But I've read enough tales of folks fitting cheapies and then spending time and effort having to track down and fix wobbles, shimmies, warping, brake fade etc., that nowadays I can't be arsed. Cotswold did me a very reasonable deal when I bought from them.
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    Yeah it was still a lift to get them onto the tool, I have bought a set for my dad to use on his G01, and he's in his 70's.
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    Bosch brake discs, quite cheap.

    They are assembled in 'kit' form which is what the Service department use. Your part number on the disc is the same as normal. Why choose Genuine BMW Parts? Quality/Warranty/Trust. Genuine BMW Parts come with a trio of promises: uncompromising quality to retain the best performance of your BMW, a two-year warranty on all parts to safeguard and protect you in the unlikely chance they need replacing again, and peace of mind that a like for like replacement has been provided to the same exacting standards you have come to expect from BMW. https://www.bmw.co.uk/bmw-ownership/servicing-and-repairs/genuine-bmw-parts
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    F10 2011 internet not working

    I think you're confusing system (CIC) with function (Connected Drive). Once you have an active Connected Drive subscription, the Office menu will change to Connected Drive, had this on my 11 E90 back in 2014, was useless at that point, imagine it will be even more so now.
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    Grand Dragon

    Emissions warning.

    There you go! They need a good boot every now and again! well that’s what you tell the officer when he asks why your doing three figures....
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    nice buy, shes been on the road some!
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    Grand Dragon

    Emissions warning.

    Is it the dpf warning? If so give it a good old thrash on your journey tomorrow and that “should” sort it!
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    That's a shame because the ABS system on your F10 is made by Bosch...
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    Definitely the case. Front brake pad reset needs the handbrake released!
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    Doesn't look that bad tbh. Basically it's going to be a walk in the park compared to TBL All the best guys, looking forwards to the updates
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    How bad are these at rusting now they are getting old? As to me yours doesn’t look too bad and is just starting to go beyond surface rust in some places so should be easily rectified. It’s something I should do on mine but I’m in the philosophy of I haven’t checked it, I can’t see it and it doesn’t exist!
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    Top work guys, can’t wait to see it when it’s all finished.
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    If it was a 520i I would say let it go, but it isn't its a 530i, desirable, yes, worth saving? yes.
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    Remote keys not working 2006 530d touring

    I had the same problem with my 535d LCI E61 I've rewire all the tailgate with Silicone wire which has sorted out the number plate light and rear light then the Key Fob would only work if I pressed the fob next to the centre brake light. So I removed the diversity antenna and cleaned it up and put it back, it worked for another year then stopped. I looked everywhere for one of these and most were around £280 to buy so I took it to TM Electronics in Swansea and he fixed it for £30 what a bargain. All is working well for a change. Other things to look out for are :- Swirl Flaps (Blank them out) The Panoramic Sun Roof - make sure that you cut the filters off the on of the tubes by the back wheel otherwise these get clogged and water lands up in the spare wheel well where all the electrics are and will cost you £4,000 to fix also drill a hole in the well too just to make sure. Auto_Gearbox this is not a lifetime box so get a garage to suck the oil out from the fill cap and replace the oil and while you are there get them to change the axle oil too. If you've still got a DPF make sure that your engine is running at the correct temp if it's not the engine will not go into regen to clean the DPF so new thermostats will fix this
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    Oh well, battery off for an hour with the jump leads shorting battery cable to earth during, still happened again