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    Four new MAXXIS boots today at my mate's tyre emporium near Dorking, Surrey. Also fitted 15mm hubcentric spacers on the front only as they need to come out a little.
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    Hi all, have recently joined my fellow BMW enthusiasts. Just wanted to share pics of my scarab green e39 which I believe is pretty rare. Wheels were diamond cut before but due to nasty corrosion they've now been repainted
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    Park Lane

    Oil level too high

    These oil sensors fail often, mine failed 2 days after i brought the car second hand.
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    530e Performance without electric

    It has to suit your journeys. I have a 36 mile round commute and the odd longer trip. My average consumption is over 70mpg in 14k miles. It costs me £1 to fully charge at home. But I wouldn't use this as an argument, since it wasn't a financially motivated decision to buy. All these cars are insane amounts of money compared to what we all should buy, but it makes me happy every time I use it - and that's not all because it's a 5er, which makes it a great car anyway. Its a genuinely good car, and only occasionally do I fancy a bit of V8 poke. But I've been there and done that now...
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    That was my thought - I had a look today while the car was on the ground and it looked all secure, I'll have to get in on a ramp I think. Cheers
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    Looks lovely I'd still go 5mm hubcentric shims on the rear to give them that last little bit of a nudge, so they're level with the arches
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    Check undertray fixings and maybe heat shields... Sounds, to me, that something is loose
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    What's your best range from a tank?

    i normally get 700-750 from a tank full (average 50mpg), driving weekly through London city in the morning and half of the M25 back, on a full motorway run i could easily get 800-850 (60+ mpg) Like above doing more than 70 does start to affect MPG alot more than you expect, the gearing and mapping doesn't feel very efficient at that range.
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    Seriously nice
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    e39 530d M Sport - Individual Scarab Green

    Nice, and welcome.
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    What's your best range from a tank?

    I think the critical thing with the 520d for economy in my experience is too keep it below 78mph (where permitted). Even better if you can keep it at national motorway speed limits. Anything above this makes it drink so much more fuel - tested when in France where motorway limits allow such speeds! Hills will kill fuel economy too - I came back from South Wales yesterday and the average over the Heads of the Valley road A465 was about 38mpg - by the time I got home to Cheshire the average was up to 47mpg.
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    Well I don't commute anywhere; sol the fuel wasn't an issue Ideally I'd have liked a V8 and a 750i at that; but there was only one out there that had the spec I wanted and it was £1500/£2000 overpriced and in black...! Never again will I own a black car
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    530e Performance without electric

    For me it's absolutely a BIK machine. Given the choice I'd go for a 530d in a heartbeat.
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    The amount of smokey diesels around these days is ridiculous.
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    The circumference of the complete wheel package should be the same. You are going to a smaller alloy wheel but you are making the side wall of the tyre taller. So for a 245/45 18 tyre will be the same rolling circumference as a 225/55 17 as an example. Thus the speedo will not change.
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    When I did my estate rear subframe bushes I looked over a period of a week or two and bought the best value tool that came up on Ebay. When the job was done sold it again on Ebay with a very small loss. Far easier than renting having to post back and perhaps only be allowed it for a set period.
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    HiFi speakers and set up advice

    So to update I ordered the wharfedale diamond 10.1s at £138 after a lot of reading plus some of the pads and some van damm 2x4mm cable. Not arrived yet but expecting a decent improvement over what I have. Been reading up on the marantz too which skips occasionally which could be old grease ( it's 25 years old now!!) or the laser head. The latter isn't dear and I'm happy opening it up to have a look. Will lob the fishers on ebay. You never know someone might want them. Just need to have a shift about in the office to make the room.
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    i like them, but i generally have tastes that don't align with popular opinion so not surprised i'min the minority I'd like them more in 18", and more still with grey centres seams like all the visual pro's of bbs basket weaves without the covered wheels nuts (covered lugs, which i generally don't like, but weirdly forgive on my Alpina's original softlines) what wheels are they? linky?
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    Always wanted this one Update 4/11/2018 Well folks we didn't wait around to take the carpets out and see what was lurking around the dreaded areas. Now to the moment I'm sure everyone has been waiting for the big reveal. After we'd picked around making sure what was what The Verdict The passenger side is in worst shape than the driver's side at this point but neither were as bad as The Tea Bag Lady.. But what E34 has been as bad as the old Tea Bag Lady. Tomorrow will see the removal of the front wings and check the areas hidden we are expecting again that the passenger side to be worst affected by the rust but we are not fazed by our findings and very motivated We did cut the carpet as the carpet was wet and had been cut before and we had no way of drying it out and it just started to rain... Comments Welcome
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    Cheers Looked at a few F01s but couldn't justify spending c£10k on a car that might do 5k miles a year In all honesty I had a budget of £10k and looked at 335i and 335D tourings (just too small in the cabin for my liking), 530D and 535D E61 tourings (just felt too plasticky inside), test drove an E65 730D and 750i SWB, both made a serious impression on me. Test drove an F01 730D that was priced at £11k and again, lovely car, but the whole budget would have been blown on it and wanted a few £k for 'just in cases' etc My current E65 came up at just over £5k, bought it for £5k as the alloys/tyres needed sorting straight away and the rest is in this project I actually like the clean centre of the front in the cabin rather than the gear shifter being there; makes a difference having it on the steering column and it's simple to use Ok; these cars have got hell of a lot more to go wrong on them in comparison to the E39s and E38s I've had; but their build quality is years ahead IMO and that's what really made the difference to me
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    E39 Audio Upgrade - Final

    @CarlBM, after the last update Waze/Google maps should be available on Apple CarPlay. I've just got myself an Audison Bit Prima 8.9, APK130 (5.25") and a Sony MEX-N6002BD and going down to see Shakey+Carl @ Studio InCar for an iPad fascia, then i'll get to work on running some cabling for the prima, although I still need to buy a DRC MP. Loving the thread! Great work. Deepan.
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    HiFi speakers and set up advice

    This could go for 28 pages now Retset's involved.
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    Except when it's a diesel, then you should get rid of the lot
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    you;ve messed up the tuned lengths of the exhaust system, altering how the system scavenges at key rpm ranges.