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    So today finally got around to swapping out the glow plug. The plug in my old heater with the fried pcb was reading 0.4ohms so i decided id first try that one before shelling out for a new one. After removing the heater, swapping the plug over (reading 0.8ohms which i believe is out of spec) and reinstalling i was a bit disappointed that the heater didn't work. Unlike last time i did get to the stage where the fuel dosing pump was running but no dice. Unperturbed i topped up engine coolant, which was registering low after the heater swap over, ran the engine for a few minutes and went again. Very happy to report IT WORKS! Thanks to you both for your help! @Clavurion @chicaneuk
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    2003 BMW 745i £2500 ONO

    Link here- https://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/bmw-745i/1316717943 142k miles MOT 19/03/2019 Extensive service history Features of note include much of what you'd expect and some more- Bi-xenon headlights, cruise control, electric heated seats, electric parking brake, sun roof, CD multichanger, phone, sat nav, powered boot opening/closing, active anti-roll bars. Serviced at the following miles with lots of paperwork to go with- 24k, 46k, 69k, 79k, 94k, 106k, 114k, 124k, 132k, 138k. Service not due again for another 15k miles, spark plugs not required for 60k miles. Recently had new rear tyres and the fronts have plenty of tread left. Any further questions feel free to ask. Test drive only with proof of fully comprehensive insurance otherwise I'm more than happy to take the car out for a thorough run with you. Sensible offers considered. Car is well known to pistonheads- https://www.pistonheads.com/regulars/ph-carpool/bmw-745i-ph-carpool/34597 That particular owner did a lot of work to the car and kept a spreadsheet of all maintenance the car had, major suspension refresh being a highlight. I've also spent a lot fixing common issues including the notorious coolant pipe (fixed with the bimmerfix kit) and the alternator bracket seal. Fed up getting arsed around by the public withdrawing from agreed deals and the like so hopefully a fellow enthusiast might be interested. Being fussy here's a quick rundown of some niggles- there's a rattle now and again from the exhaust, likely a heatshield or similar but don't notice it from inside, couple of wheels are a bit kerbed, headlight lenses could do with a good polish, button that opens the boot is cracked and the sunroof tilt sometimes plays up not wanting to close until after a few attempts but it slides back and forward no bother. Rear brakes pads will probably be the next thing to do but the idrive is still showing 7/8k miles until they're likely to need done, depends on driving style I suppose. Can't pretend it's a perfect car but at the age, miles and price it's in good condition and a lot of car for the money. MOT advisories were an oil leak (since rectified- upper timing cover and alternator bracket seal) and rear tyres that have now also been replaced. Cheers
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    Just read all of this and my only disappointment is that it only lasted 3 pages ! Your attention to detail, not only in the way you perform your repairs and upgrades, but in the way you explain the process and organize your posts leaves me speechless. This was an utter pleasure to read, a true enjoyment for a fellow petrolhead and oldtimer enthusiast like me, and it also serves as source of much needed motivation to complete my project, still lightyears away from what I can see in these pages. You seem to know these cars inside out and yet again, the information you share are like precious gems in the world of online forums, where cheap cars meet cheap parts and also "cheap" owners, where everything is "that'll do", finding someone truly experienced and also dedicated to help others by listing part numbers and also prices, is something totally unheard of, so thank you. Looking forward to future updates, in the meantime I'm probably going to read all this again.
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    That's good. Tbh the E65 hasn't got a great reputation reliability wise, I think that's just scaremongering from people who haven't owned one
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    Good morning to all i'm a happy E39 528i owner since this August and i'm coming from the beautifull city of Kastoria in Greece .
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    Cheers Looked at a few F01s but couldn't justify spending c£10k on a car that might do 5k miles a year In all honesty I had a budget of £10k and looked at 335i and 335D tourings (just too small in the cabin for my liking), 530D and 535D E61 tourings (just felt too plasticky inside), test drove an E65 730D and 750i SWB, both made a serious impression on me. Test drove an F01 730D that was priced at £11k and again, lovely car, but the whole budget would have been blown on it and wanted a few £k for 'just in cases' etc My current E65 came up at just over £5k, bought it for £5k as the alloys/tyres needed sorting straight away and the rest is in this project I actually like the clean centre of the front in the cabin rather than the gear shifter being there; makes a difference having it on the steering column and it's simple to use Ok; these cars have got hell of a lot more to go wrong on them in comparison to the E39s and E38s I've had; but their build quality is years ahead IMO and that's what really made the difference to me
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    Just spotted this thread Dan. Great motor, and as said before a rare colour and the best wheels. My next motor is definitely a 7, will be in an F01 but not until the 740d Sport drops well under £10k!
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    Wheel spacers size

    Thanks dan 15mm alround sounds ideal as seen some people online say that 20mm rub so that’s not ideal for me as do t want to go down the road of rolling the arch. As for the studs that’s what I was planning tbh as don’t like the idea for longer bolts and as you say better for when taking wheel on and off
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    Winter tires/wheel alignment

    I put mine on this weekend also.
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    E39 530i - low miles and very clean

    I was so gutted to see the 740 drive off last Sunday, it was the right thing to do but gutting all the same, I'd poured a lot of time, money and love into it over the last 5 years. Whilst looking for a Touran to replace it, I stumbled over this 530, I knew straight away she was a good un. The chap I bought it from was a complete BMW nut, he had a 17 plate F10 M5 on the drive, an E39 M5 with 15k miles on it in a dehumidified cacoon in one garage, 2 E34 M5s with no mileage on them in another, 2 7 series a new one and an E2, no wonder this car had only 62k on the clock. He was definitely the right chap to do a deal with. The 530 was bought used approved from Dick Lovett in 2015 which is unusual for a car of this age but it had loads done over 2 years whilst under the warranty. So what a week, wasn't expected to get another bimmer so quickly but it was too good to miss.
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    Filming for grand tour today

    Been to Lincoln today for filming of the grand tour with my saphh Cossie, should be aired next year in a segment dedicated to ford saloons. Keep an eye out for me! I'm the last in the queue
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    Weirdly after another drive it seems happier now. Maybe I got some debris behind the disk and the dust shield or something. I think she'd benefit from a bit of a ride height drop but.. as it's about comfort / practicality and not styling, it'll have to stay like it is for now!