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    So today I've mostly been... Ordering winter tyres; gone for Yokohama Advan V905 Winter in 245/50/18 flavour Kerbing my NS rear alloy - Fuckwit white van driver came at me from a blind bend, far too fast, as I was reversing off a car park at the local PO and had no choice to re-mount the kerb otherwise I'd have lost the front-end of the car... Ah well; it's only powdercoat Will take it to the folks that did my alloys when I fit the winters and they can refurb it for me... Took some pics of the angel eyes, now fitted, whilst sat outside Preston train station waiting for my folks to land from Glasgee...
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    I don’t know why they keep trying to resurrect Top Gear, it’s dead. It was getting old and tiresome towards the end with Clarkson etc. If they want to have a car show they need to start from scratch with a new format.
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    Grand Dragon

    Top Gear to get worse.

    Really? You been to specsavers recently? I think you might meet to put your name down for one of them golden retriever’s that warns you of stuff whilst you’re walking down the rd!
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    Thanks @The Flying Banana, my bad I wasn't clear. The "try me" was referred to swapping a set of 4 for my 5 wheels. thanks for the offer, the only two style of wheels I'm considering are 5 and 16. have a good evening !
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    Your day to day mode?

    Andy interesting you mention that as I only noticed mine recently as well. But I did also update my nav maps recently which has improved a few areas where it would find itself in the wrong gear.
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    Grand Dragon

    Wheeler Dealers Series 16

    Errr hmmmmm, I doubt it....
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    If you had specced a decent engine in your Mercedes @Lennox you wouldn't need all the tech in the car to enjoy the drive.
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    BMW ZF8 GEARBOX TUNING - anyone had it done?

    There's nothing to suggest any other software company cannot do the same. If you're dealing with a reputable company with a proven history of developing good quality software, the risk is no greater than BMW doing it. At the end of the day they're both doing the same thing; they have to since the software itself isn't changing and it only works in one way. All they can do is adjust values. The risk is those values are taken to a higher level than is safe, which is where the point about reputable companies come into play - they should know the tolerances of the hardware and should have done their research first. If us lot on an Internet forum can speak at length about the tolerances of a gearbox, it's fair to assume people who work with them for a living know the tolerances too. IMO, it's too simple to suggest that an engine or gearbox remap will harm the engine, as that assumes you're constantly pushing it to its limits. A lot of the benefit of each comes from responsiveness, quicker changes, smoother changes, and making progress easier at all speeds. I benefit from my engine remap every day, but I don't drive foot to the floor every day. Sure, you can hammer it all day long, but if you do that in a standard car you'll be risking its reliability anyway.
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    Grand Dragon

    Top Gear to get worse.

    What for? To lose the last handful of views they have.... Mike Brewer is code for gobshite!
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    Doesn’t look like coil overs etc will happen ....I think my beetle is going..got some interest so this will stay if it does ...wife has it now as she thinks it’s classy and just something different from all the Minis , Fiat 500s it Small Audi’s that run about here and work car park
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    Top Gear to get worse.

    I don't know why they didn't do what Fifth Gear does/did and get some racing drivers in. Plato & Tiff are both great drivers as well as presenters. VBH is some eye candy & a car Journo, and the other presenters (Johnny & Tom- who use to write for TG magazine) were also good. They had a laugh, did some good stuff (no real adventures) but is entertaining enough. Also seemed to be more of a conversation/discussion flow than scripted like TG was.
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    Steve van hool

    Top Gear to get worse.

    Put Mike Brewer on TG, personable and bags of knowledge on the subject matter.
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    Top Gear to get worse.

    From years of TG being a 'must see' programme for me with JC, RH and JM at the helm, it doesn't even register on my radar anymore. Those three were a unique blend and it simply 'worked' week after week. Yes it was all silliness, piss taking and road tests of cars that most people couldn't afford or simply weren't practical in real life but it was to some degree escapism and a bloody good laugh. That might appear to be a narrow minded view, but for me that's how I feel about it.
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    I can't help thinking if BMW build on a cushion, it's there for a reason. I'm sure they would offer it as a lucrative option if they could extract additional cash from a buyer with no risk of increased warranty claims. But as I've said, I'm no expert so my logic may be flawed.
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    Brave person to get that done.
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    In otherwords, how to shorten the life of your 8HP45X.
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    Came into work on the bus and from my seat I could observe a worrying number of drivers texting while driving and one van driver was even reading the paper when in stop start traffic. Fit a bus out with camera's looking into cars and you would catch plenty of people driving dangerously.
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    Was at the dealer this morning and they said they are currently doing replacements on 4 cylinders and the 6 cylinders are starting in november. On the 6 cyl it's initially only an inspection, not an automatic replacement. This is in the Netherlands so there may be come difference in timing in the UK and elsewhere (same thing happened with the E46 airbag recall) I have some minor coolant usage on my 530d so I will keep an eye on this recall and post new information as I get it.
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    Possible battery/electrical issue

    Test it yourself