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    Johnny Grabble

    Shaken not stirred.

    6 pot diesel as requested. B57 in a 530d B58 G30.mp4
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    530i SE

    Another bonny car; good spec too https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2001-X-BMW-530i-SE-AUTO-E39-HUGE-SPEC-MASSAGE-COMFORT-SEATS-SAT-NAV-XENONS-FSH/283169487743?hash=item41ee377b7f:g:xEoAAOSwgopbnqCu
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    Sunrise at Gatwick

    Where's its lead!?
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    Looks like I will be selling the 5 :o

    I'll try and sort some pics guys but, yes, it is quick I miss a few things from the BMW but I get 5 series space in 3 series size with a spare wheel. Main change is the 'who's in charge?' philosophy where it tells me I should switch on my headlights or slows me down with the active cruise, about half a second before I would have pulled out. I love it, despite that. I have the engine noise set to Race most of the time (some real noises and some false ones) but this is only because I haven't grown up,
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    Right Three cars, Two Jobs, one motorcycle restoration, and one house move later and I've finally picked up the spanners on this again. New windscreen in, also new door glass and locks re-barrelled both sides: Fuel tank out and lines inspected and blown through. It all looks good under here! The car used to have a tow bar fitted. This could explain why the autobox got cooked. M30 banjo-bolts!! We meet again!! We now also have a Replacement gearbox complete with spare engine, just in case!! Next weekends plan: Finish off screen by fitting expander strip "hot wire" each electric window in turn, then Source and fit doorcard membrane. clean and paint brake and fuel lines, Re fit tank and get the car back down on the deck. Get the front up in the air, drop the sump and put some fresh oil in it Re fit refurbished heater box and fill the engine with coolant.
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    OEM driveshaft supplier?

    Not sure about E36, GKN is oem supplier.
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    I stand corrected!
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    Folding Mirrors

    I'd be more worried about the inheritance. I have folding mirrors. The option also adds auto-dimming on them as well AFAIK.
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    Thanks Andrew. Useful write up for the other 535i driver in the UK!
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    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    I'm doing it too. Three completed since details posted. Nuff said.
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    An update for you chaps, the project is a non starter, I picked up a full DG set with all the rubbers, guides and seals today for £300, well pleased ! However, I am confident it can be done DIY if the right bits can be found.
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    535i Andrew

    Folding Mirrors

    My folks, well my mum especially specced folding mirrors on their new G01 so that she could tell easily at a glance that the car was locked properly. They fold on locking. I do worry about them especially as they just traded in a perfectly good F30 320i Xdrive and a F10 530d for it......
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    Shaken not stirred.

    I'm sure I remember a coin stood on it's end on an advert once?
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    andy dunnett

    Bodyshop in west mids

    My Eta on our drive alongside my other toys - Mini Cooper, VW Caravelle, Renault 17 (x2) and Yamaha XJR 1300
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    top up coolant or change?

    N47 is unaffected because the timing chain breaks before the EGR cooler leaks
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    The most Russian 7 Series ever

    Nuh, does not look like a Russian car, more like Romanian or Caucasus owner. lol!
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    self righting wheel centre caps

    in the new 3 series. Just like a Rolls. I'm jealous I wonder when the 5 series will get them. Its an odd thing to have in a way https://www.bmwblog.com/2018/10/06/self-righting-wheel-center-caps-one-cool-feature-of-the-new-bmw-3-series/