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    My F10 was recently serviced at BMW, oil change and microfilters. At the last service two years ago and 11,000 miles ago the engine air filter was changed. So I put a new one in myself today. Tools needed Flat blade screwdriver Torx T25 screwdriver. Loosen the large jubilee clip at left hand rear corner of air filter cover and undo the six Torx screws in the cover, three each side. The screws are captive in the cover so you don't need to worry about them dropping out. Lift up the cover from the front and allow it to rotate in the outlet duct. Lift out the old filter and be prepared to clear out all the debris that gathers underneath it. Old and new filters. Push the new filter into the air box making sure it seals fully around the perimeter. Lower the cover back down and tighten the six screws and the jubilee clip. Took 5 minutes. New genuine air filter was £27.36 from my local dealer.
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    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    I don't think Taz's posts were helpful in the least. Constantly chivvying the guy who's doing the work isn't helpful, and assuming that everyone else is somehow holding things up (without knowing who has or hasn't responded) is plain rude. Looking back it seems to have been your own post trying to defend the indefensible which was actually the last straw for @sjak92 . It likely would have been for me. But hey, I'm not going to break my heart that the pair of you have screwed it up for me, there's more to life .
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    Really old 530d auto gearbox oil

    I've FINALLY had the time and motivation to swap my gearbox out for a refurbished one. My car has 188k miles on it. I got it at 115k with no service history and have not touched the gearbox since. So I thought I'd have a look in the gearbox The filter is marked '03 00'. My car was made in an April/May '00 build. So this could well be the original filter. The magnet had a good 4mm depth of VERY fine metal stuck to it. In the pic I'd jabbed it with my finger as I was not sure what it was. The oil didn't smell too bad and had no glittery bits in it but it was very thin. I think I was very lucky and really pushed this gearbox oil to its limit. Certainly I think if I'd done a flush as I had intended to do about 2 years ago this box probably would have failed pretty quickly. The new box is on but plumbed up yet. I've followed the book on how to build it but I'm still a bit worried about the first run I've used the transgo refurb kit for the valve body and pressure regulator so that should help. I would have loved to have spent many $$ on it and got all the Sonnax upgrades but the car ain't worth that much If you are doing an auto box I can highly recommend Mackie automatic transmissions in Glasgow. 1 day turn around on torque converters!
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    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    @BRB Thanks for the feedback glad to know you think I'd make a great people manager, even if there is a element of sarcasm and a clear lack of understanding of leadership. The suggestion of bullying is not only totally inaccurate but also removes any credibility whatsoever to any of your other comments. As @sjak92 suggests I'm now moving on and would assume you will wish to do likewise. Great to see one or two have managed to get their coding completed - it's a great feature.
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    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    I have gone to do it alone. I was able to do it for £250.00. £20.00 more than the group buy. I live in the North but usually travel to London every six week. I wasn’t planning to go to London in October which seemed the month implied for installation for the group buy. Since I was traveling to London in September, I decided to combine it with SLI coding. It was cheaper and more convenient than would’ve been traveling to Birmingham specifically for it. I got to know about Bavarian coding independent of the forum but later found out it was the same guy. The SLI is working well and makes HUD worth it. It definitely works using cameras as shown when on variable speed limit on m62 and road works. The only functionalities it is missing compared to factory fitted (as I have read so far) are 1. it does not show the preview of the next speed limit. 2. It shows on the cockpit if you are over the speed limit but your current speed does not turn red on HUD
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    Shaken not stirred.

    N53 engine 20181006_162943.mp4
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    Just a point to note as there are some cars using coolant BMW appear to have changed the specification for cars built after July 2018. All cars prior to July were G48, but from July they began using HT-12. From factory it will be green, however aftermarket ones tend to be "magenta" if direct from BMW dealers which will be fine. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f06-640d-cou/repair-manuals/17-cooling/1Vncf26JoK
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    Shaken not stirred.

    Omg that’s crazy shaky .... booom shaka lak .. lol
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    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    Think this is silly now, everyone has expressed their views, move on. go do your coding if you actuyplan in getting it done. I will update here if i get mine done
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    Shaken not stirred.

    Who needs science?! My N47. Now in fairness a lot of vibes are caused by the shroud which seems to magnify the engine vibrations. Were going to need a bigger cup. VID_20181006_104143.mp4
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    Engaging cruise seems a bit of a faff but it cuts throttle rather than applying brakes.
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    I think the cruise is worked via the box and not the brake’s? In which case I suppose that’s he box is taking the engine braking....
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    Good stuff. That's exactly my winter set up. The 17" rims are more forgiving on the potholes than the 19" runs! I'm a converted winter tyre sceptic, if you get snow where you are this winter, that's when you really feel them come into their own. It was 3 deg c where I am this morning, that's winter rubber temps!
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    MY 2011 F10, I loved this car....

    Sure is - it was an SE colour only up until about 2013/14 so not many around but it suits the car well
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    Any good not so much expensive substitute for that? BMW just puts a logo on top of a somebody else's product and charges 4 times more Would be ok to Use rain repellant?
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    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

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