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    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    Hi Richard, Loved the car, after viewing this morning. Liking the lump.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Driver's seat is done, all that's left is the seat backs, rear headrests and the rear armrest.
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    After seeing @RyanBuck do open heart surgery on his 535d and seeing the state of his intake plenum I said at the time I'd take mine off and clean it. So 3 months ago I bought the gaskets from Cotswold BMW and on Saturday I decided this was to be the day. And what a day it was and this was only the intake manifold I was removing. Can't imagine the whole head. As you'll see, the manifold isn't as fouled as I though it may be but then my car only has 56000 miles on the clock and is not used for short distance driving generally. Here is the bare engine sans its airfilter and acoustic cover: The you need to detach the air intake that goes from the Intercooler to the throttle body. The spring wire is a real pain to get into position to allow the pipe to be detached. Look closely at the top of the wire and there is a dip, that really needs to come out of its slot to disengage, I used 2 screw drivers one on each side to release it and eventually it came loose. Careful with this pipe as you don't want to damage the seal on the inside. Remove the long metal pipe connecting the EGR to the inlet And remove the wiring that goes over the inlet manifold and down to the oil pressure sensor and charge pressure sensor. There is no way to remove the manifold without getting that corrugated conduit out of the way Remove the M6 bolt that attached the Oil dipstick to the Manifold. Easy with one of these: http://gedoreuk.com/default/products-1/gedore-2012/spanners/swivel-head-wrenches/534-combination-swivel-head-wrench Now remove the 7 x M6 / 10mm socket bolts in the sequence indicated here and re-tighten in the same sequence: And pull the Intake Manifold away from the head but don't pull it away too far at this time. Under the bend in the Manifold close to the bulkhead there is a pesky valve attached. It isn't part of the Manifold but it is clipped to it and it is a real sod to remove. The picture in TIS shows a White coloured valve and the instructions are vague. It is actually Black. Look at the picture below and on the left hand side of the valve with the orange pipe you can see an angled piece of plastic peaking out about 2mm above the valve. You push this up and then slide the valve from left to the right and it will come away from the Manifold. This picture is taken underneath the Manifold with it still in the car. Now you can ease the Manifold from the car. To get at the Swirlflaps you need to remove the electric actuator And remove this white cam. Grab the actuating rod with a pair of pliers and pull it out. It came out easily. After a bath in EP24R Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner, A wash with Swarfega Jizer Degreaser, Pressure washer blasting through the ports and all over me and then a wash with car shampoo this is the end result. I also cleaned the head mating surface with degreaser and wiped the inlet ports out with a cloth. These weren't too fouled up so I made sure as much gunk was removed and left them as they were. I dissembled the Swirlflaps and used a little parts brush to clean them thoroughly. Notice the one at the top right of this picture has part of the circular blade missing? Yes that was me using too much force with the pliers removing it from the Manifold. I doubt it will have any impact on the part's performance though. Then reassembled with new gaskets all around. And the engine back together. The connector at the front of the Swirlflap electric actuator wasn't pressed home all the way so the car threw an error that was readable in ISTA. Pressed it home, cleared the fault and all is now good.
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    BMW E34 540i/6T BH15021

    Here we have a bit of a rarity, the one and only Kashmir beige example of an already rare car. It has 269340 miles on the clock but driving it you’d never guess. The body is a completely different story. There are many badly applied shades of beige paint on the car and there’s some rust issues. It’s had some welding done in the past and I can see that the rear of the passenger sill will need attention before the next MOT.
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    Maybe but if properly done and relevant maintenance on the engine it's going to be cheaper than building your own. 3k m5s are long gone. I recall a slightly tired but essentially together 3.6 on eBay a few years back. I was tempted but bough by a memeber here called Pad. It was something like £2k
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    535i Andrew

    Soft close door problem.

    It's an E60. It's an electrical issue. Therefore be prepared for it to not work one day and then work perfectly the next day.
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    2006 730D maps update

    You need HIGH map. I'll look around for a link so you can burn it on a DVD+R media. Edit: See PM.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    After months of searching for a way to beef up my front bumpers look...i fitted one of those rubber EZ lip splitters and i think it adds a nice amount of extra depth to the front. I didnt want to do the traditional sport bumper onto an SE, the aplina splitter for the SE is barely noticeable and im not keen on the AC splitter neither. So i think this is a nice cheap alternative way to look slightly different. Opinions welcome.
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    Boot lock gasket replacement

    Yup. Boot lid plastics off, undo lock mech, remove and the connect gasket up and refit I used a smear of silicone when I did mine just for peace of mind Its an easy job to do
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    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    That’s such a shame. Glad you liked mine though, I hope that it’s a good substitute.
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    High Battery Drain

    See guide. Code, fully charge battery and register. E60 Battery Replacement Complete Guide.pdf
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    I’m on the Dunlops for the F10 - they worked well enough last year. I’ll need to replace the fronts this year. I usually put put them on at the end of October.
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    EPB Workshop mode

    i followed good old briansmobile1, had no issues
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    Agreed definitely a marmite interior but I personally love it
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    The tobacco and green interior of the British Racing Green M5 Touring Elekta is probably just as marmite as the wholly ultramarine interior and silver exterior version... but they're both infinitely more interesting than the black, black, blackity, black version I used to own.
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    ^^^^ + 1 Regards, Mick
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Passenger seat in and fully functional, had a long period of panic over whether the elements had somehow been disconnected but continuity was all good, and then I found one of the wires in the car plug was not fully inserted. Anyway, driver's seat this coming week.
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    Turbo fault, fixed cheaply!

    Hi guys just thought I'd share my latest experience. Didn't have the car long when suddenly the power kind of left. low speeds was fine but nothing there when overtaking at motorway speeds. revs would build slow, or stay planted at 3k sometimes. Error codes where 003F57 boost pressure plate, 003F97 boost pressure plate, supply voltage and 004530 charge pressure control, control deviation. Its an e60 525D with a remap, no PDF ERG or CAT etc.. (irrelevant really though) So after a bit of digging it turns out it was the ELECTRONIC TURBO ACTUATOR, it was acting a little weird when revving you could see it pulsing funny and moving rapidly for no reason. A few mechanics would not change this on its own stating they are matched to the turbos.. bla bla bla... spoke to a great chap after some research of my own from turbovanes.com (this is not a plug for them by the way however I would recommend them) he advised me on the actuator I needed, With the serial on the turbo and car vin I was send out a new actuator which I had a mechanic swap over for me, and like magic no faults and car pulls hard and fast again!, also was a good chance to see what the Turbo was in good condition by pushing the actuator by hand to make sure it was smooth and free. which it was. Anyway hope that helps someone.
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    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    This was mine three weeks ago. Before the 4 lads and a girl broke into mine and stole it.
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    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    Morning Richard, Ill take the car today or over the weekend if your free?. my number is in your PM box. Some joyous thieves have just stolen my e61 in a burglary for keys and wrote it off in a police chase. Caught 4 of the 5. Cheers Gareth