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    2016 (16) BMW 520d M Sport Auto

    2016 (16) BMW 520d M Sport Auto for sale, nicely specified F10 which comes with the following; M Sport + package (HK Audio, 19” alloys, sun protection glass, rear lip spoiler) Professional Media Black leather Heated seats Keyless Go Usual F10 M Sport spec other than the above. Car has covered 33,000 miles, has BMW history and isn’t due for another around 6,000 miles. Has just had a new rear set of Michelin Primacy 3 run flat tyres. Overall the car is in fantastic condition, still has BMW warranty/roadside assist until March 2019 and wants for nothing. There are a couple of curb marks on a couple of the wheels however these could be refurbed for the new owner if need be. £18,495 open to sensible offers around that price, any questions please ask. Thanks for looking.
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    535i Andrew

    Disc thickness

    It's not really considering that you will get 70,000 miles out of a set of discs if driven reasonably so that wear is fine, in terms of the wallet department! The newer discs are allowed to wear more according to TIS, there is no min thickness stamped on my F10 discs, but similar conflicting information in TIS relating to mine. I'm allowed 2.4mm wear but that does not tie in with what is printed further down the table. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f10-535i-lim_201301/repair-manuals/34-brakes/34-11-front-wheel-brakes/2SxSu3Jg Put two washers between the vernier gauge, zero it, place washer each side of disc so that it clears the lip of the disc then measure thickness of disc plus two washers but you are now only measuring thickness of the disc. So I've worn mine down by 1.5mm, but they don't look in good nick so I'll replace with the pads as they are down to 1,600 miles to go.
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    1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    17/9/18 TBL's strip down is complete and is now ready for the paint shop - - We found another couple area's of rust but all is now sorted and ready for the body shop magic we will get the body shop to put their mini camera into the lower rear arch which is original bodywork' to check for rust before the paintwork is started. - - We would rather do metal surgery now than have rust bubbles appearing in the lower rear arches below the little plastic trim in 18 months time (Plus the repair panels are still in stock at BMW) - Comments Welcome.
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    Colin L

    G30 530e Msport Arrived Today

    Hi, its the Mediterranean Blue, interesting thing is it can look so different in varying light conditions ;
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    E39 M5 Exhaust Manifold

    You could get a V band attachment between the headers and cats which would make swapping them about very easy. I have a set ready to go on which have this arrangement. It would be interesting see if anyone has tested the sports cats over standard as I am having the same dilemma st the moment. Apparently sports cats can be difficult come MOT time and I don't believe they have much bearing on power, its the headers where the restriction lies. There are gains to be had pre-mapping for sure, in fact most of the dyno results originally provided by Evolve and others were on standard mapping. Its definitely worth having it done though to realise maximum potential and improve throttle response.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    cheers mate ordered a set and they came this morning.
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    Adblue refill

    Yeah I'm with you on it being a bit of a con - all you're doing is moving the pollution away from the car further down the transport line to the production/transit of the 10L adblue containers. Sorry just realised i've not contributed at all here and just sound negative! Interesting to see the figures of how much mileage people get for their AdBlue. My F32 420 doesn't have adblue at all
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    Ok, thank you.
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    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I wouldn't leave it too long, that grommet could become brittle with the heat the longer left uncovered.
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    Van drivers

    I start a new job on Monday so yesterday was my last day in my previous job, the vans there are tracked and it flags up when you've exceeded 80mph, someone in the office is going to have a shock Monday morning when they see how fast I was driving back to the depot yesterday.... Edited to add; Those mk8 Transits don't half f'kin shift when they're empty!
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    Fixed my sat nav by replacing the dvd drive and whilst the interior trim was off I tried my hand at vinyl wrapping them.Not the best but beats looking at the scratches etc
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    After many months of putting it off and other things needing doing first today I finally got around to changing the oil and filter in my autobox, my mate was very kind and ok'ed it with his boss to do it on the four poster at the garage where he does mot's, he did most of the work too to be fair! The only issue we had was rounding off the filler plug, after we'd drained it.... .....but careful use of a grinder, a chisel and a big hammer shifted it. The gearbox is now much smoother and slip is vastly reduced, when I reverse onto my drive which slopes uphill slightly I no longer have to use any throttle, the car pulls itself up at idle! And a judder at low revs that had previously been diagnosed as the torque converter failing is gone, which I wasn't expecting but has made me a happy bunny!
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    Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Bloody women drivers!

    What a tedious bore, intent on sucking the last drop of fun from life's marrow.
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    Bloody women drivers!

    That was as a travesty. We were happy the girls were there. The F1 people were happy the girls were there. The girls themselves loved it and were well paid. Everyone was happy except some beaky anti fun fuckers somewhere. The PC brigade.
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    535i Andrew

    Van drivers

    She proper cleared that roundabout! Bo and Luke Duke ain't got nothing on her!
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    Bloody women drivers!

    The original title in this post was tongue in cheek ... I believe in this PC world, The Working class man is the most put down (I've edited the comment a little ) and that's a fact That is unless you're one of those none gender/finds everything offense and moans at everything, snowflake Typical Sun reader