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    Well it’s the end of week one in Bella Italia and until today the F10 hadn’t turned a wheel. To make up for that I took my dad for the equivalent of a b-road blast cross country 40km to Orvieto to have a walk alongside the old aqueduct. A lovely drive on smooth twisty roads windows down, traction mode and manually shifting to let the straight six sing and some quality father son time (going out for a spin in his grand voyager isn’t quite the same...) I need to try and find a smaller spare car seat for my daughter (currently in a Recaro Monza in mine and Recaro young sport hero in my wife’s car) to get two generously sized adults in the back with her so we can use my car more next year when we’re out here.
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    I will be back in a bmw, the main issue with the A7 is the lack of activity in the forums, not enough rust, leakage, shit deakers, etc....
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    Afternoon Everyone this is my first post so here we go...... Ive just installed a dash cam into my G31 and hardwired it into the front offside fusebox. The install was very easy using a piggy back fuse holder and all the wiring is concealed. The fuse i used was F46, which powers down approx 5 minutes after locking the car. The wire was routed under the mirror housing (no need to remove) then across the drivers side headlining and down the A-pillar before terminating at the fusebox. Hope this helps anyone else looking to do the same. Thanks Paul
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    The Flying Banana

    E34 540 Touring 1995

    That used to be Richard's ( MaidinWigan ) car .. was clean then and still is by the looks of it
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    520d tyres

    For some reason I kept my space saver I bought for my Z4 3.0 SI and now use that in my 5 since ditching the horrible run flats.
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    As shown in pictures reg is M500 TRN, vin BL01124.
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    Bastards! Hope it turns up in one piece.
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    SOLD I’m going to miss her!
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    The US ebay seller has a neg feedback so either use paypal or tread carefully. Sorry mate didn't see that til afterwards
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    Carl you've probably already seen these anyway: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-OEM-BMW-31321129196-Threaded-ring-/162583471427 Comes from USA and works out just under 70 quid the pair inc del. What about Cotswold?! Have you spoken to them yet?! I just don't think that a used item is the answer here and if you can get them for a similar price here in the UK, I would say that's probably the way forwards?! Even if you do manage to source a second hand set, are they still going to be in serviceable condition?! Just my 2 pence worth mate
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    Drove mine in the dark for the first time in a long time. Adaptive Xenons and high beam assist, really are terrific.
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    Agree to some extents, but what's the difference in buying a used car which has, used tyres on it?
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    If under manufacturers warranty I definitely would NOT show them that picture! Your intervention could easily invalidate any warranty claim.
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    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I spent £115 while they were being fitted.
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    It’s a Cob

    4501 egr deviation

    Hi all finally cured this problem if anyone else has this problem I ripped manifold off to find some off the orange back up washers brittle so ordered new along with new solenoid boost valve and new silicon boost pipe and clips to clamp them on fitting these new parts reset all fault codes done 500 mile and all is good hope this helps anyone with same problem
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    F10 door corrosion

    Its not been painted. I got approval in the end but CBA going through the hassle. Fuck it. ETA simply don't have the time to go begging to bmw to sort it.
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    Need Help...Broken M5

    Update After what seems like a year of waiting for parts to arrive, the car is almost back together, hoping it will be ready tomorrow, if not then it'll be Monday. Got sent some photos of the faulty parts, and the new ones installed
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    Odd immobiliser issue.

    Dodgy starter motor?
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    Bmw f11 audio option.

    The sound really is much better, however the subs do not seem as basey as they were, rear boot speakers are standard. I did add a logic 7 rear speaker but the sound was so quiet compared to standard it really needed the amp upgrade. I’m assuming this is because the logic 7 mids are taking more power, these are basey too and amazing, the tweeters add so much to the upgrade. Should have obtained hifi mids really as a compromise, but the logic 7 look good through the grills.
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    Everything is hidden within the wheel and is all new. It’s just a live and earth to the smg slip ring wires to control it. And will be having relasered buttons like this done for one of the centre switch panels for the button