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    Cars all fixed; no more airbag warnings and bongs It was given a good drive to Manchester Airport and back this morning; it really does chew up the motorway very well, more so with the new tyres and recent engine work. It's a delight to drive Coilovers next Nah; kiddin... Or am I?!
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    Hi guys, great to be back. A few years ago I owned a nice E60 530d, and found this forum to be one of the best. Having gone through a few cars since, I now find myself the lucky owner of a lovely E34 530i in Alpine White.... It has a few little issues, which I hope to get to the bottom of with the help of you guys here. Great to be back. Chris
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    Spotted E39 M5 Parkgate

    just spotted a E39 M5 reg blue M5 the owners were just going into the Old Quay at the end of the road.was sat in my slk280.the car looked in very good nick with the M colours on the front grill.
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    It takes a few minutes for water to clear on mine.. maxy clogged DPF filter.. came from 2.5d fits mine 3" exhaust pipe tho. Mot passed with no problems. Power wise... some fiesta or other small car can easily overtake me ... not after this thing is cleaned tho. Now I understand "no power" or "low on power" articles and confusion. Will make a thread about it, but by fitting a clogged DPF filter (although it looked ok) I lost about 100 hp. . A ONE HUNDRED HP.!!!!!! Did a dyno before and after dpf was fitted... got the graphs and all.
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    Brake Pads

    Glad you mentioned your neck otherwise new thoughts were entering my head of what type of holiday you were on.... Thanks for link..
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    535i Andrew

    Brake Pads

    My back is fine now, cheers. I relaxed it by pouring large quantities of beer and whisky down my neck when off on holiday, that did the trick. Clicky below for rear brake diy
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    Brake Pads

    Every car I've had since 2008 now IIRC Their discs are very good IMO and they sit well with EBC pads; Redstuff at a minimum, Yellowstuff for even better bite and they both work very well from cold However, Mtec's own pads are good too IMO; quite dusty though!
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Good to see you are enjoying the weekend with the E61 again . Looks like something that could have fallen off an old Soviet capsule during reentry, that then emitted maggots/rice crispies on the ground.
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    Cleaned my DPF, soaked overnight in cleaner and an hour flushing it out. A lot of soot followed by a lot of compressed ash.
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    Spaced out

    A minor detail but I didn’t like the silver extended bolts that came with the spacers so got these grey plastic caps off amazon for a tenner. What a colour match!!!!
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    Fitted these new 18 inch with Continental Contacts 5 it’s like it’s a totally different ride so much more comfortable, and drive wise it just seems more planted, no more feeling like it’s going to breakaway on an island
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    What are you listening to?

    I've moved my Cyrus 8DAC & KEF LS50 system back into the living room whilst our neighbors are in Tenerife for a month Hadd all sorts on yesterday, mainly Rat Pack and Crooner stuff, something easy listening whilst I was clearing my office of shite and cooking, using all the left over veg from over-winter growing in the greenhouse I do like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin et el... Much to the wife's chagrin ... Old before my time at 37 Had a bit if SOAD on too, but too much for a mellow day, great for pre-training though Thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Commitments soundtrack though, you forget how good Andrew Strongs voice was and he was only 17!!!