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    My E92 330d

    Some of you may remember me getting this car after my E36 M3 was stolen. when I got it it had already been mapped, the receipt says it’s had it’s dpf removed and mapped up to 305bhp with a lot of torque. Ok, so that figure may be a little optimistic but it certainly does shift, the torque is so instant traction in the wet is/was a problem so to that end I had a day at birds to replace this....... with a quaife ATB LSD, not cheap but well worth it. No more embarrassing 1 tyre fire now! the ccc I drive luckily had already been updated to the later cic system (expensive to do) so all is good there. As a precaution I’ve blanked the swirl flaps which I believe aren’t too much of an issue on these later M57’s but better out than in I think. Another little upgrade was to fit polybush inserts into the standard rear subframe bushes. I could feel some vagueness in the rear end under hard acceleration so I mounted my GoPro under the car to see what was going on. Turned out the whole subframe was flexing up at the front under hard acceleration. The inserts have cured that! Lastly for the moment I dropped on some bargain MV4’s with nearly new Bridgestone potenzas which I collected yesterday so not had chance to fit them. Not sure the dark colour is going to look right on my Monaco blue car but they are a lovely looking wheel. However, going from 18” non run flats to 19” run flats might be a mistake.........only time will tell if I can live with them! Anyway, that brings me up to date.
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    New wheels finally on.

    Since the car was in for MOT, service and a couple of new tyres, I thought I may as well get the new wheels fitted, bought them on here back in December. Look a bit darker than I thought once on, but a vast improvement on the wheels I had. Wasn't sure at first, but the more I see them the more they grow on me.
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    Thoroughly enjoyed it on the 4 hour drive back from JCT 600 Leeds! Time for the 540 touring to move on methinks...
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    Icon lights failing?

    Got to be grounds for a full refund IMO
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    Lacquering Inner Rear Door Cards

    That's what I had in mind too. Water resistant PVAc glue diluted with water to make it easier to brush.
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    So, I picked the car up this morning, and attended to a couple of small things like the dealer sticker and tax disc holder, and fitted the clear rear indicators. I like this setup, it I do think the car looks more original on the Ambers, despite the fact that clears we’re an option at the time. Lots of work gone into this car from lots of people, so thanks chaps - Andrew Everett for rescuing it and getting it back on the road, Kenny at the Wheel Specialist in Inverness for refurbishing the wheels good as new, James Sutherland at Highland Polishing in Inverness for the detailing work, Tim Pollock, Geoff Sutton, David Olias and Cotswold BMW for various parts - and lastly - ME! I’m very pleased with the way the car has turned out. Anyway - done for now - just the OEM CD changer left to fit.
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    540 rear silencer removal

    I removed my rear box at the beginning of the year, it's not loud.. but it does sound like a v8 finally! I built my own hangers and added a flexi pipe and a bit of stainless straight pipe. Not ideal I know, the previous owner had removed and then bodged the back box on to sell it. So I wanted shot of it, as it's a ridiculously heavy part that wasn't secured properly lol I would recommend getting an exhaust shop do it properly as £100-150 is a cheap mod for an m62. The box can be cut off and not replaced as it is technically behind the rear axle and rear doors, but is the peace of mind not worth the £150?
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    10mts of head work breakdowns, random stopping, bone shaking and sweat but she is finally on the road and first stop the Dyno 268BHP on low boost unfortunately she was spinning the wheels on high boost and we could not get a reading.
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    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Just a post to say thanks for this information. This forum is a great resource and I have stopped my car leaking too. I would have wasted too much time sealing the rear passenger door if the true answer wasn't on here.
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    Been a while.......

    I have to admire professional drivers. Much as i love my cars i'm getting more and more disinterested in driving on our roads. I try and chill, leave plenty of time and let the things half wits do wash over me but i can't recall the last decent run i had on our motorway network. To put up with it day in day out must try the patience of a saint!
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    ULEZ Expansion Plans for 2021

    Yes, although it doesnt use adblu but states euro6 on the dvla reg documents too.
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    Paddy O'Furniture

    Been a while.......

    Just keep an eye on your waistline with all that free cheese.
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    Any Aircon experts around?

    The leaks are normally really small. On mine there was UV dye in the old gas which I think is quite common. I got a UV torch off of eBay and it was fairly easy to find because the dye sprays all over the area around the leak.
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    I wouldn't worry and just enjoy it. It's not a halo model just a nice usable classic.
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    ad touring

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    what wheels are they? i like! serviced the b10v8, serviced the CLK, switch back to the b10v8 to try and fail to fix an inlet manifold airleak via this method https://www.meeknet.co.uk/e31/BMW_E31_840ci_Inlet_Manifold_Leak_Fix.htm will have to keep digging...
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    Lacquering Inner Rear Door Cards

    Paint them with PVA adhesive, that's what we do in the kit car world when making door cards from scratch from MDF
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    Been a while.......

    He,s probably been busy polishing the new truck Paddy.
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    Lacquering Inner Rear Door Cards

    Why not it's just HDF.
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    Replaced my crankshaft pulley, quite an easy job, done from the top of the car under 1 hour
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    Any Aircon experts around?

    Hi, Unfortunately it sounds very much like you have a leak and there probably isn't any gas left in the system. The pressure test involves putting the system under a vacuum and seeing if it can hold it for 30 minutes, if it can't then there is a leak and the machine will not put an gas in. The compressor pulley will spin freely when its not working. It operates on an electric clutch that engages when the system starts. The 5 volts is a reference voltage that is used to control all the engine sensors. You really some gauges to see if there is any pressure in the system and go from there. There is a guy on youtube call ScannerDanner that has some very good air con repair videos as is well worth a look.