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    My old girl...

    ...is 200k miles old! 16 years since she left the production line (and the last 4 years in my care), and she still looks great on our roads. Some bodywork/rust challenges to sort, but what a machine... Long live the M54B30!!
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    Freshly refurbished by Lepsons oem finish with a diamond cut face genuine F80 M3 437M alloy wheels and tyres, staggered 19x9 19x10 michelin pilot 4s tyres - 265/30/19; 235/35/19 6-7mm tread all round center caps included high quality forged light weight rim transformed the ride and handling of my f30 335d xdrive which is now sold (didn’t need spacers on this car and it was on bilstein coilovers) looking for ono £1500 based in Surrey
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    A trip in the vert...

    ...the E36 that is, which has just done a 700 mile trouble free round trip to the Le Mans Classic and back. The car was faultless and great fun on the French roads even if we got completely baked in the afternoon sun!! It is an epic event and I have never seen so much precious metal in any one place at once - totally recommend it! Won't bore you with all the pics but here are some BMW related ones:
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    Essex boy

    Mot’d the beast today.....

    Having a brother with a garage has its advantages....whilst doing the mot I was all over the car, well mainly the underside to find it really is mint underneath, jacking points are like new, no leaks at all and as the invoices stated plenty of new bushes and suspension parts. Brake lines are mint, advised to grease them to keep them that way. It’s one having a look underneath before purchase to make sure there is nothing obvious to seeing it all properly...I really have struck gold with this beauty, not a single sweaty seal to be seen!! Chuffed isn’t the word I’d feel just as happy if I’d have banged liz Hurley silly!!
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    Dust free brake pads

    Direct from Carbotech Europe. http://www.carbotech-europe.com/ Just fill in the contact us form on the web site with your requirements and Ian will get back to you.
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    Get it connected to a smoke machine
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    F11 530D Tuning options

    Thank you very much SuperDave. I REALLY miss my E39 I had it in Aegean Blue, 2003 last of the line. It was such an enjoyable drive, nimble isn't a word i'd attribute to any 5 series obviously, but despite being lighter(?) the F10 feels twice the size. What a car it was. Sod it, I know it's not related to the thread but here's some pictures when I was picking it up..
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    Mashed Potatoes

    F11 530D Tuning options

    Hi! There's more information in this thread here for you I'm sure Dave will fill you in if you ask, but I have worked on his car so he will be able to give you some pointers but in the mean time if you have any questions, fire away! Regarding the drilling though, at one point it was the only way to bypass the security onboard the ECU. That or flip the board over which involves breaking it out of the casing which it's bonded in to. I've done OBD, drill and flip boards before, none of which have ever had an issue afterwards but the price goes up with the risk attached. Mainly for us because if we break it, we would pay for it. As you would expect. We have heard rumours though of cars being patched up and thrown out the door if you see what I mean.
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    You've got climate control not 'regular' air conditioning. https://www.raccars.co.uk/news/what-is-the-difference-between-air-con-and-climate-control
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    S62 Rebuild

    Complexity and cost really depend on your definition of a "rebuild" ie what's involved and to what extent. With the right tools and know how - everything is possible.
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    Continuing saga of fumes in the cabin

    When I went leak hunting (with a cold engine) I used soapy water in a spray can and found the turbo to DPF gasket was leaking. Boot wise make sure no ones removed the vent behind the bumper and check if it is there and sealing? A jet wash helps, climb in the boot and have someone spray around the car while you look for water ingress.
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    Face-lift Indicator Loom Connector Block

    Yes. The previous owner has cut the original indicator wiring plug off and connected a facelift indicator plug. You want to go back to original prefacelift so you need to cut off the facelift plug and fit the plug you bought. (Which is blue - which means it is uncoded and will fit any 4 pin connector of that shape - for example the range adjusters as well as prefacelift indicators)
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    Buying a F10 Petrol

    In my first 5 series since a 1995 E34 many years ago. I've always wanted to get back I to a 5, now having done so I realise how much of was down to the engine. That M50 engine was pure music when revved. Struggling to adjust to the tractor like diesel. Good economy is a worthy aim, but look at what we have lost.
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    535i Andrew

    Buying a F10 Petrol

    Because a 4 pot 2.0 is cheaper and lighter in a car today and a four pot 2.0 today is more economical and produces more power and torque than a 6 pot of yesteryear. It's a sad sign of the times where cost and efficiency far far outweigh style, smoothness and refinement.
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    Gavin Sever

    Trouble adding phone to Bluetooth

    Just wanted to add a thankful +1 to this solution. 2011 reg BMW F11, and my BT died yesterday in exactly the same manner..... when I tried pairing my daughter's phone so she could control the music. Baffled me all day until I found this. Got home, killed the emojis in the BT name (which I didn't even know where there) and suddently everything worked again. Hurrah!!!!!!! Life without 10 year old daughters would be so much less complicated.
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    Buying a F10 Petrol

    The M50 was available in 2.0l form - but the 2.5 was miles better. A lot more power, and marginally better fuel economy as well. But the 2.0 was the sweetest of the two I think.
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    Servicing Question

    Body check for corrosion.... any bets on whether doors get flagged up?
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    I wouldn't mind the new quadrifoglio!
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    535i Andrew

    Servicing Question

    A Vehicle check is similar to an MOT except twice the price.
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    Top tips

    That's all I did. Rub gently and rinse often. I got tons of dirt from the wheel and seat.
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    Hi, 64 55 7 786 170 £14.98 64 55 7 788 684 £47.71 64 55 7 786 076 £26.74 64 55 7 788 090 £2.99 64 55 7 788 089 £3.60 11 28 2 247 187 £7.13 11 28 7 787 369 £38.64 11 28 2 354 130 £70.66 11 28 2 354 131 £95.41 11 28 2 247 187 £7.13 11 28 2 247 435 £33.31 Total for the above would be £348.29 inc VAT and delivery to mainland UK. Payment Options: This price is valid for 7 days today For orders under £500.00 and if the delivery address is the same as the registered card address. Call 01242 335365 with your card details and use customer reference 11964 For orders over £500.00 we will only accept either a bank transfer or payment by Paypal. Paypal – partscheltenham@cotswoldgroup.com Please send payment as a gift to friends and family with your customer reference and your delivery address in the notes section. Bank Transfer – Sort Code 20-07-71 Account Number 40292230 with your customer reference in the notes section but please call or email us with your delivery address.
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    That is a lovely car. The seller is asking a premium for the rarer colour combo IMO. I would say it would shift at £16995-£18995. Its looks a tad strong at todays prices but will it be in a couple of years? If the mileage was even 10k less then it would be more appealing. I was offered £13500 for my car on this forum a couple of years ago and was tempted but I wouldnt sell mine for £16k now but mine is 1 previous owner and FBMWSH.
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    Trouble adding phone to Bluetooth

    thanks everyone for advice and support with this issue. I refrained from unplugging the comms box and managed to get hold of my daughter's phone. it seems the daughters in our lives love an emoji and i know mine's no different so when i opened her settings i was so pleased to see a little blue love heart after her name. i removed it and repaired her phone with no issue and suddenly every other phone i've had linked also appeared in the options to select. i now have a fully operational car phone system after weeks of frustration. the only thing that now i'm struggling with now is when playing music i'm unable to skip back and forth between tracks. i can live with that however if anyone else has experienced the same issue after going through the pairing issue please let me know how you managed to fix it! thanks everyone again, most helpful.
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    F10 530d

    F11 530D Tuning options

    Personally I've found the 530d to have plenty of low down torque, even from as low as 1300rpm! The problem I've found is that when you do put your foot down a bit more, the turbo takes a couple seconds to spool up. I personally wouldn't expect a tuning box to solve this. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk