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    Collected the car this morning; alloys fully refurbed and powdercoated. Finish is Platinum Silver New centre caps; Richbrook stainless steel valves & an 82mm Mtec stud conversion fitted with 5mm hubcentric shims upfront and 12mm hubcentric spacers on the rears. Gives the alloys a much better stance IMO
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    Thought I'd bore you with my new project
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    A few teaser pics from the man who is detailing the E34 for me. Beginning to look very nice I must say! Looking forward to getting it back.
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    Four new MAXXIS boots today at my mate's tyre emporium near Dorking, Surrey. Also fitted 15mm hubcentric spacers on the front only as they need to come out a little.
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    Bloody women drivers!

    Says the bloke with a womans arse as his avatar ? It was a woman that did it, in a Disco....does it get any worse ? Or has pc bollox infested the forum ?
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    Long time since an update so here goes. Car has been fired and up to temp with no problems boot floor has been modified for the modified Hayward and Scott exhausts and sound amazing. Brakes all fitted with new braided lines. First in the uk heated sport steering wheel. Interior started to go back in. Installed a thatcham 2 immobiliser while I had dash out and found a neat place for it to hide. Also installed the electric steering column I’ve had a few years lol. Also got some alcantara covered seat bases
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    Here's my selection minus a 1990 318i and a 2002 318Ti which I don't have any pictures of. 1985 M535i dogleg manual with Recaros. Jazzy B owns this now. 1992 735i manual with Alpina goodies 1992 850i A with a lovely V12! My current 645ci with V8 goodness as standard
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    German Engineering

    This says it all.
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    So today I've mostly been... Ordering winter tyres; gone for Yokohama Advan V905 Winter in 245/50/18 flavour Kerbing my NS rear alloy - Fuckwit white van driver came at me from a blind bend, far too fast, as I was reversing off a car park at the local PO and had no choice to re-mount the kerb otherwise I'd have lost the front-end of the car... Ah well; it's only powdercoat Will take it to the folks that did my alloys when I fit the winters and they can refurb it for me... Took some pics of the angel eyes, now fitted, whilst sat outside Preston train station waiting for my folks to land from Glasgee...
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    Style 66s off, Style 65s on... Thanks go to forum member Sayanthan for a very good deal on them.
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    Bloody women drivers!

    That was as a travesty. We were happy the girls were there. The F1 people were happy the girls were there. The girls themselves loved it and were well paid. Everyone was happy except some beaky anti fun fuckers somewhere. The PC brigade.
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    Washed & waxed today for the first time, properly... It’s a big ass car And just for @Loadmaster - ‘on my drive’
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    My old girl...

    ...is 200k miles old! 16 years since she left the production line (and the last 4 years in my care), and she still looks great on our roads. Some bodywork/rust challenges to sort, but what a machine... Long live the M54B30!!
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    My new car!

    Apologies but it's taken me a while to get round to putting on a couple of photos of my 520d replacement; a Golf R estate. I remember vividly reading an article in a car magazine (EVO I guess), a few years ago and seeing the Golf R (which would have been too small in the boot for us) was now coming out as an estate. I was very excited and told everybody who would listen (so almost nobody) that this would be my next car. Of course, it wasn't and I bought a 520d Touring which, in fairness to it, was a very nice car indeed. However, the rear tyres spontaneously exploded (I must post about this) and it was inconveniently large so I went back to plan A and looked for a Golf R estate. Somehow, I kept adding to a budget I barely had and ended up with an 8 mile pre-reg. Bog standard apart from the lovely Lapiz paint. Over the BMW, I gain a huge amount of performance, 4WD, CarPlay and a spare wheel. I lose the powered tailgate, semi keyless and the H&K. The latter is noticeable on the motorway so I will probably get the Helix stereo upgrade which is subs, amp and DSP under the boot floor that plugs into the original stereo wiring loom. Boot/passenger room, comfort etc. all very similar to the F11 but it's almost exactly the same size as my previous E91. Needless to say, I really like the car a lot. It's performance is mega in a slightly turbo lagged massive mid range shove sort of way. It may share the 0-60 in 4.8 of my Elise but the Elise does it in a more high revving NA way. It's a luxury indeed to have two cars that go about the same numbers in totally different ways. Having given both some fast drives in the last week, I do think the Elise is the better driver's car but the Golf does very well for something that has 4 seats, creature comforts and a massive boot! I am a fan of the fast changes of the 7 speed DSG. Like any DSG, you have to make sure the gearbox knows what you are likely to want so that's it's pre-selected but, assuming you do, there is a really fast change and, depending on mode switches and level of commitment, maybe a fart from the exhaust! Nothing I want to change apart from maybe the stereo upgrade. The 18's are staying as they give a good ride/handling compromise (much like the F11 on M suspension and 19s) and a new set of premium tyres is 'only' £400.
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    Dropped off for MOT at 0800 Collected from MOT at 1000 Full clean bill of health
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    1st ever BMW - E38 728i facelift; this started the bad habit off 2nd: Slate Green 530i Sport; fantastic car, should never have sold it: 3rd: Sapphire Black 530i Sport; overall a great car, but I'd started to get bored with it and would have ended up swapping bits just for the sheer hell of it: Now my 4th; BMW E65 730D Sport. Overall a fantastic car with a cracking spec and the right size car for a gentleman of my stature
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    Fuel Filler Area Rust - Sorted

    Hopefully for good this time, have done it a couple of times before, powerfiling the rust away, treating and painting but always comes back. This time I cut it all out.... Here's why it always returns, rust between the bonded seem.... Lastly back of panel was sprayed with Bilt Hamber Dynax S50
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    Thanks... Style 18 look great on an Orient Blue E34... Update 5/11/2018 Today saw the removal of both front wings to inspect the front A posts and inner wings after a lengthly battle with this little fella and detaching the welded on wing bottoms. This is what met us on the removal of the front wings. Lets take a closer look around we didn't remove arch linings as we didn't have any spare arch screws which would mean if we needed to move The Golden Nugget it would contaminate all the arch without the lining so the arch linings are to stay even if one isn't doing much. Again the same story follows thought into this update the passenger side seems to be the worst side. We are still very upbeat and positive... there is a difference between an old car and and an abused old car and even if the old Nugget needs some welding and tender loving care she's in no way an abuses car and the more we look around the more we can see that someone loved the old Nugget at some stage and she's my dream car and deserves to be brought back to life. Tomorrow Ill be getting the trusty wire wheel and grinding stones to see what can be cleaned up and what need to be cut out. Comments Welcome
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    Filming for grand tour today

    Been to Lincoln today for filming of the grand tour with my saphh Cossie, should be aired next year in a segment dedicated to ford saloons. Keep an eye out for me! I'm the last in the queue
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    F10 key Security Question

    Fake keys hanging on the wall in a porch which is locked and isolated. 240v into keys, activated when both doors locked. Fish that bitches! (Not done this, I don't recommend it, this is a joke, not real, Guardian reading snowflakes don't get offended pls, etc).
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    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Update Twenty Seven 22/8/2018 Another month of faithful service from Boudica.. Not so much from Bilstein mind you , After many phone calls and E-mails we decided to scrap the Bilstein idea and we have purchased a spring and shock absorbers kit from SPAX We purchased the SPAX PSX suspension kit it appeared on eBay unused and in the original box and we got it at a price we thought was reasonable on arrival the kit turned out to be just as described. We also repainted another spare set of front legs to match, The blue ones will be going on The Tea Bag Lady. We have also de-face-lifted Boudica since the last update, We are not lovers of the m plastic side skirts, Not to everyone taste I'm sure but its totally reversible and its something different. We also changed the fuel filters It seems the bottom filter gets more dirtier then the top filter, I'm supersized the difference a fuel filter would make to the driving impression. All For Now  Comments Welcome
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    Couple more......
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