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    E34 M5 Touring restoration

    I first bought a BMW nearly 30 years ago, that was an E30 325i Touring and since then I’ve had an E36 328i, E46 330i and E46 330d Tourings. My current BMW’s are all M cars, but I miss not having a Touring. There are only 2 official BMW M car Tourings, the E34 M5 and the E61 M5, neither were built in large numbers. My preference has always been for a manual gear box, so in late 2015 I started looking for a decent E34 Touring that was fundamentally sound but maybe needed a little work. The problem is that the E34 Touring is a very usable vehicle and most E34 M5’s have been used, a lot. There are very few about that have done less than 100,000 miles, most have done significantly more. I looked at a few but none met my criteria and most had significant rust on the main chassis. A rare manual 4.6 E34 Alpina Touring that had been restored was for sale in Germany and I briefly contemplated that as an alternative. Many would argue that it’s a better car than the E34 M5, the Alpina modified V8 being much more flexible, having similar power but more torque than the rather highly strung 3.8 version of the straight 6 S38. But for some reason there is something I prefer about M cars to Alpinas, can’t put my finger on it but the Alpina was not for me. There is also some sense of destiny with the evolution of the initial M88/1 in the M1 and it’s final evolution of the S38B38 in the E34 M5. By mid 2017 I’d just about given up hope of finding a suitable E34 M5 Touring and started looking at the E61 M5 instead. Obvious benefits were that it was available in right hand drive and is a more modern car. Then there is that V10 engine, but there is also that gearbox! There was a low mileage, high spec car for sale not very far from me, so I arranged to go and look at it. While I was in the car on the way, my phone rang. Someone had found an E34 Touring that was not ‘officially’ for sale, but it would be open to sensible offers. I went ahead and looked at the E61 anyway, it was in very good condition and had obviously been well looked after, the owner had several other very nice cars including a Ferrari Daytona in their garage. However, with the prospect of a suitable E34 with a colour scheme I wanted (Avus Blue silver accents and black interior) and the E61 with a colour and interior that is probably my least favorite (Silverstone with Silverstone interior), I decided not to go down that route. My first sight of BL01698 was just via some pictures taken by a friend who lived nearer to it than me. Initial looks made me wonder if this would be a good choice after all! I had been told that it was a 6 speed car, actually it’s the earlier 5 speed version. The mileage was more than I’d been told, but still low at a little over 77,000. Apparently the car had had a minor scrape down the passenger side, then been left awaiting repair. The minor scrape was not quite as minor as I had hoped and a lot of the ancillary components were looking decidedly crusty. The interior was reasonable, except for the front seats that were showing quite a lot of wear and has some strange scratches, as though someone had been wearing a studded belt or something similar. On the plus side, maybe the 5 speed box is not a bad thing, they are readily available if something does go wrong with them, unlike the 6 speed which is pretty much unique to the E34 M5. Some reports also claim that the earlier 5 speed is nicer to drive. The car has Hi-Fi speaker system and full leather dash which makes the interior feel a bit more special. It also has a factory fitted tow hitch which was one of the things I really wanted, the tow hitch mounting was a little scabby though. The engine had had major a rebuild quite recently, so the internals would not need any work at all even if it looked pretty scabby on the outside. A closer inspection of the vehicle chassis revealed that it was mainly in pretty good condition. The decision was made; BL01698 would undergo a total restoration by Munch Legends. Pretty much everything was stripped off the car, engine, sub frames, fuel tank, heat shields, sun roof, doors, tail gate, front wings and ancillaries in the engine bay etc. One of the front wings was a little rusty and the two passenger side doors were damaged enough to warrant replacement. On examination at the body shop it was decided that the cost of replacing the driver’s side doors and other front wing would cost little more, possibly less, than prepping the originals. The entire underside, including the inner front wings, was bag sealed. The original active shock absorbers were sent to Poland to be refurbished, the rest of the suspension components, drive shafts, brake dust shields, and sub-frames etc. were either replaced or refurbished and powder coated. The diff was rebuilt and painted where appropriate. All brake calipers were rebuilt and passivated, along with all other unpainted underbody components. Most of the rubber and trim pieces were replaced where still available from BMW. All engine covers, plenum, water pump etc. were vapor blasted and repainted where required. Brake lines, fuel lines, fuel tank and all clips etc. were replaced. The fitted Powerflow rear silencer was replaced with an OEM part. The wheels on the car were rather nasty two piece after market design and the outer rims were badly corroded. There were replaced with the correct M5 Throwing Star wheels with new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres. The sun roof was jammed pretty much solid, but eventually opened up to allow refurbishment. Most of the work on the chassis and running gear is now complete, there are still a few bits and pieces left to sort out. The tailgate needs fitting and the sun roof is in pieces awaiting reassembly and refitting. The interior has not been touched yet, apart from removing parts to allow for removal of the sun roof cassette and facilitate other work. I have quite a few pictures of the work being done, for now I’m just going to post a comparison of some of the original pictures and the same area as it is now, plus of couple of the whole car and underside. Please remember, this is still work in progress. And a couple of pictures as she stands now
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    Collected the car this morning; alloys fully refurbed and powdercoated. Finish is Platinum Silver New centre caps; Richbrook stainless steel valves & an 82mm Mtec stud conversion fitted with 5mm hubcentric shims upfront and 12mm hubcentric spacers on the rears. Gives the alloys a much better stance IMO
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    A few months ago I upgraded to one of the Chinese Android units widely available on Ebay and AliExpress, and they are a great upgrade, but..... One Little Problem: Our E60/E61's were never designed to have a touch screen. They were designed with a display screen, at a display distance. So anyone that has one of these units will confirm that it's a bit of a stretch to actually touch our touchscreens comfortably without having to lean forward from the driving position. Picture grabbed from google (I always forget to take a "before" pic) The Chinese designers of these units have made the same hardware fit into many different models, and they just looked at what already existed in the car, and designed their touchscreen into it. They could have done a much better job by designing a mount that is actually within reach, like for the F10.... It's the same head-unit with a different fascia. So..... The Solution: Design it yourself. Create a rough template to use as a guide for a perspex fascia. Once you remove the stock plastic fascia you reveal a glossy black border that was previously covered. Test fitting here above. Having somewhere to rest your hand also keeps things user-friendly. The resulting cutout fascia before spraying. The screw holes match up with the metal case of the head-unit. What looks like an ugly scratch/break on the left is actually a rough recess on the back side, milled out with a dremel to house the microSD pcb so it would not be set too deep. Mic hole also on left. The Result: This pic above shows my eye-line view. The reflection I get to see is the passenger seat and door below the window line. This solves a slight problem with these units also, in that the reflected view originally was higher, looking a bit at the window which is always brighter. With the final pic I will mention mounting. I had intended to use the two original mounting holes and design a plastic mount that the new fascia could clip into. However during test fittings it became obvious that it's a tight squeeze putting it where it is. As such I've decided to leave it as is, basically tightly wedged in. It does not budge and the screen is not being compressed, only the perspex and metal casing at the back. The original fascia is vented at the top. The gap in the pic above cannot be seen unless you get down low to look for it, and it leaves a vent in case it's needed, so will be staying as is. For the surface finish I considered a black glossy perspex or a wrap. What I ended up using was a cheap rattle spray can of satin black and I'm delighted how it turned out. It matches so much of the dash surfaces and just looks very professional. Overall this job was done over most of a Saturday afternoon. Hopefully it inspires others to do similar (or better) Keliuss
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    Thought I'd bore you with my new project
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    Upsetting the purists...

    The M5 has been under an almost 4 month transformation. The purists are already screaming and shouting. But 1590KG with a full tank of fuel isn't to be sniffed at!
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    Its been a while, as well theres not been much action or love for it to be honest. The missing a running E34 in my life is strong! I thought i'd jack it up in the summer, lol this is an update from the last 5-6 months. Pleased to report its not a rusty scottish looking tea bag under here. On the grass isn't ideal, but that should change soon not the best picture but the fuel pipes have been replaced so thats one job saved! Next is mounting the intercooler. Theres cutting involved here unless you want to buy a "bi turbo" bumper from Alpina for about a million quid the all important mounting brackets, these are replacements from Alpina as the originals were bent in the accident The bumper won't mount with the intercooler fitted so you have to make room for it by chopping bumper! This is most of the cutting to get the bumper to fit properly bumper fitted, the number plate holder also needs triming, or again you can buy and alpina one for loads. The bi turbo front spoiler mounts over the whole lot so you can't see any of the cutting. Its the only real part missing as it was damaged in accident. Its a £600 bill i need to stump up for, luckily you can still buy them i suppose My dad had to make a little fiddly part here that was missing* it connects this pipe to the boost controller ECU. It runs to the inlet manifold This is the throttle potentiometer. Or fly by wire throttle. I found this in a horrid oily box of bits that came with the car It was a moment i had in the shower when it all twigged. So the throttle opens and shuts now with this plugged in Back on the theme of missing parts. It takes alot of looking sometimes to notice things aren't there. So the red wire is the live battery feed to the starter motor! Plus the engine earth strap was missing - this one is a temp one. This did bring the car back to life alot. then come to today! 4 books of main dealer wiring diagrams and a mate who knows how to read them with a volt metre So some checks with a volt metre revealed the ignition switch is working and the DME or engine ECU was getting power. A good sign. Still no cranking over This is the starter motor relay, it was missing so i've sourced one and fitted it. Now the wiring diagrams reveal this is only needed for auto cars, the manual cars don't have a relay. Our guess is this is fitted for the auto selector switch on the autos so the engine will only start in N or P and not D Testing again revealed the starter wasnt getting the start signal/volatage to crank. So removed said relay and bridged the wires together aka like a manual like below Lets give it a try...............................engine cranks over!!! This turd may see the road once more, engine hasn't run at a guess in 10 years. We can smell fuel and checked for spark and have both. Theres lots unplugged but this is probably the biggest leap forward in my eyes. So the games back on! Theres no oil, coolant, radiator, intercooler pipes, auxillary belts, exhaust fitted currently so will need to get busy to get it into a postion that will run, signs are promising that it should go The loves returned for the mutant I've dont a bit more alpina wiring in the mean time but forgot to update this
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    A few teaser pics from the man who is detailing the E34 for me. Beginning to look very nice I must say! Looking forward to getting it back.
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    Bought it & drove it home
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    The story of E39 M5 AK03 DJJ (so far)

    I suspect it's a little highly strung to be quite as good an all rounder, although in theory it should be more versatile. Pretty much nut and bolt resto.
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    Some lovely cars posted on here; these are mine. 1973 2002tii in Verona Red; I actually bought it with another , completely rotten, 2002 in white for spares. Restored it completely once but the tin-worm was extensive and eventually I sold it for spares/repair. It wasn't this exact car as I don't have a digital photo of it; When that was gone I immediately bought one of these (again not this, but like this), a 1985 635CSiA in Articblau with full electric seats and all the toys working; it got written off by a dozy Ford Galaxy owner who reduced the proud nose to a crumpled wreck... Immediately that was paid for by the insurance I went and got this, a 1982 635CSiA in blaticblau with recaro seats and lsd; I bought this in 1996-ish and still have it... At some point in time the blaticblau car suffered multiple intermittent electrical failures so while I was trying to fix it I bought a 1989 635CSiA Highline in Diamond black with lotusweiss sports leather... I believe this is still running with moon and on the way back mileage. I sold it when I upgraded to this, my 1985 M635CSi in alpineweiss with taurusrot sports leather; I've had it restored and it is my garage queen. It generally gets all the attention but occasionally gets put in the shade... Then I decided I needed an estate car; I had ummed and ahhed about Audi Avants for years but I eventually stumbled upon this, one the 64 UK manual cars, a 1995 540i Touring with a six speed manual gearbox; Orientblau with black leather. I changed the comfort seats to sports seats and hoped I would keep it forever as it was immaculate... until it got written by a sleepy taxi driver. So how do you replace a 540i/6 Touring? With an M5 Touring of course. 1993 in black, black, blackity black - it lasted until the engine blew and the bodywork was too crusty to justify trying to save it... I still needed an estate so while this got scrapped my Alpina addiction followed my E24 and E34 addiction so I found this, a 2001Alpina B10 V8 Touring in Individual steel grey with Individual silver-grey leather; it's been a little poorly of late but I still have it... Over the years I had read about a very rare E34 Alpina Touring - the B10 4.6 of which one solitary car was made in rhd. When it popped up for sale I dropped everything and bought it... Of course I wasn't yet done with my Alpina addiction and I felt I needed a V12 in my life so after years of tracking the cars down I found the B12 I wanted; an E38 Alpina B12 5.7 Langversion, one of just two cars ordered for the UK... Of all those cars above I still have five of them, and my wife has a 435d Cabriolet as her daily driver.
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    Four new MAXXIS boots today at my mate's tyre emporium near Dorking, Surrey. Also fitted 15mm hubcentric spacers on the front only as they need to come out a little.
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    Bloody women drivers!

    Says the bloke with a womans arse as his avatar ? It was a woman that did it, in a Disco....does it get any worse ? Or has pc bollox infested the forum ?
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    Long time since an update so here goes. Car has been fired and up to temp with no problems boot floor has been modified for the modified Hayward and Scott exhausts and sound amazing. Brakes all fitted with new braided lines. First in the uk heated sport steering wheel. Interior started to go back in. Installed a thatcham 2 immobiliser while I had dash out and found a neat place for it to hide. Also installed the electric steering column I’ve had a few years lol. Also got some alcantara covered seat bases
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    F11 powder coated wheels

    Had my alloys powder coated. From the usual silver to anthracite. Yes 18’s or 19’s look great but the roads are terrible in my area and this is a workhorse so I want the reasonable comfort of 17’s. Plus I don’t want to spend all that dosh to upgrade just yet Finish is fantastic on them. Anyway here’s a few pics.
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    Popped over to iRock to see the progress of the restoration of my M5
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    Buying an e39 M5.

    As requested, a couple of quick phone photos, the thing needs a good clean up, so have set aside next Saturday. The more I see it, the more I love it - don't the fact I now own one of my dream cars has sunk in yet. Its also cheaper to insure than my e60 525d - madness.
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    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    More pics of progress on the full respray underway at the bodyshop: On that last pic the bonnet had to be taken all the way back to bare metal (this was previously resprayed by Oxford Crash Repair in 2013 but the paint had started to peel - we found they'd just resprayed over the top of the original paint with minimal prep. Cowboys.) She'll be painted and back with me in a week or so.
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    Trump, like him or loath him?

    He sure is keeping election promises... More than the crowd down London and that's all the Parties included. 80 % of the people that were very angry concerning Trumps victory here in Britain that i came across typically could not stand the fact ... That the man was legally elected to power by the American people and went against their own snowflake two party nothing changes Westminster style of politics where years are wasted while the two parties play politics while really doing nothing but destabilise the country with their crap.
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    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    I can't find any pictures of my first 2 BMWs, I probably have some somewhere, but they looked exactly like these (colour, wheels etc) : 1) E30 325i manual Touring in Brilliant Red. 2) E36 325i 4 door manual saloon in Boston Green. 3) E36 328i manual Touring in Montreal Blue 4) E46 330i manual Touring in Oxford Green II (one of those colours that can look awful in pictures, but is much better in the flesh). 5) E46 330d manual Touring Individual in Le Mans Blue Then the ones I still have E39 M5 in Carbon Black F06 M6 in Sakhir Orange E26 in white And finally, currently undergoing rebuild, something in Avus Blue that is powered by this (I am missing not having a Touring). Should be ready soon.
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    Here's my selection minus a 1990 318i and a 2002 318Ti which I don't have any pictures of. 1985 M535i dogleg manual with Recaros. Jazzy B owns this now. 1992 735i manual with Alpina goodies 1992 850i A with a lovely V12! My current 645ci with V8 goodness as standard
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    Thanks... Style 18 look great on an Orient Blue E34... Update 5/11/2018 Today saw the removal of both front wings to inspect the front A posts and inner wings after a lengthly battle with this little fella and detaching the welded on wing bottoms. This is what met us on the removal of the front wings. Lets take a closer look around we didn't remove arch linings as we didn't have any spare arch screws which would mean if we needed to move The Golden Nugget it would contaminate all the arch without the lining so the arch linings are to stay even if one isn't doing much. Again the same story follows thought into this update the passenger side seems to be the worst side. We are still very upbeat and positive... there is a difference between an old car and and an abused old car and even if the old Nugget needs some welding and tender loving care she's in no way an abuses car and the more we look around the more we can see that someone loved the old Nugget at some stage and she's my dream car and deserves to be brought back to life. Tomorrow Ill be getting the trusty wire wheel and grinding stones to see what can be cleaned up and what need to be cut out. Comments Welcome
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    My old girl...

    ...is 200k miles old! 16 years since she left the production line (and the last 4 years in my care), and she still looks great on our roads. Some bodywork/rust challenges to sort, but what a machine... Long live the M54B30!!