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    You've done a great job. I did the same when i had my 5 Went from this To this. Biggest fun was the carpet.
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    First world F10-series problems

    A thread to collate all those little niggles that don't really matter, but annoy you about your otherwise perfect F10 series car... I'll start When wearing my polarised sunglasses, the Head Up Display is invisible. I need to tilt my head by 90 degrees for it to appear. When closing the automatic tailgate from the keyfob I need to keep the button pressed rather than just press & release.
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    Top tips

    As suggested by DarkHorse here, I'll start a 'Top Tips' thread so everyone can contribute their tips on how to get good results with little effort. Here's what I discovered yesterday: Bought some cheap (99p) magic eraser type pads this afternoon, not hoping for much but worth a try on my steering wheel. I have to say that the result is pretty much amazing. I know it's been recommended but never tried this before. Wheel looks like new and was full of dirt. Moved on to clean up the doorcard, driver's seat and the centre console leathery bits, creambeige-finally looking as they should. Very impressed and happy with the result. Before: After: The box: Got them from a 'savers' shop, can't remember the correct name. They don't have any soap or anything in them, just the foam and a bit of water. They aren't abrasive either, so I don't think they will affect the coatings on the leather. I'll be buying loads of these now Little follow up-they feel soft and non abrasive but on a molecular scale they are pretty hard so I suppose they shouldn't be used too often.
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    Deposit paid 520 SE xdrive

    Pick up Wednesday brand new. I am sure the F10 forum won't miss me https://media.giphy.com/media/l46C52IJdRfvCGyVW/giphy.gif
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    World cup is over - admin can delete

    Fortune Cookie.MOV
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    Errr I can think of at least 2 things wrong with that sentence.....
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    How to pick a good boiler

    Yeah, Gas, Oil, Biomass and the odd aircon.. Worcester have a really great marketing strategy. The installer becomes a Worcester accredited installer and then to maintain that accreditation and to get Worcester kick-backs they have to sell a set number of boilers so clearly the installer will tell the punter that a Worcester is the best boiler in the Universe....
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    How to pick a good boiler

    Anything with "Greenstar" on it makes me lots of money as the plastic hydraulic components degrade and finally leak. Viessman can be good if you get the right one and it's fitted by someone who knows how to set them up correctly... Alpha are pretty good too but the parts can be pricy. If you want a conventional style combi then I would say fit a Baxi600 series (Or equivalent Potterton as they are both owned by the same bunch) 600 series still has brass hydraulics and is a doddle to service and work on. My choice would be and is an Intergas.. They are the product of engineers having a spliff and deciding that a lot of parts that we think that we need are surplus to requirements, so no secondary heat exchanger or diverter valve, the hydraulics are all brass, the water inlet will accept pre heated water up to 80c so fine if you decide to have a wet solar system or in my case, feed it from a wood boiler in the shed. Even a combi can be configured to change with your needs, so it can be a heat only system boiler, multi point water heater, or open vented boiler. They boast that there have been no main heat exchanger failures in the last 20 years and have only four moving parts.... Best of all, they are well cheaper and better built than the German owned shyte.
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    Servicing Question

    Here's my new air filter alongside the one i took out!
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    What are you listening to?

    This; what a laugh
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    Hi Ivor, Thank you for your kind comments. The Diamantschwartz Eta is now titled in Nova Scotia, Insured, safety inspected and temporarily plated on Wednesday. This was the first time in driving any E28 since the end of June 2017, so like putting on an old comfortable set of gloves. Huge smiles per miles on Wednesday and Thursday They only require a rear plate in Nova Scotia so I have applied for a personalised plate that is the same as the original UK plate so will leave the UK original up front Regards, Mick
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    The knurling isn't that deep and has a 'soft' feel to it. I'm thinking of buying some liquid vinyl / rubber and dipping the rod. I've seen this with hand tools.
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    Some pics of my new gorgeous new m5,not long been home from Sweden....what a drive home. Will do a post on our road trip home but for now these are quite are quite good. My neighbour let me park there as my space was blocked, they look good together I thought!
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    Last of the Volvo V70s with biggest engines in - D5 or T6 Scandi-cool never ages
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    E39 2.5d Estate Sill replacement

    Just done the RHS one on my M5 - centralpanels part was spot on for the bit of sill you can see. All other bits (inboard return piece, jack gussets) fabricated.