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    Well it ran on a brand new V Tech dyno, notorious for being harsh with it's power figures! Inlet temps were very high but it pulled just shy of 465BHP and 910Nm. Ambient temp was 29 degrees and about 45 at the intake. It would run a little more on a cooler day. There's more to find in there somewhere. I'm pleased with what it makes but if I can get it into the 480-490 territory I will be happy.
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    Mashed Potatoes

    Is it worth it?

    That looks awesome. I love an E61 in that colour!
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    What shocks?

    M-Sport yes, run flats no. I could not justify the price and also the harshness of the rubber. Changed to KHUMO as for the price I couldn’t find better for an a rating wet tyre. Cant fault them. in my estate there are speed bumps from hell. No two are the same, i have had a complete suspension overhaul so i know everything is perfect and yes it is slightly crashy but not too bad or annoying.
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    Is it worth it?

    Looks like it just rolled out of the factory
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    Is it worth it?

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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZDd7lYvyz4 Play with the sound on.
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    I did a little write up after a week of changing over to a G30 from an F10 Have the car a year today. The difference is massive. Jump in - everything to be honest - is immense. the F10 is amazing as a car, but moving from that to a G30 is like changing from a 3 series to a 5 series in my opinion
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    Autobox Explained in detail

    Ha, his name sprung to mind when I heard it.... lol. Cheers guys, sometimes find better vids on the. com site. Car goes into Mackies in Glasgow on Wednesday......
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    Back door rattle only when window closed.

    Couldn't find a video with rear airbags, but the principle is the same: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4HaAehNl2o
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    Tailored car mats?

    Lived with this for a week now and the mat has not moved at all. The clips do the job well so i can't complain.
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    535i Andrew

    Towbar issues

    If you had a smart relay (voltage sensing) fitted for the ignition switched source for your "fridge" supply, pin 10 on the 13 pin socket, then it is quite possible this is your drain if it's not been installed correctly. http://www.rydertowing.co.uk/products/caravan-relays/caravan-relays/tf1170-3 These relays a supplied from a permanent live source even though they are used for ignition on supply. They work by detecting when the alternator is charging and then switch on to power up pin 10. The smart relay have a small adjustment screw so that when they are installed you can check that there is no output until the engine is on and the alternator is working. If it does provide an output when the engine is off you turn the screw until it switches off. The link above is what I used to supply pin 10 on my dad's F10 Westfalia kit. I have bought one myself to retrofit to my 3AC towbar as I don't have pin 10 wired up. But sadly I have to agree with what @sshooie said. I don't think it has been fitted correctly.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Looks real tidy...
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    That's crazy! 910Nm?! Uau! I think it pulls like a plain at take off! Well done!
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    Useless BMW France

    Very poor, though perhaps not that uncommon? Some years ago we stayed at a B&B in Britanny run by an elderly couple. As we arrived on their driveway a trickle of coolant appeared from under the car (Saab 9000); small split in top hose. Monsieur was a retired Peugeot mechanic, who took great delight in knitting us a new hose from his collection of spares. We talked cars in general and I suggested that maybe our VW Golf would have been a better choice for the journey. He made a face and chuckled, saying it wasn't always easy getting good service for German vehicles in France 'We have seen too many German vehicles in France at times'. It took the Saab dealer in either Quimper or Concarneau nearly 3 weeks to obtain the wrong hose BTW.
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    Matthew Ashton

    Towbar issues

    The discharge while stationary error won't throw codes but if he's screwed up and connected something incorrectly you may well find fault codes.
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    Cheers - well, 700 miles at 28mpg (together, all three trips combined probably around 70% motorway or dual carriageway - not always without jams though) equals 25 gallons-ish. At an average of £5.86 per gallon, that's £146.25. ....and I enjoyed every flippin' mile ...
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    First world F10-series problems

    My only gripe is when other cars pass me on the Autobahn. But I have to admit, this is quite rare.
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    Remember its pretty warm so your intercooler right now isnt helping much. Water spray!?
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    E39 Headlamp Projector Alternatives

    What he said - the MoT regs (old and new) allow the majority of beam patterns as long as they don't kick up to the right or show light above a certain angle from the headlamp centre. With MoT stuff (as with many areas of regulation - a sad part of my daily life!) it's usually easier to note that the regs specifically forbid certain stuff, rather than just permit some stuff. IE as long as there isn't a specific fail point, then it's fine.
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    E39 Headlamp Projector Alternatives

    Sidestepping the MoT issue for a second (there is a certain judgement call on the actual wording of the regulation - a rebased HID bulb stuffed into a halogen projector/reflector assembly is an obvious fail since the beam pattern will probably be too obviously wrong, while a retrofitted HID projector assembly would project the correct beam pattern hence the assembly is designed for HID use) one option is to fit the Evo-X LHD projectors but to gently file the cutoff shield flat. On mine (both car and bike!) this makes crossing the Channel etc far easier. There is the downside of losing specific verge illumination, but the HID throw is rather better judged anyway, so in practice I don't notice any driving issues, especially when compared to the pathetic standard halogen setup.
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    If your projectors are ok i.e. they did not lose the mirror-like finish, just cleaning up the dust from lenses should make a big difference/ coupled with inexpensive H7 4300K HID. -Just recode the car to skip the headlight bulb check otherwise you will get the OBD error. I have done that for now and am very happy - not that I would mind bixenons...If you want to go bixenon or your projectors are finished you would need a new ones. Some useful info below: https://www.retrofitlab.com/blog/bmw-e39-bi-xenon-retrofit-guide/ http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1863650-FXR-v-3-projector-retrofit-into-Hella-housings Some of the kits from the retrofitlab do have an RHD verson. Apparently EvoX-R is a direct swap but there is no RHD version. I bought EvoX-R v1.0 for my E38 (which had HIDs from factory) and managed to fit it with a bit of dremeling - the E38 has a very small projector so it was a tight fit. It is now obviuosly better than the burned-out Hella but nowhere near the modern OEM HIDs in terms of the cutoff line nor light output (dipped lights). For my coming E39 lights upgrade I will go for something else, maybe the EvoX-R V2.0 - unsure at the moment. One thing to not to forget is the MOT - if you go with H7- based setup it is easy to put the halogens back, cometh the hour.