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    To avoid confusion I have added a image from the BMW stamp that I use when carrying out my own servicing, whilst I agree it adds little as all the invoice receipts for parts used are kept, but as all my own servicing details are recorded in a Maintenance & Service Book, it certainly looks far more professional also it states a message Genuine Parts are used which can be easily checked against the retained invoice receipts, and as a added bonus I generally take a few photos or short video of the service work I carried out which is also date stamped, doing it this way can leave know doubt to any future owner should I wish to sell any car later on, as to the pride & quality of the work that has been carried out. unlike a lot of main dealership servicing work, just because they have a smart flash garage & showrooms that counts for nothing in my book.
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    Civil Parking Charge Notice

    What spat? Just a normal thread in this forum
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    I couldn't find a good DIY guide for this so thought I would write one, as it's a common question if you do a search. As you have probably noticed, the pre-LCI sports seats have rubbish head rests. Even when tilted forward they are nowhere near your head. Later LCI cars came with 'active' head rests which were not only adjustable, but also featured a small explosive charge connected to the airbag system. I'm not bothered about the latter, I just want mine to be adjustable. If you're not familiar with the difference, here's the two types next to each other: Now the first challenge is obviously finding a pair, they don't come up often and cost about £400 new. I got some on eBay for £100. It might be worth contacting scrap yards or asking a breaker to separate you some from a pair of seats. Alternatively you could just buy a used interior and sell/scrap the rest. It's not possible to get the 'active' element working as pre-LCI seats do not have the internal wiring, so you may as well remove it. To do so, pop off the back (just pull it hard) and then unclip the small explosive charge. These sell for about £20 on eBay so you could also recoup a bit of money that way. Then you can disconnect the plug, and pull the wiring through the post. This leaves you with a simple adjustable headrest! Then you can just simply swap them with your old headrests. Here are before and after shots, I'm sure you'll agree they look much better, but they are also much more comfortable too. Hopefully this will be helpful to others who want to do it.
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    gary francis

    Bradford abbas car show

    A few photos of my m535i now I definitely going to keep it
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    Will these fit ?

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    My experience is that you wont find free play by just jacking up the car What happens is that as the suspension drops, the balljoint is in a position that isnt worn and therefore wont show up any play I diagnosed mine by getting somone to wiggle the steering wheel whilst I was underneath feeling each joint. It soon became apparent there was wear in the thrust arm balljoint - this hadnt shown up when doing the uaul check with the front jacked up. Alternatively some MOT garages have a wheel shaker, this moves the wheel up and down but with the weight of the car on the suspension.
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    Don't let the insurance company take it away until you've been paid. If you can buy it back for 500 quid, you'll make a profit. A grand is too much really, I wouldn't pay more than £750. That will be a category S (structural) write off as well. It could still be repaired - a push on the B post if needed, two clean black secondhand doors (£150 max), a skim of P40 on that back wing and away you go. It wouldn't be perfect but it would look okay and would make a couple of grand. Because it's a 530d, it won't get scrapped - that will be repaired and back on the road.
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    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    The first time I got caught speeding went along these lines too! I was behind other cars who were also speeding, but being at the back meant I was the first car the Police caught up with (it was one Police car aiming the gun, another heading off to chase people down). The morale of the story... always overtake.
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    535i Andrew

    Honest Opinion Required

    I hope you are ok. That's the main thing, the car did its job by taking the impact and saving the occupants. I would love to strip it and sell the parts to keep other BMWs on the road but you have to factor in your time and your wife and neighbours disapproving comments about a crashed shell languishing in your driveway. I would let the insurance company tow it away. But I don't have the time to tinker with cars to strip and sell the bits.
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    Hunter Wheel Alignment Check

    I wouldn't be very happy with that, being in the green is one thing but you paid for a hunter alignment, not a quick track, a quick track is £30 so I think I would be heading back. Lazy bastards. No wonder shit fit get such a bad name! Go back, tell them it pulls one way and when you boot it it pulls the other and ask for them to adjust everything, camber on the rear left is on the limit so it will cause inside wear, these cars are bad for that.
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    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    The design Dennis has shown looks to be flush with the dash (something that I’m sure is high on the list of the OEM look priorities). Thus, the space behind is going to be as big as BMW originally provided which is not suitable for standard or deep size units with optical drive mechs. The Alpine and Parrot units pictured are shallow depth/mechless and fit perfectly. @DennisCooper any news on availablity?
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    I'm sorry I dont agree it looks dodgy as stated, the BMW logo rubber stamp is not making any false claims it has the wording Owner Serviced with Genuine Parts, and Date & Mileage, and all my invoice receipts for the parts used are saved to support what service parts I have used for that particular service, so the rubber is just reinforcing a statement made during owner servicing and stamping in a Maintenance & Service Record Book is just part of that, now if I was to just keep a bunch of receipts and thats all with no other records that does look dodgy, for example I dont use the stamp in the Maintenance & Service Record Book I keep when I record the MOT's, Tyre Replacements, Tracking Etc, I just write who carried the work date & mileage, and keep any invoice receipt for the work carried out along with all the others.
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    I forget half of what I've posted on this forum. I'll go and take a look.
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    Best courtesy car ever!

    I've done it a few times by accident but the traction was on and that makes a difference, as long as its expected, controlled and no traffic/pedestrians it's a bit of fun.
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    First decent run in the 540 today, a 263 mile return trip to Bath. Effortless mile muncher, very impressed. Also pleased with the 28mpg average overall. M3/A303 sat at around 80 where I could, with the return journey significantly quicker in places.
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    Captive nut and battery tray

    Not without its problems but with some investment it's getting there.
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted an M5 spoiler
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    Aim to pay £500 for the salvage. Then drive it to the nearest Copart salvage auction where BMW stuff makes insane money and make yourself a grand. I'd break it myself as I have a decent sized workshop. The engine is a grand if it's nice and can be heard running and that's the first thing to sell. At least get a video of it running. A working autobox is £300, Front end panels, lights, wheels, ECU, modules. Has it got Dynamic drive? The racks are worth a fortune. Standard leather isn't valuable but many E60's have vile cloth . There are no E60's in regular scrapyards and so parts are still quite pricey compared to old E39 crap. Genuine E60 M Sport bumpers are more than £100! There's £2500+ in that if you have time, room and patience to deal with the inevitable idiots. The shell with V5 can be taken for free.
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    DIY Vacuum Leak Smoke Tester

    There are pics in the links but here you go. You just put the lit cigar in the empty port near the handle. It might be worth remembering that you need the throttle butterfly open. Fine on, say, an M50. But on fly by wire you will probably find you need to use a second point to inject the smoke
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    Newbie questions

    I've lost a few wheels and several tyres due to pot holes in the past, never claimed - I think the council are hard-up enough nowadays without that. I just believe that it's my own fault for having skinny tyres and big wheels. I'm quite impressed with the G31 though, it's taken me 6 months to kerb a wheel, I think that must be a record.
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    Any bolt to the metal body is a ground the bolt that holds the fuse box in place can be used JJ
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    After 4 hours solid on the phone I managed to find a company that said “that’s no problem that’s what we do” they even mirrored my insurance from the truck to use my no claims discount, covered for a year without silly costs and comprehensive cover whilst in Sweden!! they are called sky insurance, the guy was a diamond. He insured it under the vin,and said it’s all done! Quite reasonable too
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    Where to wire USB sockets in glove box?

    They all go to a splitter bolted to the chassis, you will see a couple when you dig round the back of the dash. You can get the right connectors from the dealer if you want to do a proper job, see here. https://5series.net/forums/diy-do-yourself-14/retrofit-installing-footwell-lights-uk-01-2006-car-37592/page2/#post674132
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    When wiring my dash cam it was not possible to source an ignition live in the fuse box i tapped into the wires in the rear cig lighters and ran wiring along under the centre console then up behind the glove box. Doing it this way would future proof proof any other uses and avoid battery drain JJ
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    E60/61 iDrive repair recommendations

    A few on ebay that fix them for £250 - £300 depending on if you do the removal yourself or not, and if you also want them to update to the latest software at the same time. And from memory some are in the Birmingham area.