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    Followed by a polish, wax and a few photos by the old engine shed in town...
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    DIY Vacuum Leak Smoke Tester

    So I did my research on smoke testers. This one is the simplest and you can use it for the purpose it was designed later. What you need: A syphon pump - costs about £6 on ebay A cigar - costs about £5 at your local tobacconist (how much?!!) A plastic food container - 3 for £1 at ASDA (OK, I 'borrowed' one from the kitchen) Superglue (had some in a drawer) Method Drill a hole in the bottom of the plastic container and glue the 'witch's hat' shaped fitting from the syphon kit into it. Connect the hose from the bottom of the pump to that. Remove the air filter and MAF and put the container in the hose. You can even screw down the jubilee clip to make a nice seal. Light cigar and stick it in the syphon port which is nearer to the handle. Pump handle and look for leaks. Does it work? Well, judge for yourself. Link to video and syphon used are below. https://youtu.be/8nfsAYjjJw8 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/401409716973
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I fucking would be too, it's gorgeous!
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    Bought and fitted missing tools in toolbox it’s now complete Realised I was missing 5 items! As only had the screwdriver, 2 x spanner’s and adjustable spanner.
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    Just on resale, you'll be surprised but the option list whether long or short makes very little difference to the ultimate selling price but makes owning the car that much more pleasant though.
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    Not strictly speaking essential to the ongoing improvement of the old E34, but good to get this box of bits all sorted out - a few things in here o had forgotten about to be honest!!
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    Took a couple of hours off in between decorating to clean the 540 and Z.
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    Kit's E34 535i

    a.) I'd highly recommend a stud conversion. I run the 82mm kit from Mtec via eBay and it's very good b.) Camskill have some great prices for tyres; I'd highly recommend them, you just need someone to fit them, carefully
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    Fuel system cleaner

    I'd put a shiny pound on that he doesn't call you.
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    I bought it - Lexus GS 450h! :)

    All the very best Vlady and have a excellent weekend. Manee
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    Kit's E34 535i

    A little teaser.... Just need to get some centre caps, quartz coat them, get tyres and fit them. Not sure if I want to go for a stud conversion for some reason. Also maybe should have looked at tyre prices before I commited to these, about £100 a corner!!
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    I bought it - Lexus GS 450h! :)

    Manee thanks for links above and shared info. I will try to get the seller to do a battery check, not sure about the service though, I mentioned a few times SERVICE to them and they keep saying if it is more than 4k miles till next one they won't do it. If I get to test drive it I will update you! I will have a look through your links anyway. Manee, thank you and have a good weekend. Vlady
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    Visa network crashes

    More seriously, and Dave will know, every year we used to get a compendium of architectural products. Weighed a tonne and took a load of shelf space. Now I can find a selection of products in moments. Yes the net has its problems but I wouldn't go back. I wouldn't know most of you nutters for a start!
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    Visa network crashes

    Mark without the 'net you'd have to moan at real people!
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    I bought it - Lexus GS 450h! :)

    As per my current experience, you will get 34-36 mpg in a city in summer, but as per reported it will drop to mid 20s in winter , depending on the temp. I have not experience this yet as I got my car in end of April. Recently on a 400 miles round trip, my tank average was 40 mpg .
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    I bought it - Lexus GS 450h! :)

    Hi Vlady, yes I believe that you can take your car to any lexus dealer and ask them to do a stand alone hybrid system check. Mine is over 10 years old but it came with full lexus history, therefore I was not much worried; even though I purchased from a non lexus dealer. Apologies I was not much clear about the hybrid warranty, the standard mechanical warranty for hybrid cars; as per lexus official website is 60k or 5 years, which ever come first; but you can get extended warranty from lexus directly that should take you to the 10th year, this is the jest I observed after reading on lexus forum and on internet. Please correct me if I am wrong. As you mentioned earlier that the car you are looking at is 2012 model, so if I am not wrong the hybrid system should still be under warranty; being less than 10 years old. anyway I am attaching the link from lexus uk website, which can give you some idea about warranties. the link is https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/warranty/. The other thing I can think off, you can ask the selling dealer to get it serviced at lexus, the link to their service pricing is as under, please note that the if your vehicle is hybrid, the hybrid system check is included in that service. the link is https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/servicing-and-maintenance/. Regarding the driving style, sorry I have no idea what it feels like to drive a Nissan Leaf; Sorry. But if we are talking about GS450h, no there is no difference in driving a hybrid compared to conventional car, other than it just moves effortlessly thanks to CVT gearbox. the only thing I can say about the gentle acceleration is, if you are super conscious about the fuel economy especially in the city, keep it under 30 and it will run mostly on the battery juice; but it will not last for ever so the engine has to kick in from time to time to top-up the battery. GS450h is a performance hybrid saloon, so it is quite loaded up with battery cell, iirc the normal Prius holds 20 battery cells, however GS has 40 battery cells, so it will empty the batteries pretty quick. When I am talking about the battery usage, please don't misunderstand when I say it will empty the battery means it will literary drain the hybrid battery. Every car is programmed to use battery in safe range, when it shows purplish bar (in a normal mode the bars are blue coloured), it means it is near to min ideal safe limit (say 80%); and the engine will kick in to recharge the battery; but as soon as it will be more than minimum safe limit and you are driving under 30, the hybrid system will kick in and turn off the engine without any judder. There is mostly a top bar space, that remains empty unless you drive on along downhill stretch of road, which help to turn the battery bars in green, but again it is still programmed not to over charge the battery. Same when you leave the accelerator or apply the breaks the system start to recharge the hybrid battery. in this way it will keep the battery happy. Regarding your experience about popping in a lexus dealer ship and having a feel about the new cars, I can totally understand where you are coming from. After getting my lexus, I had a chance to pop in my local lexus dealership, after looking at the cars there, I am of the view that lexus has totally changed the game, I went to a bmw dealership prior to going to lexus dealer ship, since then I am of the view that lexus has full potential to be a new market trend in coming future like once merc was, then it was bmw , then it was VAG group; and now mostly marques look the same and without character from distance. this is my personal view, every one has a right to disagree with it. So if you will end up with a GS 450 hybrid , I believe that you will not regret it, though you may need some time to get used to new car. I have been through this phase and believe me I am not looking back rather I look forward to a more refined and punchy car.
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    Toll transponder position?

    Never mentioned snowflake and nowt up with flower pal; I'm from Lancashire. It's all in our lingo
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    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    For stuff like this; stick with Meyle or Lemforder and nothing less Both C3BMW and BMWmotormec are trusted resellers via eBay; so find the parts you need (and their numbers) via RealOEM and then use eBay to search for those parts and try to buy via either of those 2 resellers mentioned The rear twitchiness is more than likely the rear upper arms failing; but it could be other things as well. Front knocks more than likely drop links or top mounts, but again, could be other parts or them all together! It's best really to get the car up on the ramps; get all the suspension checked over and pry-barred to see what's got play in it and then replace from there. The same for the wheel bearings; it'll soon show what it is when up on ramps etc
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    Boot Partition Trim Cover

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    Boot Partition Trim Cover

    Check out realoem.com for the part numbers of the bits that fix it. From memory there are 2 or 3 plastic press studs at the bottom under the boot floor cover and the top is held in place by the boot seal.