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    Kit's E34 535i

    Managed to finish machine polishing it yesterday. It now looks really smart. I have never done this to a car before. Was easy and enjoyable but I wont be doing it to that same degree again any time soon, although I will probably run the fine polish over my Octavia vRS over the summer. . I probably was being a little timid with the polisher but I didn't want to mess it up and then have to get the whole thing resprayed. This was during: I was using the Menzerna polish as advised by my brother (he knows what he is on about when it comes to detailing, so have been taking advice from him). Did pass with the heavy cut, medium and finish and then another final pass at a higher speed with the finish. Can't really get a good photo of it but you can tell when close to the car. Put some Krystal Klean Purity X coating on. This was a Christmas presant from my brother; it is the same stuff he uses on his car. As I don't have a hose pipe I had to apply it like a sealant...I have no idea what that means, but it looks good! But for a car that is stored in a garage and rarely sees bad weather I will probably never see it bead any time soon! I need to get a cover for it while it is in the garage as it gets quite dusty in there as its just a concrete floor. Next Sunday's job is to treat the leather and clean the interior. I have bought some Gliptone leather condition and cleaner so hopefully that will come up a treat. Wheels are also being sorted, getting the tyres removed tomorrow and going to book them in for a refurb next week
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    Is that how the aluminium rust?!

    That's not a lacquer nor a paint problem. It's the preparation of the bare metal (aluminum). Prior to applying the undercoat (if any undercoat was applied), the surface needs to be cleaned well with high pressure water jet, to get rid of the salts that get into the aluminum micro structure. If not, aluminum does not seal properly, oxidizes and that's what you see!
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    535i Andrew

    BMW Electrical Recall

    You mean replace the indicators due to wearing out from correct usage.
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    Dr Taylor


    Dear all, I hope you don't hate me, but I have caved in to pressure (from my mid-life crisis), and swapped my 520d for something with... a little more grunt. This is an excellent forum - you have been awesome and very helpful - and I bid you a fond farewell. That said... I might just keep you in my faves and pop in from time to time. Anyway - I will try to upload a photo of my new beast: a 2006 Subaru WRX STi 2.5 Spec D. 0-60 5 secs. 280 bhp. Doc T
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    New viscous coupling too stiff

    I put a Meyle one on mine, works perfectly.
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    535i Andrew


    You will still be welcome here, we still even talk to someone who drives an Audi!
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    Matthew Ashton


    Good luck with it. The backward cap’ll suit you
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    Dr Taylor


    Your constant ribbing about 6-cylinder petrols was like slow water erosion of my willpower. Good work! I knew I wanted to go back to petrol, but I was thinking NA: S2000; 350 or 370Z. But my mate has a Celica GT4...so...Scooby it was. Tough choice!!!!
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    535i Andrew


    I knew it! I knew it! I knew you secretly hated driving a Diesel. Glad you have ditched the Aga for something powered by the proper stuff. Good luck with it.
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    How very random! Awesome mate!
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    Mashed Potatoes


    Aaaaah perfect! Just as it should be. 320BHP will be night and day difference from standard.
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    3.0bar doesn't trouble the M57. You may find you're limited by the fuel pump - they can be hit and miss. Is yours the 218BHP or 231BHP version? I personally wouldn't run 2.0bar out of a standard turbo on these, we go with hybrids for 1.8bar upwards. You should clear 300BHP easily, up to 320BHP on a 231BHP engine with a standard turbo.
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    dont blend in to the midille or top of c pillar tho . so many people do this .. for all the effort to mask off you can get wing, 2 doors , rear quarter and the first part of roof taking in the A pillar.. do whole side and put a soft foam edge on the fiat swedge line that runs the legth of the roof .. looks so much better
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    Bonnet and boot roundels

    Payment received and order processed for you Many thanks
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    armrest bump stops.

    Hi, I have searched everywhere I can think of and also checked with our Manager and he cannot ever remember seeing them listed separately sorry
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I do have pretty small hands and have found a couple good videos on doing them specifically on the M52TU. It's not my daily car either so if I run into problems, it's not a big deal - can just take my time with it. Regarding the viscous fan coupling - I've got the right spanners and indeed have already removed it once, so there won't be any issues there. I checked some videos on the alternator job - removing it doesn't concern me a great deal but the bearing swap looks a bit of a pain as I don't have an impact gun, nor a suitable press / puller so I think given what I'd need to spend on new tools, I might as well get a local company to just rebuild it for me. Welp, that's an order for £180's worth of parts placed with C3BMW
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    Corrected that for you Paddy
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    If pressure/vacuum at oil filler cap; more than likely the CCV needs replacing, C3BMW is the man to get you a decent Meyle kit Re your fan, do you mean the viscous fan (the one bolted to the engine); if so, Behr and Meyle are the ones to go for, again, C3BMW or BMWmotormec via eBay are great places to source this, c£75 IIRC As for the alternator; have you thought about just replacing the bearings? Will be a lot cheaper than a new one, but then again, a properly reconditioned one will just be plug n play!
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    Rust curing on e28s

    Bilt hamber and dinitrol are brands I'd be looking at. Both do cavity waxes with inhibitors. Along with your classic waxoyl of course.
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    540i Exhaust Mod Options

    I’ve got a exhaust straight pipe that the previous owner of my car had made up, mine has a twin tip on and no plans to change it tbh if you’d be interested in the part (it’s new and unused and looks stock sport tip style on appearance) let me know via pm and I’ll forward you some pics etc
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    Grand Dragon

    BMW Electrical Recall

    It’s a recall for BMW’s not Audi’s...
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    Cavaliers, yes. Calibras, no.
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    I always fancied one too back in the day. I had a few 2.0i Cavaliers back in the 90s in both CD and SRi spec, and liked them.
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    Matthew Ashton

    Coolant Leak

    Hi, I think the cracked pipe is part 12 in this section: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=FW12-EUR---F10-BMW-520d&diagId=11_4565
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    Rust curing on e28s

    If the sills have no drains old engine oil is king .... Our 1982 Ford Cortina still has the original sills ...