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    April is bowel cancer awareness month. This post is simply to help educate and raise awareness about one of the most common cancers but also possibly one of the least talked about and deadly - its the second most common cancer killer but can be treated with great rates of success if picked up early. Reason for posting is personal, ive been battling it for the last 18 months and if there's even a chance I can persuade someone to get checked out earlier and give them a better chance of survival then sharing my story here is worth it. I'm lucky to have got this far because although i had a couple of symptoms I explained them away to myself. As a healthy half-marathon running 40 year old why would I think different right? Well by the time i went to my GP with 3/5 symptoms it had spread to my liver and later my lungs and bits. Survival is a constant cycle of chemo and rest right now, I dont recommend it, but the alternative when it comes (and there is no question, it is incurable this late on) is obviously far less desirable. So please just have a quick look at this stuff, only takes a few seconds, and take a minute to think about whether you have any of the symptoms or if you're old enough qualify for the easy home screening kits-its rare in young people but incidence rates are growing frighteningly quick. SuperDave https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/bowel-cancer/symptoms/
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    Too true to be funny.......

    Hello, Gordon's Pizza? No sir, it's Google's Pizza. Who? Google bought the pizza store. Ok - I’d like to place an order. The usual sir? How do you know what my usual is? According to caller ID, you always order a 12-slice with extra cheese, sausage & thick crust. Yes, that's it. May I suggest that you order an 8-slice with ricotta & tomato instead? No, I hate vegetables. But your cholesterol is not good. How do you know? Through the subscribers guide, we have the results of your blood tests for the last 7 years. Maybe so, but I don’t want that – anyway, I already take medicine for high cholesterol. But you haven’t taken the medicine regularly. 4 months ago you purchased a box of only 30 tablets from Boots online. I bought more from another chemist. It's not showing on your credit card sir. I paid cash. But according to your bank statement you did not withdraw any cash. I have another source of cash. That isn't showing on your tax form, unless you got it from an undeclared income. Oh go shove your pizza up your arse! I'm sick of Google, Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp. I'm going to an island without internet, where there’s no mobile network, and no one to spy on me. I understand sir............ but you’ll need to renew your PASSPORT, it expired 5 weeks ago.
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    Brace yourself...
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    Hi from the caribean

    Hi there. Im Martin. From uruguay living in Panama. Bought this 87 525i some time ago and in the process of restoring it. It looks good from outside and inside, but mecanically, its all gone. Engine and transmision are good, it has only 65k miles on it. But suspension and everything made of rubber is pretty bad. Shocks are still the ones from the factory, same as everything from the car. Very poor maintenance. Hope you like it, and ill be posting some questions
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    B47 is a post Jul 2014 build. Totally new design engine with 190BHP N47 is a pre Jul 2014 build, 183BHP (I think). B47 is a better engine in nearly every department apart from MPG where is falls some way short of the N47
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    Yeah staff price.... But can do decent discount if anyone needs one. Symptom was.... on idle with temp gauge in the middle (normal running temperature) it would just run out of revs... And stall. Even blipping the throttle wouldn't keep it going. Oddly though it would fire straight back up again.... And never did it while actually driving. Took it to my local BMW specialist, who are both 'M' trained master techs. The guy said it was very common on the earlier models and the pump was basically the same. He'd not seen it on the F10/F11 models as mine was one of the first petrols they had in (apart from the M5's) All seems to be sorted now.... Just a NOX sensor to do when I have some spare money....
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    Katie Price must be in town
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    Good luck, price seems very sensible to me. Wouldn't surprise me if one of a couple of well known dealers snapped it up and then slap a huge margin on it.
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    Almost there in choosing a 5 series

    I'd say going for a petrol makes you pretty fussy mate, but in a good way!
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    Another forum member mapped today! 530D 245BHP with stage 1 tune. We had an original file on the database, so there was no need to open the ECU, and the CVN is fixed so even if this car was to visit BMW in the future, they'd have no idea (apart from driving it) that it had been remapped. People seem to like seeing some of the ins and outs of these cars being programmed so here you go - one dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree! To write these cars through the OBD port, we have to stop the dashboard switching off, which involves us being in the car, with the seatbelt on, the headlights on and the hazard warning lights flashing. There's always warning messages flashing across the instrument cluster and idrive screen when writing the map file in. The whole car effectively panics as the file is written as certain modules can't see the engine ECU, so drivetrain, gearbox, fuel pump, DSC faults among others all flash past. As soon as communication is restored when the file has finished writing, the faults all disappear - it happens on every car, not just BMW so if you're ever getting your car mapped somewhere and you happened to be in the car or it's visible don't worry, it's all completely normal .
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    M535I Project

    When the car returned from the painters, the new parts were painted in the original colour paint. Now that i have had time to see the work up close, i am very pleased with their work. They really have made a good job, thanks to Classic Barnstormers. All new bonnet trim was fitted and the wash wipe piping was installed. Because i was unable to get in the boot for a long time, condensation had built up in the wheel well. I had previously blocked the drainage holes with sound proofing. I took this out and returned the boot floor to paint and replaced the sound proofing under the carpet with sound proofing that won't absorb water. I will return the car to Classic Bahnstormers when i save enough money to finish the paint work and to carry out some small repairs to the rear of the car. I removed the boot seal and some areas of rust need attention. I don't know whether to replace the areas of rust with cut outs or a complete new tail panel. The rear spats were removed and the rear arches also need attention. More work for Classicbahnstormers.
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    I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2004 at age 62 after I found blood in my stools. Because no cancer marker showed in the blood test the doctor thought at first that it was piles and I was happy to go along with that diagnosis but eventually had to face up to reality after a colonoscopy. I had surgery- which was not nice- but I came through it without the need for a bag, much to my relief. Unfortunately the clinical tests on the bits removed indicated that it was stage 4 but I must have been lucky because after a round of chemotherapy which was not too bad and radiotherapy which had more side effects I am still around after 13 years. The very clear message is to get this cancer diagnosed early because in many cases it is then simply a matter of cutting out the bit of bad piping and joining the ends together. If you leave it and it spreads then the problem is much more difficult to treat. It is not easy to go to the doctor and talk about bleeding from the rectum and being men we tend to put this sort of stuff to the back of our minds but please do take early action if you have any of the symptoms.. SuperDave I am sorry to hear of the position you are in and I wish you good luck in your treatment. I commend you for drawing attention to the matter and I hope it helps someone else
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    Good post I get tested every year for Bowel and Prostrate Hope all turns out well for you
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    Same thoughts as Duncan,all our best wishes to you Dave.
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    Been dismissed at Work

    Hi peeps got the job, starting on Monday ☺
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    Not the place for this kind of discussion IMO If you're interested in the car, fine, ask away, if you're trying to pick holes, do it via PM or over in E39 tech chat/general chat etc...! Each to their own when it comes to selling cars and prices. However, the OP started a useful thread re this and he's priced it on the back of that discussion...
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    Went to BMW dealers in Tamworth...oh Boy how arrogant and rude the staff were even though i went to buy parts...still bought them but was quite unpleasant experience. They seem to scan you from head to toe to determine whether you are minted bloke coming to splash mega money on their VERY reliable German cars or just an unwanted pest. Been to few dealerships by far BMW is the worst,.owned few cars and by far BMW is the worst in terms for reliability..