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    The Flying Banana

    Garage Workbench

    guy next door built one out of sleeper.....2 on each side of garage wall as legs ...4 deep on top...its at a height too the nose of car goes under .....its rock solid
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    Touring wallowy ride

    For the rear I would say subframe bushes. When worn they can lead to a disconnected wallowy feel. I had mine changed and they Made such a difference.
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    Thanks will give him a shout.
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    Glad you have it sorted had a feeling that would of been the problem and 80g is 100% cent going to show up under breaking
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    Top Gear

    I honestly think it is garbage, if I hear another yes yes yes. Scream or wooh hoo I will throw something at the telly
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    Ok I took on the point on balancing My local independent tyre place is top guy so he checked it all. the front o/s wheel was out of balance by 80g and the n/s very slightly. He corrected them both. He checked both front discs and there are still 1000s if miles left in them and the pads are about a 3rd worn. I had a good look too. i took the car back out and I think it could be the out of balance wheel. I’m now hyper sensitive and I actually think the ride is hard and i pick up vibrations etc through so of the diobolical roads we have round here. i thrashed the arse off it this morning.. zipping up to 80/90 and breaking so hard the abs kicked in.. breaking hard from 70/80 down to 40 and I don’t think the issue is there as it was yesterday. so the jury is out!! But I’m not as concerned as I was. i appreciate all your help. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been driving or what you experience is mechanically, to have others help ask questions that prompt thought and suggestion is just why we are all here, so thanks Tarby
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    There's something really satisfying about snow foaming.
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    Got to say I agree with you, I tried snow foam for a while and found it pretty useless other than taking more time and leaving a mess on the floor. It doesn’t appear to achieve any more than a quick going over with a pressure washer to remove excess dirt/grit etc.
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    Snow foam followed by Swissvax car bath then Auto finesse Oblitarate then Auto Finesse Iron out (was surprised how much purple streaking occurred as the car has done very little milage)then washed again then dried with towels. Once fully dry I went over the full car with Swissvax Regular Cleaner Fluid then 2 coats of Swissvax Shield wax. The wheels got the same treatment all by hand not a machine polisher in site. May seem a little over the top but I enjoy doing it and the car is parked outdoors all year round. As happen to sshooie's neighbour an hour after finishing it it started raining and has not yet stopped.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Fitted the turbos back to the car, both had the standard bearings and balance but the small one had a new shaft as well as it was leaking oil into the inlet (maybe the outlet as well?) Basted the oil lines, intercooler and various other oily parts with brake cleaner Fitted the top turbo twice as I couldn't get the pipe back in with it all together Fitted the DPF twice as a plug got stuck behind it that I didn't spot Fitted a new offside engine mount while the support arm was off (can't get the turbo in with it in place for some reason) Did a couple of vac lines. Fingers crossed if the weather holds sunday I will get the steering back together and get out for a test drive.
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    BMW 530i Champagne Edition 2 88k

    I'd guess that the Old Colonel car is a Champagne I, hence the electric seats and brushed alu trim. The Champagne II's had Papel Natur (Poplar) and nearly all had manual, non-heated seats. C.
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    One thing to check that has not been mentioned is wheel balancing I’ve had this on various cars I have owned and wheel balancing cured it, worth a check.
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    BMW 530i Champagne Edition 2 88k

    Hi, If the old colonel E39 referenced above is a Champagne, then the Naturel Poplar wood trim is missing. At that asking price, it needs to be present and in excellent condition. Fairly sure that 'black' kidney grilles weren't a factory option either ! Plenty of car purchasers who aren't on forums and who don't research various aspects about cars - they have deep pockets and mostly 'automatically assume' low mileage means a car is fantastic in every way - it's those customers who keep 'higher end' car dealers in business ! Cheers, Dennis!
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    Amen to that brother. Mine, is proudly at 24.9 mpg.
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    535i Andrew

    E60 523 m sport.

    Oooh a petrol E60, hello and welcome. Makes a nice change in the dreary sea of heavy oil cars. Try posting in the E60 technical section.
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    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    Only a suggestion but there are 'old fashioned' causes of poor economy, including binding brakes, tyre pressures, etc. Worth eliminating.
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    Derek Duvall

    Low windscreen washer pressure.

    Yes just done the same with mine, hardly any pressure on the jets and I was stuck with no washers whilst in Germany. I took the NSF wheel off and unscrewed the arch liner to expose the washer bottle with the pumps, pulled out the pumps and they were blocked in the filters. It worked a treat afterwards. Mine is an E61 M5 so hopefully in the same place.
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    Low windscreen washer pressure.

    blocked filter or gunked up washer bottle.
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    Learnt to drive in the snow in my Capri days and loved it. Never had a problem with my E39 540 either and I lived in a dip when I owned it so uphill whichever way I went. Problem nowadays seems to be other people not knowing what to do so either under or over reacting. A couple of years ago I actually followed a Discovery for about three miles. He refused to go over 20mph even though we were on a clear straight main road. The only ice was in the centre so I couldn't get passed. This year I'm in the only part of the country that's had next to no snow so haven't been able to put my 550 to the test. That may be a good thing!!
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    Been dismissed at Work

    An argument is one thing, serious misconduct quite another. At the very least sounds like you ought to try a polite letter to whoever the overall boss is to at request an opportunity to explain your side of things, emphasising your deep regret that an argument got out of hand but clearly stating you feel their ultimate decision to dismiss you is out of proportion. It might, hopefully, give you a second chance or soften their position on a neutral reference in future if they're a bit more sympathetic - I'd request their HR person attend if theyve got one . Good luck mate.