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    M5 valet today. Results

    Hi all Just wanted to share some lovely pics after I had my M5 valeted today. The paintwork was already beautiful but it is pristine now (bar the odd tiny scratches that need paint correction). One of the pics shows the local (Cambridgeshire) chap who did the work, highly recommended! Plus, my first ever E34 M5 'fix' was the replacement of the front fog light bulbs, which now work! Enjoy.
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    HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Now there's a set of words that still bring me out in a cold sweat.
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    M5 valet today. Results

    Forgot to add my favourite pic
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    Started the process of fitting these! Part of the 500BHP upgrade kit.
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    E60 M5 finally bought

    So I've been thinking about this for years now, infact I have a thread on here two years ago where I was mulling it over but I've finally done it. For me the story of an E60 M5 goes back more 12 years to a strange time in life when I was considering a career change from IT into the automotive side of things. I ended up applying for an apprenticeship at the tender age of 18 and getting down to the final two. Part of the end of the selection process was to spend two weeks working at a main dealer. I have to say a huge thanks to the master tech at this dealer as I learnt so much in those two weeks about the principals of car diagnosis and how to use. Sadly it wasn't meant to be, I found out the other guy was a relation of the owners of the dealer so really I didn't have a choice which was a shame. Interestingly despite the time I still remember many of the cars we worked on. KDS on an E46 M3 that had been bumped, an early 136bhp 320d with running problems (MAF), a 750il in for battery drain issues (she was a thing of beauty), an E60 with active cruise control, but by far the best one was an E60 M5 in Silver. They were nearly new back then, I seem to recall we fitted a tracker to it. However the treat for me was the master tech took me out in it for a test drive. Looking back I feel sorry for its owner but it was jolly exciting. Lets call the tech Dave, Dave thought he would impress me with this car so off we trundled through Blackpool and once it was warm he gave it an absolute boot full on what was a fairly busy road with small shops either side. I'm not sure if it was in 400 or 500bhp but it was in manual and it must have been at least S4 or S5 and as you might imagine it absolute leapt down the road to 8250rpm at which point Dave had been so overwhelmed by the performance he had forgotten which paddle to pull. This must have only been for a fraction of a second but it felt like a life time. The noise was incredible and when he did remember which paddle to pull the shift into 2nd and the resulting acceleration was a memory I've distinctly held on to all these years. Obviously back then the idea of owning an E60 M5 was utter fantasy. I had an E39 M5 a few years ago and whilst a wonderful car it was getting tired so I swapped it for an E63 650i. I do always wonder if I should have borrowed some money and had an M6 but I've never been a fan of owing money on cars especially as my cars tend to sit all week as I have a company pickup that I use for work. The M5 had crossed my radar again at this point but it was also beyond my budget at that time. After 3 years I swapped the E63 (disclaimer here, the 650i was a superbly capable car here and we both miss it dearly) for a Supercharged Range Rover which was great for doing a tour of Scotland and for family work but it was pretty numb and seriously thirsty and not really that fast. I also had a 330ci Msport which I used for track days but the cost of running two cars (as I have for the last 6 years) had begun to grate on me plus I was at risk of loosing a parking space. I went some through the obvious of what other fast saloon which would provide family space with some fun for me and really there is only one car, an M5 and with the F10 beyond my budget we came back to my old friend the E60. So to my E60, well I happened to join a group and naturally when you say you are interested in buying a car the inbox is rapidly filled with people trying to offload all sorts of rubbish but there was one message of a nice looking car that had plenty of work done over the years and the last owner for 10 years. It was with great excitement I first went to see this car and whilst the pictures look good the exterior cosmetic condition was befitting of its 13 years on the road. Not bad, but not perfect. However luckily I have a tame bodyshop man who will sort out some of the passage of time. It was worth noting that I hadn't actually been in an M5 or M6 E6x since that initial encounter all those years ago but my word it was just as impressive as I remember. Quite an achievement for a car that's a few years old. The car was mechanically wonderful and very well maintained and the only one of the 5 I viewed that didn't have some sort of error on the dash or obvious fault. The problem then was finding a buyer for my other two cars but things fell into place to allow me to finally go and collect the E60 last Monday. It was in Scotland, so a friend and I managed to dodge the snow of the previous week and despite having to dig it out of the previous owners drive my very first driving experience of an E60 m5 was to drive it through the snow onto the main road. Certainly a baptism of fire (ice?) but off we trundled in 400bhp auto default mode. It felt wonderful, even in Mong mode as we could call it. Standard for an E60 there wasn't much fuel in it so a quick fill up and we hit the road to get home before the weather got any worse. In our younger days we might have gone for it on the motorway but it was nice to cruise down the M74 and M6 in superb comfort and it even managed 24.5mpg which I was very impressed by. In similar conditions the Supercharged Range Rover might have done 21mpg if I was very lucky. I did give it a little tickle at one point, we both agreed it was a quick car. 15 minutes later I started to chuckle, realising it was still in 400bhp mode... Since collecting I've done 500 miles in her and apart from the PDC failing (irritating but a fact of life on older cars) its been wonderful. I have rapidly learnt to use the SMG box and in full crazy mode it still one hugely impressive car. Dad had a little go and needed 5 minutes to sit to let the Adrenalin go down. As you might imagine friends old and new have appeared out of the woodwork, very few having experienced a true 500bhp car all have been impressed. It is the only car I've ever owned that I've genuinely thought this is seriously quick and had to learn to respect from the first day. I cant believe just how much more power there is than the E39 M5 and the 650i. Yours, a smitten owner 1 week in.
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    RIP Stephen Hawking (1942-2018) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43396008
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    Considering F10 M-Sport...

    There's nothing wrong with the 4-pot diesels. They're very efficient, smooth and powerful enough for most people. There's absolutely no doubt that the 6-pot's are better in most measurable ways (other than economy), but that doesn't mean you should be put off of the 520d, which is a great car - it's the most common F10 on the road for a reason.
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    Those wheels make the car, looks brilliant. Was not a fan if the previous ones you had.
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    Have you thought about ripping the music from your iTunes account (Mac or PC) and burbing it to a CD? I'm sure a quick Google will show you how to do this Otherwise, look at sellers like Musicmagpie via eBay/Amazon and see if the music you want is £0.01 per album etc
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    HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Iv been toying with the idea of a Play One to go in the kitchen... but that's all it would ever be, a bit of noise in the kitchen. I would never get rid of my Monitor Audio RX setup (2x floor standers + Center). Its my main setup and is used for all TV viewing/movies/gaming. The sound is outstanding. I couldn't ever go back to just using TV speakers or even a soundbar. I'm also tempted by a pair of MA Bronze bookshelf speakers for my desk. They get great reviews and are very good value for the quality. I made my own Bi-amp cables using 4mm 4core flex (i had it in my van), heat shrink and banana plugs. Sound quality is pretty good to me. i personally feel that expensive speaker cables are ludicrous..after all copper is copper.
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    Lol thanks mate, I ended up going with the roadstones as I wanted a matching set! The fronts have been great and are only around 6 months old so having matching rear will be a true test really for traction but they really are a good tire, I had mitchelin pilots a few years back and I’d rate these better lol!
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    Rattles and annoying noises

    I have given it some of late and it does turn in remarkably well, very agile too,,,,,, and yrs much more fun than A6 - mostly because this accelerates far quicker than my 3 litre D A6 did ........ such fun
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    Steve van hool


    For sure it is a great city to visit, if you are planning on going again, leave it a few months as the Astronomical Clock tower is under going renovation, and is covered in scaffolding. Edit currently removing the scaffolding.
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    Sport > comfort != TC Off

    Mine are exactly the same but I only have Eco, Comfort, and Sport modes. If I turn off DSC partially the throttle mapping is the same as comfort. If I turn off DSC completely the mapping is the same as Comfort. Conversely if I am in "sport" I cannot have DSC off partially or completely. Seem's they fixed this design fault by putting sport+ as an option after sport. No biggie was just curious as it seems like a minor design fault which they replicate after 03/2012 presumably (my cars build date).
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    M5 valet today. Results

    That's far too much praise for me! The bulk of the work has been done by Andy, I just hope to complete the project!
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    WBAC took £40 off my E60 price for having a service book with my signature in it referencing the wad of BMW receipts I handed over with me doing diy servicing. Their argument was its not a fully dealer stamped book. I saved way more than £40 doing the servicing myself, I had fun doing it and my dad helped me so it was a great way to spend time with my dad.
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    F10 525D 3.0 Service approaching 70k

    Never gone wrong with Eurocarparts to be honest, came up cheapest for pads and disks aswell when i needed them changing.
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    Hi TrM5, This is my area of interest yes! For the Chinese route, the 'best' of them is the recently announced Avin Avant 3 unit. It has much better OEM look aesthetics, promises OBC and DSP support and is also a mechless unit so shallow and easy to fit. It's only available from Avin in the USA and it's pricey once you add in the various import costs - https://avinusa.com/avant-3-for-bmw-5-series-e39-m5-android-multimedia-navigation-system.html The next best unit would be the Dynavin N7, but it doesn't have all the features of the Avant 3. The best support for these units is only with the USA based importer/reseller and for that market mainly. The UK importer/distributors have changed recently so maybe they'll offer the same level of knowledge and after sales care. Overall, with the rest of the 'Chinese' route of replacement head units, the situation is pretty much the same as previously, in so much that the units awash all over ebay and with 'brand' names like pumpkin, secaine, erisin, xtrons, eonon etc it's buyer beware as there's very little good support and after sales care. If you get a fully working one that stays working longer term, you'll be one of the few lucky ones. 'Some' purchasers are happy, the majority aren't. Over the years, some of those brands have been mentioned a lot on many BMW forums and after a short while, the problems begin to be mentioned. Some have even sponsored forums and again, threads have started off well and then within a few months problems arise and little support for purchasers and then removal from the forum by the owners as they then don't wish their forums to be associated with them (Eonon!) From a 'functions' perspective, then they have the latest technologies but given their low quality/generic quality, reliability and performance/Sound Quality etc are low. There's a 'new' UK based company now that sells a number of these 'clone' type replacement units and are the latest company here attempting to retail them in accordance with UK retail law. The ones previously who did the same now no longer exist and/or decided to stop selling chinese head units, so 'hopefully' these guys will support/warrant these units properly and for the long term. They're called Audio tech direct - https://audiotechdirect.com/ For the high quality, premium recognised and established brand route, you can choose from Pioneer, Alpine, Parrot, Kenwood, Sony, JVC. Out of the box, none have 'oem ish' aesthetics about them as they're all the standard DIN or Double DIN sizing (they do offer specific fit units for certain cars but not the E39). I personally prefer this route given I prefer all the reliability, much better performance/SQ, proper after sales care and support if needed from local UK independent car audio dealers etc. Ideally, what solution are you looking for to have installed in your car? Cheers, Dennis!
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    Grand Dragon


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    Finally, the first update of 2018. Started the year off by putting the covers on the Throwing stars the right way round, also got rid of the old securing bolts and put the new ones it. I previously mentioned that someone fitted incorrect bolts for the covers on the rear wheels and here's what they looked like: As you can see, they are hex bolts with washers, but originally you're supposed to have spline bolts in there, which fit flush with the wheels and don't stick out. The good thing about these "wrong bolts" was that they came off easily, since they were replaced quite recently. The covers are aluminium and here's what they look like once taken off: The plastic cap in the centre is separate and you can see the correct spline bolts, which is what BMW uses to secure the covers to the wheels. I cleaned the threads on the covers with some WD40 and also put a bit of copper grease on the new bolts before fitting them. Here's the first wheel finished: The front 2 wheels and the spare one had very tired-looking bolts on the covers, so I wouldn't be surprised if no one touched them for the last 10 years or possibly even from new. Had to be careful not to round the head on the splines, as otherwise I would end up drilling them, which obviously I wanted to avoid. Here's one wheel with the old bolts: Surprisingly, all the bolts came out in one piece and there was no drama after all. Here's the collection: With the covers sorted, I moved to the badges, which was a lot easier to deal with. They are just stuck-on, so all you need is a thin scraper to pry them off and then carefully remove, paying attention not to damage the surface of the cap. Then clean off the remaining glue with a degreaser and you are ready to put on the new badges. My old ones kind of felt apart, as I took them off. They weren't genuine either, as the letters on the genuine BMW badges are engraved, so you can feel a slight groove as you move your finger across them. That's for BMW pedants out there... Having previously driven on 18" M Parallels, I can definitely say that 17's are a better choice for an E34, both in terms of looks and ride/handling. Of course, looks are subjective, but I think 18's are just a bit too big and the ride was a bit too harsh for my liking as well. That's not to say that 17's are not hard, because compared to original 15" style 5's with 60-profile tyres, they are without a doubt harder, but it's something I can live with, considering the E34 is my daily driver. The car feels much more stable and planted on the road, especially giving more confidence at high speeds, since it doesn't bounce around, like it did on 15's. As for looks, it currently looks just perfect to me - Bilstein B12 kit + Throwing stars is an ideal combo, in my opinion. Here are a few photos: The next job on the list is probably sort out the exhaust. To be honest, there's nothing specifically wrong with the exhaust itself, but the catalytic converter has fallen into pieces and I'm thinking of getting an OE Klarius, type-approved replacement, so I might as well get a decent exhaust too - however, nothing too loud, as I'm quite happy with the original BMW exhaust anyway. I'm thinking possibly a Jetex cat-back system or maybe get something custom-made by Powerflow? Will need to look into this further and do a bit more research before I decide what I'm going to go for. Still need to see what's wrong with my rear window regulators and my driver's seat is torn on base, so again, a few things that need to be sorted, but obviously have to prioritise things and get more important stuff done first. Talking about important stuff, planning to replace the clutch this year, along with the gear linkage and other bits, like the clutch slave cylinder, etc. Let me sort out the exhaust first and then I'll probably start looking into getting the parts for the clutch change. Thanks for the following.
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    It actually does yea, would suit you perfectly This was my previous car on air which had a 6 page feature in performance BMW and voted 2nd in best modified in 2016. Still got the shoes from that - happy to pass them down
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    2003 E39 525d Sport

    in the best colour.... More pics to follow when I pick my exhaust mountings up. One has perished and the exhaust is hanging down. Unfortunately I am driving our dogs car in the meantime (206 SW Quicksilver).
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    M.P's putting porn pictures up again.. Might need to report him
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    535i Andrew

    Considering F10 M-Sport...