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    Discounts on new

    Clearly my umbrellas are becoming rather famous, must post pictures tomorrow haha
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    MadCow detailing

    For anyone who hasn’t heard of MadCow detailing this is all I use. Here is a picture of the interior using there mango sauce interior spray. Keeps it a nice matt finish with no sticky stuff like a lot of other sprays leave. And it smells amazing
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    Talk about bad luck

    Mick - so sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you.
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    Grand Dragon

    Talk about bad luck

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    Better the devil you know....
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    Collection day!!

    Not driven the 520i - I went for the 520d, and while it’s never going to set the world alight, I’m actually pleased with its performance and economy. First 2,500 miles have averaged 48mpg over a mixture of roads / conditions.
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    Latest verdict on CCV parts?

    What a pig of a job! Mine had split a pipe as I had oil on the drive (well, more than usual - it's an old beemer!). Did it without removing the inlet/manifold thing - not removing it made the 's' pipe that goes into the top of the CCV much more difficult - eventually figured out that the Meyle has a twist on system as opposed to snapping on, i.e. line it up at the correct angle and it slides on easy (considering you're pushing from the other site of the inlet) and twist till it stops and it's done! My kit came with the 6 O rings for the top of the inlet (distributor) - the old ones were flat and brittle. The new ones sat in their bag in a cup of hot water to help fitting. I could not unblock the small pipe that goes into the oil dip stick tube - tried wire, brake cleaner - I was stumped. In the end I took the pressure washer to it but I'm not convinced it did the job. Oh and I had one random loose connector (just below the plastic box that's attached under the upper boot) - it looked dirty inside suggesting it was never connected to anything - I could not find anywhere to plug it in so left if! Car runs fine now - no smoke, jittery revs, even pulls away better now. My old CCV system had done 149k and was blocked solid with mayo - the CCV just poured out beige liquid - well overdue!! Thanks to C3BMW for quick and well packed dispatch - I got the Meyle kit which seems good quality, I just can't figure out how some bits of plastic cost 80 squid!! The barge lives on!! Cheers the tips gents
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    The day BMW finally realises they have 95% of the hardware (surround view) to implement a dash cam from factory, they will charge £5,000 for it plus yearly subscription of £750 to BMW cloud platform...so best to stick with halsford
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    New Datsun GTR?

    My name is down for the new Supra and GTR Sadly, I'm only allowed one of them.
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    Retrofitted paddle shift version of my M-Sport steering wheel. few leather press marks which I'm hoping will fix it self after some heat cycles but very happy easy to fit too.
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    E34 535i Sport / M5 content

    Congrats. That looks lovely and in the best colour too. C.
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    Sure thing.. I have seen your posts on the Facebook group too and know you are a local I am only over in Coventry.
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    Is a Sponge Just a Sponge?

    How about one of these......... https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=image+of+brillo+pad&client=safari&rls=en&dcr=0&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=p51gyHXDQAfzkM%3A%2CeKxGkrQMn-wU3M%2C_&usg=__StY9B_yQHUbJunY55w8gC4GckSA%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjb_qqWiNbZAhVFGsAKHXjmBuIQ9QEINzAH#imgrc=p51gyHXDQAfzkM:
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    Grade of Derv - 535d

    Amen to that. I know you didn't mean this exactly but when we had the snow I hadn't noticed how much cleaner the air smelt until a bus went past me. It stank. Then as the snow cleared I noticed the familiar diesel exhaust smell back as traffic returned to the roads. I'm sure not just diesel either. Enjoy the car OP. I have been considering a trip to the dark side but I just can't being myself to do it unless it's in the form of a van. Edit to add the only time I've noticed a difference in performance using different fuel on any car I've ever driven is when someone else paid for the fuel. :P
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    E34 535i Sport / M5 content

    Very nice Clem, well done mate
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    Very nice , and a 540 too .. lucky man !! You can get yourself your car in minature now with same wheels from Otto ..
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    What about F30 335d xdrive?

    The possibilities..... I think this is a sign of a happy man! A review from the 335D xDrive done the other day.
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    Kept driving it over last three days. Who says BMW’s are hopeless in the snow! Driven through about 6” of untouched snow with no issues.
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    Steering wheel swap

    Sure - drop me a PM.