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    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissens-Oilcooler-90627-OE-7-787-447/362074072101?epid=1141942971&hash=item544d4be425:g:2O0AAOSwYDhZlui0 looks like replacements aren't too expensive (would need to double check your vehicle details to be certain that is correct)
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    yes it is possible as its on the low pressure return side, if its on a straight or not too tightly curved section you could cut the damaged section out and slip some flexible hose over, will need to be oil resistant stuff obviously.
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    You could and you could have no problems at all. Or it could cause other failures and problems due to the lack of cooling. Personally if BMW decided that it needed a cooler, I'd replace rather than disconnect it.
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    Hello good folk

    Just signed up. And wanted to say hello We have a 2010 e60 520d auto. Great milage 5.5 lit/100km We also have an e92 320d man. 2010. thanks // Adrian.
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    Happy new year!

    Best Wishes to all members and their families for 2018.
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    Northern irish 540

    After reading liam97's interior transformation thread it makes mine look crap lol So my car started out with electric memory comforts sand beige which is very dated in 2017 So i finally found my favourite interior off all time... nappa champagne <3 .. maybe its walknappa not sure but, its amazingly soft and pretty rare Back seats are in ok condition but the rest is pretty poor unfortunatly. I was pricing around to see what it would cost to fully refurb them but it seems to be a few hundred per seat!! So i plan on attempting re dying. The door handles on the door cards are also leather My biggest concern is the drivers seat as its all folded and wrinkled as you can see in the pics Anyway ill worry about that when i finish the installation new m stitched steering wheel installed and chrome clock rings still alot of work to do need to.. Wire in the heating feature of the seats Refurb seats Refurb door cards Install black roof cloth to match my freshly dyed black parcel shelf! And most importantly find a leather center consol to dye champagne Id like a leather lower and upper dash but ill settle for just the consol.. for now lol Ive been searching ebay and theres one for £250 but thats way over budget :s for a student running a v8 Steve
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    Fitting the Space Saver Spare

    Came with rft but spare option.
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    It bores me to tears! HOWEVER..... the chimp knocking the ape out last night was good! I was very drunk whilst I watched it though that MVG is the missing link! I'm amazed he can pick his knuckles up off the floor long enough to throw a set of darts let alone be as good as he is! And Phil "THE POWER" Taylor (fuck off!) did he take his name from his washing machine that he uses to get the skids from his Y-fronts? What happend to that fella that wears all the gold rings and chains? Is it Bobby someone? I know he doesn't play anymore I seen him present the darts a while back, don't know what channel it was, wasn't paying to much attention....
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Yes, genuine OEM As you'd expect a very high quality item capable of covering all needs. Usually back order but at most about a week from Germany. If the corrosion is not severe then perhaps the klokk panel may be suitable but tbh you don't get anywhere near the versatility of the BMW item.
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    Japanese Import E39s

    Hi yes, i did, a place called Seymour Pope, they seem to specialise in exotic, esoteric and unusual metal from Japan and other places. They source the cars themselves and ship them over at their own cost, they also covered the cost of all the necessary paperwork to get the car UK registered, MOT'd and the new number issued from DVLC as well as the Stereo/SatNav conversion, they also gave the car a six month parts and labour warranty too. Ironically the car I originally wanted from them was also a Japanese Import, a 525 E34 Touring in full Racing Dynamics trim which was absolutely gorgeous fully optioned in Black with a black leather interior and a double sunroof, that was up for 7K if my memory serves. Anyway, that one didn't hang around. So after that I kept my eye on their website and when this one came up I put a holding deposit on it without viewing which they assured me was refundable if I changed my mind, of course, after taking one look at it I bought it on the spot. Good luck if you decide to go ahead, you wont regret it.
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    Northern irish 540

    Welcome Steve that looks a lovely e39.
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    Northern irish 540

    Welcome along, that's a nice motor!