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    I once went to view an Opel Manta for sale in Liverpool years ago, no owner but the car was open so gave it a look over, before jumping into the driving seat, I removed a small cushion, on turning it over found it was just a cloth covered piece of plywood with about 20 one inch nails sticking out of it, coverd by the cloth. I guess he didn't like car thrives. P.S. I bought the car it served me well, and enjoyed driving it for 2 years.
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    Johnny Grabble

    G30 in the Snow

    Been everywhere today in a rwd 535d F 10 on winter tyres. No problems even when 4wd SUVs (including the wife's 4wd Kuga on all season tyres) were struggling. I lived in Germany for a number of years where they have proper winters and i learned a lot about winter driving. Tyres, not number of driven wheels, make all the difference. You may not like it but that's how it is. Let the torrent of abuse from the sceptics commence....
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    Fitting LED day time lights

    OR swap your headlights for facelift Halo headlights, have them switched on and keep it looking like a normal BMW and not some chavved up 'I've added DRL's car
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    535i Andrew

    RIP Cheggers!

    The man who I grew up watching on the telebox, has died aged just 60. Keith Chegwin. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-42313706
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    Thanks grizzle that more seems like the answer...the car was scanned this morning and according to this scan the car is equipped with adaptive lights....will try what you said. Thanks. Having a starter issue now lol. As soon as its rectified i will return to this post.
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    The old thermostat questions (again)

    That was a very flat stretch of the M1, it was at 36 by the time I got home after driving through town. I had reset it just b4 the pic to see what it was capable of running at the correct temp as it was 40 doing 65mph back from Manchester a few weeks back.
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    Recommend a commuter car

    Other attraction of a Volvo is the seats. They are epic. Domestic Boss has a V70 for general duties and it is stunningly good at motorway commutes.
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    Kerb View Mirror

    Here you go There is a PUMA Measure GB63345577 relating to this issue. It applies only in the event of a customer complaint where there might have been a misunderstanding in the Sales literature at point of sale.
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    Fitting LED day time lights

    I tend to drive on sidelights at the very minimum anyway, so no need or DRL's. plus point is the rear lights are also illuminated.
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    You do know the front wheels turn so you can go round corners, right??
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    Replacement battery required

    yes they do need setting up with diagnostic software, no experience of this myself though, i'm sure many others on here can comment on what software you need for it.
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    G30 in the Snow

    Well it stopped snowing here well ahead of the forecast, but we still had nearly 9 inches. I live at the very end of a very steep farm road, so my other car is a Land Cruiser. I don't think my G31 even though it's xdrive would be very happy with getting up that hill in the packed snow! In the LC it's no drama, just stick crawl control on and let it do it's thing. Lots of abandoned cars and fallen trees around here and we have no power (lots of lines down, but Western Power say they're still hoping to get power back this pm). Very few cars on the roads, BUT I was tailgated twice by little Audis! Not sure what magic Audi put into their cars so that they can run at high speed in the snow, but I wish they would sprinkle some of that magic pixie dust on the owners and improve their eyesight. Yes, that is a dirty great big tow bar on that near 3 tonne 4x4 you are 50mm away from in your fragile little tin can! Photo out of the window for Larriebee, who's missed out on the snow !
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    New ticket obtained this morning. 7 years old and no advisories - happy days!
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    Recommend a commuter car

    OK update, he looked at a Honda Accord but too big for his uses (commuting from central london to centre of oxford and cambridge). That red Volvo V50 seems favourite at mo. Second place is an Octavia he's seen (thanks Greig!) 20+ year old Beemers are not on the shortlist!!
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    Replacement battery required

    does it have stop start? if not I believe you can use a standard lead acid battery rather than AGM. https://www.varta-automotive.com/en-gb/technology/agm-battery-technology that explains what an AGM battery is. I believe the size code is an 019, same as my E34, (check the sticker, or the dimensions, its 353mm long by 190 by 175mm) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Advanced-019-AGM-Car-Battery-95ah-900cca-5yr-Warranty-019-017-Replacement-/171782289396 and a standard lead acid one is about half the price (seems battery prices have jumped about £25 in the last week!!)
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    What are you listening to?

    Essentially, nearly all the metal I listen to is mixed with something, be it extra melody to my death metal (Arch Enemy or Amorphis), choirs and orchestra (Nightwish, Epica or Xandria) or even good old pop music (Delain, Within Temptation or Amaranthe). I listen to very little 'straight metal'. So, let's listen to Automatic by Amaranthe. This band is a guilty pleasure of mine and perfectly mix sickeningly catchy Euro Pop with metal!
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    2007 E60 523i (LCI) Xenon

    Doesn't mean it's got adaptive xenons though. Different option
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    The Spooner

    Fitting LED day time lights

    Please don't councilify it. what with this and somebody being "magpie Barry", you can make a nice car look utterly tragic
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    M535i headliner finally fitted

    I think I got the last one sent over from Germany.
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    Choosing an E60 M5

    Personally, I wouldn’t get an E60 M5 without a warranty. The bills they can throw up are utterly massive. Facelifts are better but as always, buy on condition and proof of servicing rather than miles. I’d rather a well sorted, higher mileage car than a low mileage one with a less careful owner.
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    Recommend a commuter car

    Skoda Octavia tfsi. Plenty low mileage ones at that kind of money with decent spec too. Choice of petrol engine size also.