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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Picked up the car, glow plug controller was changed, faulty codes were cleared, took the car for a short run and read codes again, this time no faults came up, so all happy chappy! The car was cold when I started it and the engine worked nice and smooth but will keep my eye on it. tomorrow should be quite cold! Jake13, you are right, mechanic said he managed to change the controller without removing the manifold!
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    You can replace glow plug controller without removing the manifold, sometimes the toughest part is getting the big plug off. I have a magnet nut driver set which stops fastners falling off, magnetic socket inserts are also very useful to have.
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    These cars are amazing..mine went toe to toe with a rs4 and surprised a c63.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    That's how I did it . The problem with having diagnostic scanners is that you become a psychotic, obsessed zero fault goal seeker.
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    Kit's E34 535i

    Started the other rear arch today, got to the POR-15 Rust Preventive paint. Tomorrow I will put the chassis black top coat on along with paint the damper and brake calliper and udercoat the arch lip to paint red next week. Slow progress I know, hard when I am away 4 nights every week with work. Need to get it done as the car is a mess and so is the garage! So when it is done I will roll the car out and give it a good wash and tidy the garage up too. Walked around the car the other day just checking it over while waiting for paint to dry and noticed that the front arches are starting to go, but that is probably making a mountain of a mole hill as you can't see it yet and just about feel it if you know what it should be like. My OCD wouldn't have allowed me to do the rears and not the fronts anyway plus do it now when it isn't bad or structural. But as it is more on the body work and not hidden in the arch I am probs going to send it to a body shop to get done. And while they are at it re-paint the bonnet and mirrors, paint all the black trim and sills black again and get them to do the door restoration job as water has got in behind the trim on the lower edge of the door and it has started to lift. I have done my fair share of body restoration for life now and I really cba! Just hope the daily Octavia vRS passes its MOT test next week as I don't want to have to spend money on that.
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    Well I have a true first world problem! I over filled the tub before and the temp. had dropped to 30c so I just hope it gets back up to it's normal 40c for my bud-a-thon later!
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    Choosing an E60 M5

    Personally, I wouldn’t get an E60 M5 without a warranty. The bills they can throw up are utterly massive. Facelifts are better but as always, buy on condition and proof of servicing rather than miles. I’d rather a well sorted, higher mileage car than a low mileage one with a less careful owner.
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    I think it was the other way round
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    +1 for winters. Had to drop the wife off this morning as they don't grit round our way. Decided to use the country lanes instead of the main roads as they are full of muppets. Came across a ford focus struggling but the beemer just took it in it's stride. I'm sure he was thinking I would be joining him on the ice!
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    haha i'm going for the naturally rusty look!
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Well the initial job list was glow plug relay, blank the swirl flaps and fit new gaskets (due to an oil leak mainly) and new thermostats. The relay is a bloody horrible job the 1st time. The fun parts putting the car back together today to start and get the engine hot so I can rip it to bits again to get the plugs out. Same happened on the wife's Mini, half the plugs were dead coming up to 100k so I did expect it hence putting the multimeter on them whilst I could see them.
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    This months stupid award goes to....

    Its an odd defense. Generous to call it that really. "West Midlands Fire Service said it would not charge the £650 deployment fee as his life was in genuine danger." I think it might still be, to be honest.
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    1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    Love the look of those 17" staggered style 16's....They are so simple, but perfect for an E34.
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    Red Halo's

    It's illegal and, as red is the standard tailight colour, shows the owner to be a tool of the highest order.
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    Hi, You might have placed the antenna near some wiring that's creating the noise/interference. You could try re-situating the current low quality booster to see if the noise reduces or goes away. If not, get a higher quality booster unit and see if that performs better. Alternatively, look at perhaps getting a Digital Radio solution and add that to your oem head unit/setup. Cheers, Dennis!
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    If the lad doesn't get that I'm taking the piss then there's absolutely no way he will get that joke....
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    Middle 'headlights' do what?

    However you can take solitude in the fact that are driving a nissan Joke, quite possibly the worst car in the world ever!! they clearly have no taste, sense or anything at all therefor they are complete and utter morons whos life is filled with wall paper past and growing ethnicly sourced green beans on an alotment..
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    Fitting LED day time lights

    OR swap your headlights for facelift Halo headlights, have them switched on and keep it looking like a normal BMW and not some chavved up 'I've added DRL's car
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    Del Boy

    Condensation on Headlights

    Are the caps on the rear of the lights on properly? In the wheel arch there's a little flap which needs unscrewing, in there you can see the back of the headlight, and the covering cap.