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    I did notice it says in the specification they are 85v 35w??? 85 volts in a car??? really??? not sure they are correct in that regard but will have to check.. Now can I just say BUGGER!!!! why do BMW and infact every bloody car company make changing a bulb so hard?? Ive seen a few youtube videos that suggest you can do it from the wheel arch flap but i feel more research is needed here before I plumb for doing this myself... im not mechanically inept just restricted by time.. Andrew, you arent wrong and I certainly wouldnt buy cheap, and certainly not halfrauds crap.. funny as my partner suggested going to halfrauds and paying them to do it, oh how i laughed so hard... she didnt quite get that I wouldnt let some untrained monkey with more pimples than a pebble dashed wall go near my car, to her its just a car and a bulb!! Women (incase any women read this im not sexist, just precious about my car.. )
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I've used a H7 HID adaptor (loads on eBay) and trimmed it by nearly 1/2. Simply fit this around the LED bulb so that it holds the bulb in the headlamps. Next was to connect the LED bulbs to the car's harness. I simply removed the high beam bulb from the bulb holder and plugged the LED connector into the bulb holder. Be sure to code off the cold checking otherwise your bulbs will flash once in a while. This was done on a facelift lamps. I'll post a pic tomorrow EDIT: Found a pic on a Facebook forum
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    OK, this may seem like a fairly sraightforward question but one ive yet to find a very clear answer, My 5 series has the following 2 options (522 and 524) Xenon lights and adaptive headlights, but I cant find exactly what Bulb I need to replace the slightly pink and bound to fail soon one I have in the drivers side lamp. I keep seeing that it is DS1 Xenon, but are they all the same as far as wattage etc is concerned?? and should I chose to go for a different kelvin rating does this cause any issues?? im thinking 6000K?? Also can someone explain to me how to tell if i just have Xenon or Bi-Xenon?? I have noticed that my cornering lights in one of the lamps is halogen and looks very orange compared to the other bulb so assume i just have Xenon? Thanks in advance. Mr Ashton im sure you have this covered off somewhere in that knowledge base of yours
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    F10 door corrosion

    Sorry for the poor quality - pics taken at dusk on a phone. Those aren’t masking marks under the shadow trim lines - it’s water after a late in the day wash.
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    Captain Beaky

    530D inlet manifold Split ??

    Cheers Dan for the link, i have joined the group now. I've ordered a manifold from the lads at quarry motors £73 all in and including postage, I went through Parts-Gateway and received about a dozen offers, the cheapest being £52 all in, but i've used the lads before and the parts are tested. Hopefully it will be here on the weekend and I can give it a chemical bath. Thanks for the help lads best forum EVER!
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    Dave, those look like great value and from OSRAM which is a good brand. According to BMW you need to remove the headlight from the car to replace the bulb and that dictates the removal of the bumper too.
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    Not at all, as usual Matthew is right and talking sense. When it comes to bulbs, always go OEM. Same applies to brakes, suspension, tyres, engine filters...... These are critical items so you want to spend money, not save it. The times I've fitted non OEM/cheap crap own brand from Halfrauds, they fail soon after and give rise to spurious bulb failure messages. Oh o.k so the latter may be due to BMWs flaky electronics in the E39 and E60..... OEM can vary between Phillips and Bosch based on my previous BMWs. You can buy Bosch from most decent places. Halfrauds selection of Bosch bulbs is dwindling in favour of their own brand but they are no where as good. Which is a shame as Halfrauds stuff in the main is quite good. But I would think what you are after is main dealer only.
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    Ah yes, headlight bulb debates. You have BiXenon headlights. What this means is that you have one Xenon bulb in the outer circle in each headlight cluster. It has a mechanical gate that covers the top half of the emitted light during dipped beam that is flicked up when you put the brights on to give you full coverage. So - one bulb with a constant output and a mechanical gate that determines dipped or high beam. The inner circle in each cluster is exactly as you say, a cornering light that uses a normal halogen bulb hence the more yellow colour. You need a D1s 12v 35w bulb - 63217217509 (Ouch - £224 each from BMW). I will always stick with OEM but I'm sure others will jump in and shoot me down for such sacrilegious speak!
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    Mashed Potatoes

    Steering. Wheel cowling

    I've never had codes after taking an airbag off (even with the battery connected) as long as the ignition isn't switched on in the process. I've swapped probably 15 steering wheels or so. (that's not to say it's a good idea to do it with the battery still on etc, but it won't go off unless it gets the signal and relevant power from the airbag module) If you pop one side of the airbag out first and the other won't release, just push it back in again and work the opposite side first. They will come free.
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    Hellowwww :D

    yup its f10 series aye im also looking for 3 ltr engine just a bit worried about fuel economy on that though :/ ye defo i need a test drive that would make it alot easier to decide though im definitely getting a beemer i got e class 2016 my dad downs it i love it but its just dont have the driving joy that im looking for got audi a6 so many people like the steering on that its soooo very light but too light for me lol and then i drove my friends 3 series and omg it was perfect driving experience
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    F**k all, it's a Yank thing. We've got enough of their ott customs over here already, what with baby showers, trick or treat and school proms, we don't want any more thank you very much.
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    Glow plug broken in engine!!

    Could not agree more lol.
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    535i Andrew

    Trusty screenwash

    But isn't the need for distilled water only necessary if you live in an area of hard water like parts of Englandshire? There is currently loads of soft water currently raining down on my F10.....