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    After previously having an E39 Touring (which I did like) but eventually it succumbed to rising costs more than what it was worth (suspension, starter, amongst other niggly faults) I went through a couple of Subarus but even though they were numerous years younger still weren't a patch on the BMW, so when this came along at the right price I had to get it, just couldn't refuse! a 1994 525TDS on 114k miles in Sterling Silver. It isn't perfect but doesn't look bad at all after a good clean, previous owner (from new!) was getting into ill health and couldn't look after it as much as he wanted and drive it anymore so needed a bit of TLC but getting there now. It has had some welding done, next on the list is the Thermostat (Stuck open) and the Water Pump (might as well whilst I'm at it), I have heard the Diesels are easier to bleed the the Petrol equivalents? Any tips or write ups on replacing them? Nice little things to do are also LED Headlights, the main beams are good to be fair but the dips are shocking (no surprise really) but needs a bit of work to make them fit nicely, so waiting on new rubber caps to replace the solid plastic ones, oh and adapt from the 2.5mm connectors to the spaded headlight fittings. Although I haven't seen many people running LED bulbs in E34s? running them as a bit of a test as I co-drive on rallies in an E36 M3 fitting with LED's to reduce draw but never needed them for the night. Cruise Control, I've heard it is very simple on the Diesels, and would make a lovely addition on long journeys. ECU Chip, "Endtuning" seems to be pretty good so probably will be on the list of things to do. Something I have already started is to replace the wood trim which as you can see is either in poor condition, broken or missing. So as part of my business I do Laser Engraving and Cutting and have a Brushed Aluminium look that engraves Black (looks better than the Piano Black imo and odd colours just look garish with the rest of the car), I have created templates for most pieces to fit (except the centre console part, need to get that out before I can do that, any idea how that comes out?) and will fit it over the next few weeks. Oh and the Outside Temperature gauge is a bit out, as in at 11pm at night in Mid Wales it was showing between 110-122 Fahrenheit! could it be a sensor gone, wiring or OBC? not sure how to test it, more common issue is the -37 not 50 above! It is nice to be back in these cars again with proper engineering. 'You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave!'
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    Viva la e60

    Just got back from south of france.. Wow this car was great. Having to hang around for the father inlaw in the 32 was tiring though!. Got flashed by a hidden speedcam too:(. Love my 5.
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    Gremlins Everywhere

    We both use the same private road, which funnily enough we all use when testing our cars out..
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    Grand Dragon

    Sweaty palms time....

    ^^^^ there's always one isn't there....
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    Paris 530d

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    rear bumper and rear drivers side door resprayed
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    Swapping out Bluetooth module

    No, not yet - I found a place online that will supply, install and code for £680 if you have the CIC.
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    Swapping out Bluetooth module

    Aaargghhh! I new someone would suggest that!! Now I want to do that and spend more money than I'd planned. Have you added the combox and if so, what was the procedure/prices/coding required?
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    Gremlins Everywhere

    That's ok, I once scared a biker on the A3 following him at ...40mph...
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    Gremlins Everywhere

    Haha yes I know, having a second look I just realised what a dumbass thing to post...what I meant to say officer I was doing 25mph!!...was a keystroke error
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    Gremlins Everywhere

    cough cough officer....
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    Sounds more like an amplifier issue - what system do you have fitted?
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    Swapping out Bluetooth module

    Well the part codes on realoem suggest it's a straight swap, and if your existing one was working with the CIC, then I'd imagine the replacement would also. However, would it not be better to upgrade to a combox?
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    My E26!

    Yes, that's not actually the car park. The hotel allow certain cars to be parked outside the front door for security, I don't know what the rules are (if there are any) but I just asked and they said OK.
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    DAB retro fit

    I have ordered THIS , which is being fitted next week. I'll update the thread with the results!
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    535i Andrew

    Photobucket now charging......

    Pinched from another thread on here.... Flickr, Imgur, Google Photos I am now using Postimage.org. Is there anyone still using Photobucket? If they had made the charge reasonable mibbies aye, but no way.
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    E39 in Morocco

    Some great driving roads in morocco. We had a week there 12 odd years ago I'd guess. Hired a 306 hdi and did best part of 1000 miles most of them on empty sweeping roads and a fantastic drive over the Atlas Mountains at night stopping to look at the stars and feel very small. Only radio station we could get played haunting pan pipe music for hours on end. Great holiday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Paris for 5 days.
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    Davy Webster

    New member from Scotland

    Thanks @Vlady just trying to sort my finances and I'll go and have a look at it. I had heard they are a bit thirsty but it's a hit I'm prepared to take. I'd rather have this than a run of the mill car of the same price.
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    My E26!

    At the Silverstone Classic at the week end. A few nice cars in the hotel car park, the M1 was at the front obviously! Not the best photo as it was just on my phone, but see what you can spot.
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    Increased Battery Discharge

    @j2112 the retrofit wasn't hard, however, I couldn't remove the driver's footwell panel, underneath the steering wheel and really did my headings. Overall, really pleased with the outcome and every happier that now no more warnings Happy days
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    Yesterday I removed the 6 x screws on lid of main ECU box, removed single cable tie. This enabled me to push back latches on central plastic plate, that just holds a couple of connectors, and lift that out to the side. Removed the white plastic bridge piece then lifted the main module up & to side. This enabled me This enabled me force the box out of shape & to wedge a small wd40 aerosol can down the front to hold it there. I was then able to see that all was clean and dry underneath & could just see the edge of the drain grommet, which I left alone. The plastic box appears to have a "tube or trunking" to feed main loom & wiring back through the bulkhead, fixed from inside car (behind glovebox???). I also managed to use my spring grabber tool to recover the allen adaptor droppped the day before. Apologies for poor photos - I did discover how to draw fancy coloured arrows on to ID things, but despite "saving" them I am not able to find them!! so had to use originals.
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    have to admit Google maps has never let me down, and in my android phone the voice input so accurate compared to any other voice input systems I've ever used
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    I have style 327 17" rims as my winter set up on my F10. They came with the car when I bought it AUC. The offsets are different from earlier 5ers. You don't get any smaller than 17" F10 wheels. I certainly can't go smaller on mine. At the front the governing issue is the lower wishbone ball joint shank (same on all F10s) but the rear is the caliper on mine. Unless your car has Tyre Pressure Monitoring System rather than Tyre Pressure Warning System, you won't need anything on the rim. The warning system uses wheel sensor input like the E60, the monitoring system uses a Pressure sensor fitted to the inside of the valve on the rim. My 17" rims aren't as sharp handling as the 19" summers, I would have preferred 18" winters purely cos I don't like the look of my 17" 327s on a car with MSports kit in it. Keeping at 17" for winters will give you a better choice of tyres and costs are lower.
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    BT broadband

    I live at the North Pole (well Inverness - close enough) - and I've just changed from BT normal BB to Sky Fibre. The deal was 'up to 34Mbps' - but it was explained very clearly to me that I would get between 16 and 24 Mbps realistically. Given that I was lucky to get between 3 and 6 before, I was happy with that. Thing is - I've been seeing speeds between 30 and 36 ever since!! So - BETTER than expected, and Sky customer services are great - based in Fife, all speak great English, and friendly and good craic! Happy camper!
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    BT broadband

    The fact that your BB gets worsewhen you hang up suggest a bad joints in your line. When you have a phone call going through the extra voltage clears the line and when you hang up that extra voltage disappears, moisture enters the joints and interferes with your connection.