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    Hi, The 2017 Pacifica is a Hybrid Petrol and Electric Minivan with a 9 speed auto - http://www.chrysler.com/pacifica/performance.html Some of the easier ways to tell a Diesel will be perhaps a red line on the Tachometer starting at around 4000 rpm or so, upon ignition switch seeing the Glow Plug tell tale light which goes out after a few seconds. Yokozuna - You obviously spend too much time in the hot tub drinking beer! Diesel powered private cars have been available in the USA since the 70's. There wasn't much enthusiasm for them but a small proportion of Diesel cars were purchased - here's a classic Merc I saw in LA and I took the pic simply due to seeing it was a Diesel! Over the last 5-10 years, Diesel has become more popular as more of the US public looked for even better fuel economy figures. The market is still small for them though as they do prefer the smoothness of a petrol engine overall. 535iAR - Modern US market vehicles are a lot more advanced than those gearboxes! the Pacifica as I mention is a 9 speed! Also, modern US cars are alot closer to European brands in terms of their handling and driveability although I agree, not quite the same overall. In terms of styling, which truly 'British' mainstream for the masses car choices are much more stylish? The only ones I can think of are Land Rover, Mini and Vauxhall. Each of those, recently have been bought out by owners abroad too. Its been 4+ years since I was USA side and for 2-3 years prior, I was over a lot and did quite a lot of renting of cars. I found the Chevrolet Malibu a good drive and rented those the most often. I had a Dodge Charger (not the fast one!) a few times and that was very comfortable for the long drives I did in it and not bad on the fuel given it's size. I did a small econobox one time which was boring to drive but I also remember not having to fill up as often as I did ! Also hired a big SUV - Ford Explorer and that was surprisingly decent. Lufbramatt - Good call on the pump choices and colours on the nozzles! I STILL want those little catches that mean you can leave the nozzle in place and not have to hold the trigger over here in the UK! Cheers, Dennis!
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    Careful at the pumps too- no colour standard for the pump nozzles- their petrol pumps often have black handles and the diesel ones are green, the opposite of over here!
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    Ok, then Neil may need these bits Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Intravee allows you to easily pair a phone without the usual faff procedure and that's all. Neil, you'll need the cable, ULF module, bypass cable for armrest wiring and the armrest pairing button for retrofitting.
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    Piper's E39 530d Sport

    With a bit of clever ebaying i managed to get myself a 16:9 for free. Got a mark on the screen, but hey it cost me £0
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    100% petrol
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    I didn't know diesel existed in the good old US of A.....
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    Petrol. Diesel RON is mid teens! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Petrol by the looks of it https://www.vehiclehistory.com/vehicle-gas-type-specifications/chrysler/pacifica/2017
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    Ive got an 18v Makita and wouldnt be without it!! only time i need a 240v grinder is when constant use is needed, ive cut 5/6mm plate steel with 1mm discs, the art is to let the disc do the cutting and not force the disc
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    Wash and very quick detail today. Just ticked over 147k and the £520 daily is running nicely [emoji4] due a service and some preventative maintenance soon. Not too bad for a 17 year old workhorse!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nervous Newbie

    Hello guys....I haven't got a BMW yet but have bought one via a well known auction site which I intend to collect this week. Excited and nervous (never had a luxury car b4)...it is 16 years old....it is the 525i se auto model with full BMW service history and only 45000 on the clock and one owner ...I will post pics once I have it in my possession but without sounding like an idiot what are these cars like as all I have read on the net is great reviews except for sticking valves!!! Anything I should look out for?(When I collect it)? Has a years ticket (MOT) and Mot history tallies up with this cars full BMW history? Once I have bought the car I have a 300 mile plus trip home to make in it (which is what I am nervous about)...on my own...what has surprised me is the fact to insure the car is only a £100 extra on what I paid for a 24 year old Vauxhall (which I will keep in case this one proves a lemon). Service costs? Timing belt(or is it chain)? With having a full BMW service history and one owner at that...I am tempted to carry on having the car serviced at BMW in the hope it adds value if I ever decide to sell it(but when I saw it costs £184 for an oil and filter change at my local BMW I was shocked to say the least) ...but are indies any good or am I better off to stick with BMW?(And can you get discount if you join any service clubs like they have at Vauxhall)? What sort of oil/coolant/ should I be looking at and is it worth changing the gearbox oil and if so what type? Like I have said ..never had a car like this before...unless you count an Orange Austin Allegro I had once as luxurious (did have a square steering wheel)! So nervous and excited...all help and tips will be greatly appreciated guys!!
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    530d titansport

    Nervous Newbie

    Hi and welcome, what you have is a bmw e39 525i se auto from your description, they are very reliable but do have there issues, they are chain driven so no need to worry about a cambelt, service costs you will find very sim to you astra (indi) but where poss fit oem over cheap after market rubbish you will only have to pay for the job to be done again. Oil is a fully syn 5w 30w, coolant is the bmw downfall keep that in tiptop condition and you cant go wrong, autobox....even with that lower milage if the oil and filter has not been changed get that changed, there is alot of debate about gearbox oils and labels but i stuck to what my label said. Happy motoring and any problems or niggles just post im sure someone will be able to help
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    Collected the Diamantschwartz Eta from d:class after a bit of interior work: Very pleased with the results. Lovely aroma too. Taxed it on Saturday morning. Regards, Mick
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    Fitted new c post grommets, taxed it and thrashed it, couldn't be arsed to clean or polish it lol!
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    Cleaned it, polished it taxed it and thrashed it.............all today
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    Nissan 350Z

    yes, clue is in the name, 350/370 are 3.5/3.7's its a VQ35DE followed later by the VQ37 both big bore short stroke engines, though stroke is close to the PSA engine, it was much smaller bore leading to its smaller capacity. Clio used the PSA developed ES9J4, Renault called it the L engine, it replaced the old PRV 90 degree engine. only similarity is that afaik both are 60 degree vees.
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    Piper's E39 540i Touring

    And she's back. Me and Wayne at Beemabuild agreed to leave the jacking points until the summer but now there is no rust anywhere on any panel. Alpina spoiler looks mean. Facelift Alpina SE front bumper vs Sport bumper....discuss!
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    M88rt j

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Fitted genuine m5 rear bumper and wing mirrors to the wagon over the weekend, in for a quad exhaust on Friday so will post some photos up over the weekend
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    190bhp at the wheels I'm happy
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    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Transformed it from daily runabout to special occasion carriage with a good wash and chamois, and swap to the good wheels Absinthe makes the tart grow fonder.
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    Piper's E39 530d Sport

    Thanks Bek. I'm really warming to it now. I've had some probs but it feels like a nice familiar shoe everytime I drive it. Definitely keeping it for all of 2017. I really like the budget feel to my mods after spending thousands on the 540i and the 523i. Everything I've retrofitted I had already taken off other cars or already owned. All spare parts have been either fully working second hand items for around a tenner, or value aftermarket alternatives, (apart from the inline filter, see below). Car still only owes me about £2.5k even with the new turbo. Selling on the kiddy boosters and the Style 66s has helped as well. Also like getting 25mpg on my stop start urban commute. Some updates: Have changed MAF and inline fuel filter. Still didn't sort issue so there can only be one thing left! The pressure converter and vacuum hoses. Having them done this week. Inline filter buzzes like no-ones business, really doing my nut - was a cheap Italian one of eBay to be fair. Will stick a Pierburg one on sooner or later.
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    My Norwegian E39 With Many pictures

    And then I remove all the rust, on the car. And also painted the hood.
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    Firmware V6.02-7109

    Hi Richard: It's been awhile, the new scroll feature works great, been waiting on this for a long time. Keep up the good work. Thanks. bmwgirl.
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    is Idrive/ Sat Nav standard?

    I wish I had done as much research as you before I bought mine!