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    New owner 3.6 M5

    Great thread just been through it. What's funny is I was going to buy this exact car around 2013. I'd made the deal with the guy and even paid him £500 deposit. A day before collection bloke rings me and tells me he's received a better offer if I can match it he'll sell to me. As you can imagine I was pretty furious. Told him to piss off and return my deposit. A day later he rings me to tell me the guy pulled out and I can buy at the price originally agreed. I decided to pull out of the sale as the bloke didn't seems trust worthy and without having seen the car I no longer trusted his opinion on the car. Looks like a lot of work was involved in getting this up to scratch. Excellent work.
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    I mount the picnic tables,vanity mirrors and rear armrest from e38
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    YES... Absolutely fucking YES:
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    I will however be taking it back and getting a full service replacing those items above along with the mechatronic solenoids #2 Solenoids There is also an upgraded pan kit http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ZF-OE-6HP26-Automatic-transmission-gearbox-fluid-service-kit-metal-pan-upgrade-/191915634294?hash=item2caf102e76:g:ef8AAOSwwo1XfOMI
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    I finally got the phone to work. This has to be the most difficult phone I've had to use. Remjnds me of my Motorola Startac back in the late 90's. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nissan 350Z

    The Z4 is a tiny car inside IMO... Ok, I'm not your average sized person, but I can't even fit into the passenger side of these cars! The V6 though in the 350Z, through a decent stainless system gives off a sound to die for
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    Nissan 350Z

    The bangle era cars have grown on me. I didn't 'get' the e60/63 and z4 when new but I do now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Painted my front calipers. Was undecided if they should be silver or black. Tried black. Think they look pretty good. Main thing is they should be easier to keep clean with paint on them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Saw that last night. Have to admit to getting quite excited about it - not my usual reaction to This Week!
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    Shaz- you sound like you've taken it very personal and if I was of a faith that was getting persecuted every time a terror attack happened then I too would probably be pissed off at the finger pointing. but no one on here has said that faith/colour/ethnicity has done it so damn them all! And the thing is, what you're doing is exactly the response the terrorists want! I mean normal Islamists are being backed into a corner and the terrorists want them to snap and fight for their religion because they are all being tarred with the same brush. its very clever way of manipulating the masses. Turn every other religion against yours and you will have no option other than to fight your corner to make your voice heard. that isn't aimed at you shaz or any other religious person of the faiths that have been mentioned on this thread, it's just how I see it.
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    Emissions air pump mounts and bracket replaced so that's nice and secure now. A/C re-gassed as i noticed it wasn't blowing cold. The system was checked and found to have no gas at all! However it held pressure perfectly and once re-gassed blows really cold. I can only assume that the gas escaped while the engine was out and it was never refilled, a bit naughty but at least I now know that everything is working as it should. First time in a long long time, maybe even since I bought it, that I can't think of any work that needs doing! Just need to drive it now.
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    The topic is around the atrocities that happened in Westminster It's being blamed because it is what it is... Why bring up old news re the IRA when this is something else?! Really, it's a fucked-in-the-head one man band that's done this, but ISIS are so more fucked in the head, they'll do what they can to take responsibility and the glory etc There is no elephant in the room here; but unfortunately, ALL these fucktard fanatics ARE Muslim, that's the big issue It's a bigger issue for other Muslims as we all know, they want nothing to do with this and are embarrassed by the issues caused. But what do they do, when everytime something happens, like this, the Muslim faith is blamed/used as propaganda etc It's Catch 22 and always will be! Like I've said, the sooner we step back and stop going on SO MUCH about ISIS and the atrocities that they cause and stop going OTT in the media about issues like what have just happened (IMO, this does NOT need to be the main focus of the news 24 hours a day, it just feeds the snake), the better! The less coverage these consummate twats get, the better and sooner they'll disappear into the ether! Hopefully...
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    Radio switches 1-8

    I assign No 8 to switch off the screen display. So much easier than using the idrive.
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    If you do go down the route of stumping up the cost yourself, then give Auto Windscreens a call - Had them do mine on the M5, Like-for-like replacement and it cost £302 cash price. That was for a green top solar banded screen with rain/light sensor, new trim rubber and they did the job in 2 parts (at my request - I wanted to remove the old screen, check for any corrosion and repair if required prior to new screen fitting).
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    Start calling a spade a spade, and acknowledge what's right under our bloody noses. Time to stop worrying about being called racist or told we are discriminating, and go out there and kick some arse.
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    To be fair that could be a good thing.... may point to the axle being under load/weight being a factor. May be shaft endfloat involved... perhaps a failed clip, etc.
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    If it were me I'd have it up on the jack and be rotating the wheel by hand to feel for anything such as resistance and hopefully locate the 'click point'. Then remove the wheel and try again without it, gradually narrowing down the noise and inspecting whatever I could get to before spending any dosh unnecessarily.
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    Collected it from storage at the weekend and back in it's new home So good to drive it after so long (again) !
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    525D or 530D

    It's not the total mileage that can have a detrimental effect, rather it's the type of journey. An excess of short trips is bad news. I do less than 10k a year, but that includes several 200+ and 400+ milers, and if I happen to have a spate of shorter journeys I schedule in a 50+ motorway blast to give things a blow through. I don't wish I'd bought a 530d either - 525d does all I need. Horses for courses I guess. [emoji4] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    525D or 530D

    No good for town driving, but the LCI 525d doesn't have swirl flaps so you wouldn't have to worry about them!
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    To all the newbies :-)

    Hi All, I'm James a mobile crane engineer from Bedfordshire. After owning many many cars I have now purchased a 57 plate 530D LCI touring, the last BMW I owned was an F reg 316 saloon 1.8 carburettor version. I love this car already, it is a high mileage motor but I feel I got it for a very good price. has all the normal bits plus the factory fitted electronic swing down tow bar which was a lucky find as we do have a caravan! I love to retrofit stuff, I've been retro fitting all sorts for Ford owners, in particular S-max and mondeos. I have a wide range of diagnostic equipment from VCDS to Ford VCM2 and the Russian UCDS that performs all sorts of coding etc to fords. I did purchase a cable from Cable-Shack to carry out some diagnostics on my uncles old X5 4.0i and 645ci so have some extremely limited knowledge of how to use it - I must do a fresh install of this software, which reminds me, does anyone know where I can get a replacement disc? I did message Jimmy yesterday but I've had no replies. I will be posting quite a bit I suspect, in particular I am looking to do one of the following. 1. Full CIC retrofit with DAB, I already have Bluetooth with BMW assist, will this Bluetooth still work? I would like A2DP streaming if at all possible. 2. Leave CCC in place and add DAB module, again would like bt streaming, but not through aux port, is this possible? 3. Reverse camera on either of the above setups?
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    E39 Champagne I

    Next up was the headlights. The pictures dont really do the change justice but I could see a big change; 1500 > 2000 > 2500 Then started with the compounds - Poorboys SSR range Then a wipe down with Gyeon prep and a coating of Gyeon trim All trim cleaned and back on the light ready to be fitted back onto the car Next Up; Oil filter housing gasket, pullies & tensioners and belts New rear bumper - cracked New front bumper - stone chipped, I did a repair which worked but being far to OCD I'm going to replace it Few bits of body work Electric folding mirror upgrade Full interior refurbishment - this will probably be after show season
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    Pics of my new 911 GT3 RS!

    Love it so far. That sequential gear box :swoon: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Flying Banana

    My E26!

    lovely beast ...the r is a youtuber called Mr Jww who reviews one of these ...its on trade plates ..just wondered if you were mad enough to have let him loose in yours ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxQCt86M_CE
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    don't like the paint job or finish - not to Alpina usual standards.