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    E60-61 Facebook Group

    To be fair, anything with less than 6 cylinders does devalue the model
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    From wrecks, To riches!
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    Dash cams - convictions

    No - in all honesty the standards of driving I see when I'm out and about is so dire that I could spend most of my life finding fault... I've got better things to do... For me it's about protecting myself should someone hit my car and then deny they were at fault etc...
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    Dash cams - convictions

    Not to get a conviction, but used as supporting evidence in an insurance claim - driver denied it was him until my insurance company showed his mob the footage of him smacking into me (parked up with engine off!) and doing a runner !! S
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    Does your budget cover a rebuild? If so why not buy a better start point? If not can you afford to run one? Not being funny but m cars get expensive quick so if no spare cash how long before it's sidelined with an expensive fix needed? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Installed some new LED number plate bulbs as mine had started flashing. Brighter than a bright thing being bright.
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    M Parallels style 37 staggered set.

    no worries wheels were sold long ago.
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    Gave it a much-needed wash after 300-odd miles on largely mucky roads. Gave the wheels a burst of Dragons Breath. Not used it before but very impressed. The wheels have no kerbing but would benefit from a refurb or at least removing to do an all over job, but 5 mins of evil smelling DB worked wonders. Too cold today to get too enthusiastic though! Before. During. After. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    M5 London


    If I were to buy another E39 M5, I'd go in assuming about £10K work (maybe less) and therefore not find a pristine example, but rather a straight car with no accident damage and something that has had some love during most of its life : The minimum work you should be considering to get the car to a very good standard and lifetime keeper : Sort out any rust. (Don't pay silly money to sort this out) Rod Bearings Timing Chain and guides Rocker Cover Gaskets Fuel Pump and relay. All engine sensors All engine vacuum lines Resolder and service both Vanos Solenoids Rebuild Vanos units with ready available seals and springs. Thermostat Water pump Viscous Coupling on fan All Suspension arms, steering arms and bushes (and Propshaft Donut, Propshaft Centre bearing, rear CV joint. rear diff mount bushes and rear sub frame mounts) Obviously you can do all of the above over time, but I would advise the Rod Bearings and Timing Guides as top priority. If they fail your bank account will take a hiding. (pretty much a replacement S62 will be needed) These cars are looking more and more simple to fix / maintain compared to the current range of ///M Cars. Buy one and enjoy it for the rest of your life. Not too many better fast saloon cars ever made or will be made I reckon.
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    LED 100% Either that or source original Bi-Xenon headlights from a breakers. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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    535i Andrew

    E60-61 Facebook Group

    Look at me world I'm on holiday in the Caribbean. In in other words, I'm on holiday on the other side of the world and I'm telling the world that my house is empty and where it is cos I've taken pictures of all my expensive gear in it, come and break in and steal all my stuff and take my car keys too!
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    Decided to (foolishly?!) tighten up the steering box to try and take out some of the play from it. Managed to get most of it out but not 100%. When the engine eventually comes out to fit a 420G, I will get it sent off to that place in Holland for a full refurb. For the time being it will do. Whilst I was in there replaced the engine mounts (massive fun on the M60) and the "replacement " ones from Febi actually snapped at the threads before even reaching the specific torque setting..... Ended up going direct to BMW to get them in the end and low and behold, they didn't snap this time round!! Hooray!!! Oh and replaced the gear selector oil seal shaft too on my 5HP30 as I noticed a minor oil leak coming from there and was ever so slowly losing (the expensive) special gearbox fluid. Another p.i.t.a. job to do, but all sorted now Hasn't been leaking for long at all as everything was bone dry under there a few months ago and haven't really done many miles since.
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    E34 v8 brake master cylinder.

    You stayed where now Dongiov?! Quite how long ago was this?! Didn't you mean to say retirement home hostel?!
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    LHD Headlights

    Also one very good option if you have originals which can be baked open is to upgrade Hella bi-xenon and of course renew the adjuster parts while you're in there. This way you'll get LHD headlights which are even better than the original regarding high beam. CLICK
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    LHD Headlights

    Yep that is correct. I imported my car to Norway and assumed I'd get by with the lever. Flipped it over at the inspection with a confident 'oh no problem give me two seconds' and the inspector just said 'hmmm well that's done something, but it's still wrong sorry!'. It's just like Clavurion says - the lever just shutters off the high part of the beam that is supposed to light up the edge of the road to stop you dazzling oncoming cars when on the wrong side. Doesn't give you the high part on the other side. I just picked up an LHD set from ebay.de and sold my RHDs in uk. Thing to be aware of is clear indicators was an option over there. Took me some patience to find a good clear set and cost a bit more than what I got for my old lights but not a big deal. No issue if you don't mind orange indicators. To be honest that is a damn good price for new ones above. At least at the time I did mine it was already half that for used ones, then you have the adjusters condition lottery, will they or won't they bake open if you need to fix sa8d adjusters, and how much life left in the ballasts. I'd probably get new ones if doing 8t again and if I had known about that price for new ones.
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    What have you done on your E34 Today

    New rad time.Think it was about due..........
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    I'll send you a link to the Gracenote for CIC updated for 2015 (the latest I have) but now I extract my iTunes library using the tool here: http://www.ericdaugherty.com/dev/itunesexport/#Introduction to one of the tiny Sandisk 128GB USB sticks and leave that in the USB port in the centre console permanently. It works by playlist and all album art is available too. Works like a charm and I have no need to go through the CD import process. I only grab the latest Gracenote update when available and just because I can and not that it gives me any benefit anymore.
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    Best iPod connectivity

    In that case, just remove the CDC and connect the iPod interface in it's place and all should be well
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    There is no such thing as a cheap M5. At 177k miles, even at £7k, I wouldn't even think about it.
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    535i Andrew

    Broadband deals, help!

    Right so me and Mrs 535iAR have just spent 40 mins transferring over to Talktalk for £32 a month for calls and fibre broadband with minimum speed of 25Mbs apparently which is oooo about 12.5 times faster than currently for £20 a month less! Feck doing that again till the contract is up! Thanks for all your help lads. Andrew
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    I detest the bloke. Just goes to show that democracy doesn't always give you what you hoped it might though.[emoji53] Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
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    I think he looks slightly worried, as in, oh Sh!t I might one day go to jail for my war crimes.
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    Blair - the new Remain warrior/imbecile

    Me too because all I see is a smug w4nker when I see him on the news.
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    Looking for E34 540i LSD's

    Banned on this forum Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk