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    Total scam!

    This is what puts me off selling cars, if it wasn't for the fact I think it's worth more than the 350 quid they offered I'd sell it to 'Westealanycar'. I've got the 530 Sport advertised on here and I thought I'd chuck it on Gumtree to see if there was any interest. I get a text asking 'Is the car still for sale' if so please e-mail mic.elliot16@gmail.com. I e-mailed 'yes it is' and got this back: Hello I am buying this for my son who graduated ,I want it to be the perfect graduation gift for him and am making it a surprise package ,Does it have any history I should be aware of? and why are you selling if you don't mind my asking. I don't mind adding an extra funds for you just to take down the ads. I am already in talks with freighters that will handle the pickup and delivery .I will really appreciate if you can email more detailsI am presently on-board, i don't have access to my bank account online as am not with my credit card details here but i have my bank account linked up with my PayPal account so I will be paying you through PayPal to your nominated bank account or if you have a PayPal account ,please get back to me with your Sort code and account details or PayPal account so i can proceed with the payment and contact the courier agent who will come to pick it up and deliver it for my son.Await your reply I simply pinged back a mail asking if he thought I was born yesterday and to kindly f*ck and never darken my in box again! In hindsight I wondered if it might have been fun to follow it up and mess him around a bit, but lo and behold, that opportunity still exists as 10 minutes after I told him to piss off he text me again with exactly the same question, "is the car still for sale"!
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    Post Brexit Result

    The Netherlands have elections before the French and it is looking positive for Geert Wilders... The Danes are also making some anti EU noises.....Blooming Brits, always causing trouble....;-)
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    Post Brexit Result

    I'm surprised the bitch hasn't been assassinated yet.
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    Trump, trump, trumpety trump!

    He'll end up impeached. He's too proud to let it go now, and is defying the judge by telling him he'll see him in court. They warned that he could be impeached. Can't be humiliated though, and it clouds his judgement. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Locking wheel nuts

    Agreed, the key is rubbish but I don't think you'll get anywhere. I bust the supplied one, ordered another which did one more wheel before shearing. Ended up getting a BMW mechanic I know to "acquire" a third key and set about the remaining bolts which wasn't a pretty sight! Involved a crack bar, a large lump hammer, and a lot of battering. In the end the last one needed me to drive around the block a few times with only the lock bolt in the wheel to try and get even the slightest movement before more hammering. Failing that it was going to require chiselling out. Thankfully he succeeded! But his and many others, including the dealers, recommendation was just to get four more bolts and ditch the locking ones cause they're a liability. Scrap value for wheels is so low folk don't steal them anymore, more likely to steal them for the tyres. Even if you hardly torque the lock bolts over 6 months of driving there's enough brake dust, friction material and corrosion to lock them hard again and you're back to square one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Video Games

    Ahh makes sense although this section still qualifies
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    E61 lci sat nav update via USB

    Should be as simple as the guide Grizzle linked to. Do you have full 7 digit postcode search available? If not, then the system can updated by the dealer and maybe you need that for the USB to work. I've only bought genuine maps and FSC codes, and the 2015 maps were on 3 x CDs, however both 2016 & 2017 maps were on USB sticks, updated via the glovebox USB - apparently you can't use the armrest USB for updating. I found that my maps only seem to update with the car running - the 45 minute drive back home from Cotswold BMW is about long enough for that to happen. Hope that helps, Nick
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    just does my head in, every year, 'the worst winter ever', usually followed by 'the hottest summer ever' shut up. i'll believe it when I look out the window and see penguins walking past! I love it when in the small print it says 'snow on higher ground' meaning rain for the rest of us! they cant even accurately tell me if its going to rain the next day let alone whats happening 2 months down the line!!!!!
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    Turbo failure?

    My post was more for future reference of others... the main point is that you're ok and that's what is important... the car is replaceable. I have to admit I'm impressed though ... a pic like that and so far no-one's asked if the rear wheels are undamaged and how much you want for them !
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    Had it two weeks now and really liking it. Not got the power of the old remapped E61 (260bhp v 177bhp) but when you get almost 200 more miles from the same amount of fuel it more than makes up for it at the minute as I'm doing lots more miles. Inside is a great place to be and loving the DAB radio, satnav, phone connection and the amount you can control from the steering wheel. It has the CVT gearbox which has a seamless gear change and I know they've been trouble in the past but these 8 speeds are fine and to help that I'm having a fluid change at Audi later this month. £199 with loan car with Audi or £180 from a specialist with no loan car, would rather see a main dealer invoice to be honest for the little extra. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Post Brexit Result

    I'm currently living in France and I whole heartedly hope that Marine Le Pen wins. I personally hope that she gets in and triggers the end of the strangle hold of Merkel I mean Brussels. Without a doubt I strongly believe that all the main players in the "E.U" would be far better off without all the bulls!t that comes with the "European Union". Weather or not they will leave, is a completely speculative (and doubtful) and one can only hope brexit will be the start of something revolutionary for everyone that is sick of the Germans "Brussels" calling the shots. Has everyone seriously forgotten so quickly what happen in the last century?! 3rd time lucky as some would say........
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    Any Petrol Owners here???

    Thirty. And I'd filtered out the 2.0L ones. When I removed the 523is I was left with a handful of 528s and 535s. I actually feel lucky to have found the 528 - even though we are bitching about the MPG here mine has a sports auto, which I wanted, low mileage and a nice clean interior. Stereo and sat nav I can sort myself. The only thing missing was Xenons.
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    Dpf cleaner

    Force regen it using Dis, more effective than any dpf cleaner. However, dpf cleaner does help with passive regens. The brands are your choice, I use Wynn's pro range (black bottle).
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    Post Brexit Result

    .....or leading the way
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    Video Games

    "Other Technical" Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Robert F Fluff


    Living in the sticks it's cheaper than paint. I also think they look alright
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    Insurance Question

    That's the issue though and that's what makes the insurance industry and absolute joke!
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    Insurance Question

    Go with a better insurer I'd say... That price hike is just stupid! None of those mods add power, in fact they make it better braking etc! Better discs, more aggressive pads and braided brake hoses are one of the first things I do to any car I buy... Always declared and never charged a premium...
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    The Orient Express | Hits 22 Years Old

    By the way, how do you go about dying a E34 carpet?!?
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    The Orient Express | Hits 22 Years Old

    Clears for me!
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    The Orient Express | Hits 22 Years Old

    Looking good mate. Have you fitted Ambers all round? Can you get all red rear lights for the E34?
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    My air-ride E39 540i build thread

    Well it's on air, so speed bumps etc. aren't really a problem That's lower than my normal ride height and as I'm running a bit of stretch on this wheel and tyre combo, I can run lower still without rubbing Once the spacers are on I will fine-tune the ride height as the wheels will be sitting pretty flush. In terms of ride quality, the lower you go the better the ride - when you go full height, it gets very bouncy as there's no travel in the air bags at full pressure.
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    My first mod.

    Oh god help us!
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    The Flying Banana


    The E34 and a Volvo 850R !!!!!!!!!!! Epic