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    Post Brexit Result

    For France the only way forward is Marine in my opinion. Then again, I don't really give a monkeys about France to be honest.
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    Post Brexit Result

    Excuse my 'French' (how appropriate in this thread ) Keith. My honest opinion of her is that she is a full weight cnut of the highest shelf. If and when she will be assassinated they should carefully pull out Hollande out of her arséhole and give him a good kicking too. Oh, and don't forget Rutte either (insert sh!thead in my opinion here) Holland is under the Brussels (read M€rkel & Holland€) thumb so don't expect to have Wilders as next PM there. It'll either be fixed or he'll get killed like his predecessors.
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    I wouldn't trust Corbyn to hold a knife and fork.
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    Hi Grizzle_e60, as you know a few weeks back I bought tweeters for my car and they came from Lithuania so I got in touch with the guy and this is his job to dismantle the car and sell the parts, so I have asked him about mudflaps as I know how much people need them and his answer was that such a thing (mudflaps) is really hard to find and if they have car (lets say from Germany or Poland) the parts (speakers, sits, bumpers, mudflpas, wheels, steering wheels) are being ordered/bought way before the car arrives to Lithuania as it is required there much more especially after winter! I will check my old contact in Moscow, may be he can source more sets for an e60, I will keep you updated gents. Another question, can we get them from Canada, I know delivery will be cost ridiculous money but friend of mine from Canada is visiting me on May and he could probably get some over. Vlady
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    Total scam!

    Correct course of action...
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    It isn't a given, but Trumpton has made a lot enemies on both sides of the Congressional House, and his recent brushes with the Judiciary won't elicit any great measure of sympathy or understanding for any excuses he presents to explain his behaviour. It is quite clear he has no understanding of the Constitution or Law unless he sees it working for him against someone else; to fix yourself in this position and then take a Political Office, and then attempt to make sweeping changes without recourse to good advice will always end in failure. How much failure is up to him, both in terms of how he conducts himself, and probably more importantly, whom he listens to for advice. Sadly the second part may well cause his downfall for the Team he has picked seem to be cut of the same cloth when considering the rights and wrongs of US Law, their Constitution and in particular the responsibilities of the Office that Trump sits in. Just be glad Comrade Corbyn and wee Missy Krankie are making themselves more unelectable with almost every utterance, that way the Show stays on the other side of the pond and we can look in and over from the galleries instead of being penned in the stalls becoming part of the whole debacle.
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    Avon tuning

    You should be able to see your soot and ash mass values. Clean DPF's contain circa 1.5g of soot. and ash is around 21g
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    Potential new owner - few questions

    I would like to see the airbags replaced at that age - my car is Dec 2010 car and the bags lasted less than 48000 miles and six years. You can check the service status of most things including brakes in the i-drive
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    I went also, very nice car, good event.
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    Potential new owner - few questions

    In a few years down the line, we will say the same about the G30/31. "Make sure they have LED lights!"
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    It absolutely is, but to do it effectively you need to have an Opposition that represents at least some significant part of the electorate so that they have a chance to narrow Parliamentary margins and perhaps challenge for Government one day. The Labour Party membership have voted Corbyn in charge and he has put his friends, advisors, ex-lovers and the remainder of people he hasn't fallen out with into senior positions.... all without the support of the electorate. The electoral support for the Labour Party as a party of government has slipped away as they see exactly what kind of people the Labour Party members have chosen as their leader and the direction the Leadership team would want to take the country in. It is almost as if the Labour Party membership have given up on the potential for the MP's one day forming a Government and so are content with filling their ever reducing number of seats with idealistic left-wingers with communist ideals and terrorism-apologist tendencies.... neither of which is ever going to be attractive to a British voting public.
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    Post Brexit Result

    You not going anywhere Ray, you are ours even I have t fit your lot in here in the big garden and amongst a few old BMW !! have a big shed with power so you can remain "the box and woodwork chappie, !
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    Service time

    So I looked up for all parts including engine oil and did some maths. Turns out, what Halfords are charging is fair. Before you say smthg, I am not going to them - ha
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    Post Brexit Result

    So does Holland just soldier on as relatively content within the cloak of EU and your family and friend there seemingly content as well. You stuffed here with a load of ranting English plus some unhappy Jocs via NK, a few disillusioned Welsh and N.I. views always confuse me. 2017 full of wild times, but personally chuffed we out................big time. cheers
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    supercharger set up??

    No one is attacking Dennis John, I was just giving the community the heads up that his advice is based on zero experience and should not be taken as gospel. The funny thing is your first post is actually proof of what I warning against, let me explain.... His first point was, let me quote "1. The supercharger kit itself would be bolt on from the brands who make such a kit. Included would be instructions to fit and then also a custom re-map to make it all work properly." If you took his advice as sound, you would believe this to be true, Yep sure a lot of people would just buy a kit and have it fitted but as you quite correctly pointed out in your post there are plenty of people who come up with their own conversions as you linked both you are giving better advice, see what I mean? His second point " 2. The best route forward when modifying a car in this way is to - upgrade the braking system to a setup capable of handling the extra 100-150BHP first, then uprate the suspension so that the extra driving dynamics increase can be handled properly and THEN add the power increase. Of course, you could do all three at the same time of the conversion." Now this is where I'm starting to have more serious issues, If the original poster believed him and why wouldn't he, would think the first job should be a suspension kit at £1000 and a big brake kit at £1200 for the fronts plus fitting. But here's the thing The 540 is a heavier car than the 530 with around the same power output as the finished conversion and that has basically the same suspension and brakes to a 530 sport and BMW think that's fine hey even the M5 is just about the same with 400hp. (540/6 and m5 owner here) His third point " 3. Cost becomes a significant factor if you aren't capable or confident enough to DIY everything " If you took is first two points as gospel you just doubled the price of the project, now don't get me wrong I love some big brakes and sexy coilovers (I have over £11k worth on my M5) but they are definitely not a must in this case. Just trying to be helpful
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    supercharger set up??

    I don't see why would you attack a person who takes time to reply to a post, being as helpful as Dennis is (always a long post by the way!) Experienced or not does not matter when the advice is sound. I myself learned a lot just by lurking around in the forums all these years reading all the threads that come up. More often than not I had solved issues on my car and friends locally here in Malaysia by recalling stuff I read in the forums over the years, when the problem came out.
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    supercharger set up??

    Back to the topic, if you want some cheapo way of building yourself a SC kit, this guy have a know-how to install a toyota-based supercharger into our M52-M54 engines. https://m52supercharged.wordpress.com He basically sells you an instruction kit and plans for you to cut your own brackets for those supercharger to fit snugly into our engines. I have a 530i too and I understand exactly what you want and contemplating the same thing. The more complete and off the shelf solution (and of course expensive!) I would say the ESS TS2 Stage 2 kit: http://esstuning.com/m54b30-twin-screw-stage-2-ts2/
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    E61 Steering fluid leak

    Just a reference pic with a few labels
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    pro Nav traffic Info

    I've not had a problem all week with it working perfectly up and down the west side of England - even though 3 series owners on another forum have been complaining all week!! Have you tried Updating the BMW Services as follows: Select Connected Drive, push the iDrive twice to the right (I think through a blank screen) - and the Update is towards the bottom of the list. This is what the Connected Drive helpdesk told me to do a couple of years ago and it generally works. Mine defaults to TMC when RTTI is not working.
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    Finally used my snow foam lance. Was planning on giving it the 2BM but as it was so dirty I just snow foamed it twice. Barely anything on the mitt or in the rinse bucket afterwards. Lovely stuff. Bilt Hamber on the wheels of course. I shall now travel to London thus undoing all my glorious handiwork.
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    Trump, trump, trumpety trump!

    Trump has made his impact and entrance, now he needs sitting down in a dark room, with a reasonable individual and told he his President of USA, focus on that and stop wrecking his chances and that of rest of the so called free world that (like it or not) is heavily dependent on USA.
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    M54 Engine Question

    Have two M54s, a 3.0 and a 2.2. Both are E46 and have just over 100k miles on them. Not sure about the E39 but the radiator header tanks are a weak point on the E46. Both of them split down the corner. You may read that the M54 uses a lot of oil. I replaced the CCVs as a matter of course and neither of them do. IMHO, they are a cracking engine.
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    I'd go back to oe and sell the others separately. It's irrational but I prefer stock Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Post Brexit Result

    I'm surprised the bitch hasn't been assassinated yet.
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    Trump, trump, trumpety trump!

    He'll end up impeached. He's too proud to let it go now, and is defying the judge by telling him he'll see him in court. They warned that he could be impeached. Can't be humiliated though, and it clouds his judgement. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk