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    New 5 series

    Did you have to view this in private mode so that your BMW wouldn't find out your having a affair with a Mercedes
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    At least you can do it in the warm and not freeze your nuts off like you would if you were back here. Good luck!
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    M62 engine swap is near!

    While you have the valve covers off, it's also a good idea to do the upper timing case cover gaskets (the covers will need to be pushed down so they're level with the head when you do them back up), cam sensor O rings and if it's a TU, the Vanos solenoid seals. Also put good quality sealant (like Dirko) in the corners of all joins. Whilst the sump is off, make sure the oil pump sprocket nut is tight. You shouldn't need to replace any nuts or bolts.
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    2017 has got to be a better year...

    The less celebrity news being rammed down my throat the better. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    No you are not, so at moment patience is demanded whilst brave souls tackle this well documented problem. See the earlier thread re moans and suggestions to show respect to guys who picked up the chalice on behalf of forum members. hth
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    Project Lexus LS460 - SOLD

    Hi Piper Its a Japanese 7-Series / S-Class Its got all the modern tech on it such as lane assist, self parking, auto handbrake - but this had back in 2006. The rear is a very nice place to be with its reclining seats - They can be even nicer if you find one that has the 'Rear Relaxation Package'
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    Rubish Winter Tyres?

    I still think it's the change in tyre size. Yes winters are softer but 19>17 will have very different characteristics. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'd have thought a minimum of £3k in a sensible world. It looks a really nice example. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Android headunits

    What do you mean? As in the sound quality? Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    F11 rear pads - which ones?

    Brembo are my choice always, both disks and pads Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New 5 series

    I am pissed off that the new 530i is only a poxy 2.0L four cylinder. Miss representing the older generations of 530i Why not just call it a 520i Future Gen kids aren't going to know what it means to have owned a 530i!!!!!!!
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    New 5 series

    I was really looking forward to see new 5 series and here it is and I am not impressed with the looks, it is still good looking sedan but now it looks more like mini 7 series to me, now it will be more challenging to spot which one is 3, 5 or 7 series! Now BMW goes through the same period as AUDI and Mercedes did for the last few years, all popular models (A3-A8 and C, E, S-class) look so similar and I did not expect that from BMW! The good thing that at last BMW introduced XDrive model to a 5 series!
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    Leo's E39 M5

    Picked up a set of Style 37's from Jag on here - Just had them back from Rimtec here in Milton Keynes who refurbed them. They're going to be my winters so wasn't fussed about getting the original diamond cut finish, just went with silver in the end. Paid £55 per wheel inc tyre fitting. Also had a bit of a DIY nightmare last weekend - Had some issues with the MID on the dash, so got a repair kit to fix it myself. "Fixed" it, put everything back together, and none of my gauges worked. Oh, and I didn't manage to fix the MID either. In the process of taking it all apart I'd apparently damaged the gauge motors when trying to take the needles out. I sent the instrument cluster off to BBA Reman (http://www.bba-reman.com/) who repaired the entire unit for me, inc fixing the MID - £253 with a one day turnaround and next day shipping. There's a few small bits of rust starting to appear, so I'm going to send the car in to have that all sorted over the winter. In the meantime I'm going to carry on enjoying driving it. I've owned it for just over a year now and 7000 miles later it still puts a massive grin on my face. Two roadtrips planned for October - One to Cornwall, and a one-day blat around Wales with some mates. May try and squeeze in Scotland before the weather gets too bad also.