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    My E26!

    Drivers side suspension is now cleaned up, here are a couple of pictures Front, the adjustment clip on the shock is now 4 from the bottom and not right at the bottom. Rear Due to the number of flies stuck in the gaps between the bumper, grill and lights, I took the grill and lights out to get access. This shows the location of the horn (all three of them) and the smaller of the cooling fans together with the position of the headlight when retracted. Only the drivers side done for now. Passenger side awaits the same treatment.
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    b10 v8s touring

    New owner has joined and posted on the Alpina Register today. An ethusiast not a dealer so car is in good hands.
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    Post Brexit Result

    It's a shame the EU became such an instant technocratic self absorbed (Hitlerish) model. It could have created a fantastic economic strength, but with absolute power comes absolute abuse, disrespect and disregard for sovereign values and shared interests. It started with key members able to financially input, but then has expanded to take on anyone interested in joining to the point that the burden of output is ridiculous. The result is a system full of takers rather than givers, and every member state has lost any hope of reasonable autonomy. I mean why would Turkey even have been given consideration to joining Europe. It could have made the perfect global model of multiculturalism, that actually had a hope of working, but instead has flooded us with untenable immigration, and in so doing, has created the opposite effect. We're all better off going back to the status quo. And I think it will work better. It's ridiculous when you look at what the EU has done to Greece and Italy. There is no reason why countries like this should be on their knees. It's a disgrace. I'll take enjoyment in watching it collapse. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ok when I get a chance 2002 CB BMW M5 2000 Orient Blue 540i Touring Auto Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro I'm anticipating 420-440bhp in 3rd gear
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    Russ Fellows Headers + 100 cell cats

    £450 for fitting (changed out various mounts etc also) headers are £2050....I paid by card....I went for 100 cell fia approved cats which are slightly dearer than the 200cells. 2002 CB BMW M5 2000 Orient Blue 540i Touring Auto Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Pointless option?

    When I picked my car up in April, I thought I would never use this option and wondered why anybody would ever spec this in a car. However, in this weather, it's great!!
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    The Flying Banana

    My E39 on Paras now :)

    Bought these recently , decided to put them on to see how it looks , an E39 defo suits these wheels IMO . Also removed the Tech graphite interior trims and went back to the satin silver trims ... they actually look good i think. Went from these To These ,
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    Would definitely recommend. There's a noticeable difference over 3500 rpm. 2002 CB BMW M5 2000 Orient Blue 540i Touring Auto Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Selling a car, now or wait?

    OK, I now have the E61, but the guy (read tosser) who was definitely/absolutely/no-two-ways-about-it taking the E39 has backed out because "Er, I didn't realise it was a diesel!" WTF, what did he think the 'D' in 530d stood for??? So the old girl is going on the market. Having said that I'm not desperate to sell so is it worth mothballing it until say March/April time in the hope of getting a decent price or do I just stick it on Gumtree/Evilbay (even here) now and hope someone can see past Christmas? I hate selling cars at the best of times "I will offer you one thousand of your English pounds cash money today" "It's a present for my son/daughter, I'm working offshore right now, but I will send you a cheque for £5k, cash it and give the balance to my 'shipper' when he collects the car" etc. etc.
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    Post Brexit Result

    Germany is a hot bed of Merkel error's of judgement re "all welcome" and Hollande now out of the German/Franco alliance that powered all self indulging instructions to the rest. Greece is a maxi mess, must be the climate stops civil unrest as they can sit in the sun and moan about their own politicians who are servants of EU/Germany etc. Italy - lord knows how their banks are holding on but maybe Germany will be forced to sidestep all rules (yet again) and push through a plan ala Greece and punish the Italians. So how can this mess dictate crap terms to us - German auto industry could not stand the sales loss plus probably other industries. Japan can sit around and quietly fill the trade gap via smiling Sunderland etc. just my views.
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    Pointless option?

    It's surprising how quickly you get used to it. I took my other car out for a spin at the weekend and really missed it [emoji15] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    BMW e60 535d brakes?

    Handbrake shoes at rear. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Russ Fellows Headers + 100 cell cats

    £2k plus fitting for headers and cats sounds like very good value to me if they deliver the power increases promised by others. Will you head to a dyno to find out?
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    I've got a stock rear section and resonators....zero perceptible increase in volume....the oem resonators are supposed to be good for torque....rear back boxes, are straight through so worth changing if you want more volume......I sold my oem headers and cats....I got very good money on them, they were in good condition though, not too many miles on the car etc. 2002 CB BMW M5 2000 Orient Blue 540i Touring Auto Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    may get a set for the touring in the summer if they fit....No EML yet! 2002 CB BMW M5 2000 Orient Blue 540i Touring Auto Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Post Brexit Result

    Ok, it's going to either come from tax increases, cuts in public spending, or continued payment to the EU for access to the single market. I made a lot of points. It didn't read properly through the thread. I can't see the EU lasting, so eventually we may be relying on partial payments for diminishing access, and a mix of individual agreements with EU nations who have opted out. We took a bold step, and I don't think we are the last country to vote out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Post Brexit Result

    As momentum across Europe continues, its better for us. Europe wide, they are experiencing similar problems with uncontrolled immigration. Today I tried to get through to LBC but only liberal listeners were given air time. It was in response to today's report on political correctness being partially to blame for cultural disintegration. My point was that this has been an ongoing issue. You look at areas like Luton, Bradford, Sparkbrook, Southall: they are a gaping reason why our own immigration has led to social exclusion and integration issues. It has become a takeover and parts of our country which no longer reflect British culture or way of life. Consequently, no British person can identify with these places. I'm not being racist; it's the result of racism and selective immigration policy failures. If you moved to a new country - as Brits do to Spain - you wouldn't want to mix with indigenous people if the impression you had was that they were unwelcoming. Similarly, there's a balance. The issue I had with the EU referendum was that politicians sought to misinterpret the leave voters motivations. They hinged it on our dissatisfaction with the Eastern European influx, and even tried to argue that the public were disenfranchised with the fact that our immigration was not proportionally coming in enough numbers from India and Africa which not only is an inherent misunderstanding, but also an intrinsic misrepresentation. For me - I voted leave - Farage was the resonating success and not the Tories who tried to shaft is and then swept up the credit. As we see in Austria, Slovakia, France, Germany, Italy and Greece, we are not only the only ones who have an issue. It is a fact that the more concentration of Moslems in particular areas, the more likely you are to have segregation, faith schools which have been slated as underperforming, not promoting British values; and subsequently a hot bed for radical Islamic ideology. Somewhere within these communities, there are serious thought issues. And when you look at how England and Wales is permanently changing, you can understand why. Today's report recommends that immigrants take an oath to uphold British values. It's crap. If we suppose the lengths that people are willing to take in order to come here, with accounts of persecution, it is purely another box to tick: no-one can determine or enforce this. The narrative was then pulled in the direction of her 'appeasement' of left views, which demonstrated the issue with people being able to exercise free speech for the fear of being politically incorrect, by effectively ostracising anyone who doesn't agree with debate. The point is that the EU is going to fail at some point. And Scotland should be thinking very carefully about which side they want to be on, for the danger of ostracising themselves from the UK. The MP's persuading Scots will be out of politics from one administration to the next, and they are as self serving as they purport Westminster is for the interests of representing Scottish people. They're not in it for the long run, and before you know it they're gone like the previous two PM's, leaving the rest of the country try to sort out the mess. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Post Brexit Result

    I refer the honourable gentleman to Hansard - 1 December 2016. Mr Davis was responding to a question posed by Wayne David MP (Caerphilly) if that helps PS. The govt's stated goal is to get the best deal for Britain. It would appear that they think this may be achieved by paying to stay in
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    Selling a car, now or wait?

    Its probably not going to hurt to put it either on here or Gumtree,its free and you'll get an idea of what sort of buyers are about.As you know,people,generally,don't like spending a lot of money around Christmas time and may only buy if its what they see as a bargain - i.e you would have to include in the sale,either,several pints of blood or a couple of small children to sweeten the deal
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    El Turko

    Turko's E39 540 Sport

    I've not updated this for over a year and it is long overdue an update. This is probably the first car I've owned where I have tried to tackle the majority of jobs myself, so I really should have kept on top of the journal (even if just for my own benefit). Apologies in advance for the lack of order and decent pictures. November '15 I made the decision to take the car off the road. The plan being to stick it on axle stands, and tackle all the jobs I wanted to do, taking my time and doing everything exactly how I wanted. I even bought a daily run around to see me through, and the plan was to be done by February/March The reality is, I got to May, still hadn't finished half the jobs I'd over ambitiously planned, so put the car back together so I could enjoy the car over summer. I will persevere and finish off my plans this winter, but will update on where I am up to: As I had done so much to the exterior, alot of what I wanted to do was interior based; upgrade the hifi/stereo, add a bit more leather, sort out a boot build for all the airlift stuff and also upgrade the air ride management system to the latest (at the time newly released) model. If I stripped the inside of the car, it would make all these jobs easier, right? Working in such a mess actually became a bit of a de-motivator at times, as it was difficult to see a finishing line I managed to source some extended leather bits: Steering cowel Centre console Lower dash Glove box Lower B pillar trims It doesn't sound like much, but made a difference. No pics yet unfortunately. Also fitted a compass mirror Then I moved onto the front seats. The sport seats are good, in fact there was nothing wrong with them, bar a little bolster wear. But as I was going to so much effort with the car I just wanted something different. A friend had linked me to an e38 interior for sale, which had the contour seats with lumbar support. The fronts bolted & plugged straight into my e39 as both cars were facelift models. I made the long old journey down to Torquay to collect. Yup, the seats are beige. So another learning curve; restore/re-dye seats First up was replacing the dead foam in the drivers bolster. I went to a breakers, and sourced foam from a passenger seat (shares the same foam as an e39 sport seat): Then once I had gone over them with some heat (to reduce some of the the stretch in the leather) I set about dying them to black. I was really nervous about ruining the seats, but had the mindset of nothing ventured, nothing gained. Ordered a kit from furnture clinic with matt finish and set off nervously. Side by side comparison: With a stroke of luck I also found some extended leather seat backs for them. They had scratched trim, but a morning wetsanding them had them come up like new. The results of the seats are not 100% perfect, but I'm really impressed with how they have turned out. After 6 months of use, I've had zero issues or even wear. So, onto media. One of the guys on here (Piper) linked up to a youtube video of NBT installed in an e39. For those that don't know, NBT is basically the media system installed in BMW's after 2012/2013. As soon as I saw the video I knew I wanted to do the retrofit. A guy in Ireland (company called Germaniks) makes a retrofit loom for all the kit, and a few of us latched on to a group buy for the loom. I then scoured ebay for the hardware: NBT unit, screen, controller, mounts etc. The loom made it far easier than most imagine, and Mick kindly logged onto my PC remotely to code it all to the car. The only challenge being, because this is such a rarely tackled retrofit, stuff like controller mounts and screen bezels are not manufactured, you basically have to go have it made, or make it yourself. Not having any experience with fibreglass or fabricating, I chose the illogical option to make them myself. I am not going to lie, not knowing what I was doing meant it took me ages. I think i spent 4 weekends sanding, filing, cutting, fibreglassing etc. I really struggled, but I got there in the end. Screen in (and trimmed in leather): The NBT retrofit is amazing, and is by far the best thing I have done. 200gb hard drive Bluetooth USB Aux Ipod/Iphone integration with album artwork European Maps/Nav Traffic updates Postcode search Handsfree telephone On screen check control PDC - with on screen images (can even install a reversing camera in the future) Interior back in: Having everything integrated in the car made me want to do something with my new Airlift controller. I decided on a roof mount, and custom fabricated (again this was all new to me) a sunroof panel which would house; hazard light switch as its oem position had been replaced by the NBT controller, sunroof switch, microphone, and the air ride controller. But, to make it more complicated, I wanted the controller to be at an angle to make it easy to read/control. Headlining was dropped, wires run, and I got fabricating. After a lot of swearing, and again, black leather, I'm proud of how it turned out. Also means I don't have a controller flapping about. I had planned upgrading speakers and amplifier, but I wanted everything in to minimise the need to chase faults with the NBT kit. I'll tackle it more this winter. I have all the bits, its just finding time. Next up, boot build. As the plans with the car escalated, I was looking to upgrade whatever needed doing. I want it to be perfect. So I stripped out all the stuff in the boot relating to the air ride, and replaced with new; New seamless tank Upgraded from 1x 380c compressor to 2x 444c ViAir compressors Bought noise isolator mounting kits for both to keep compressor noise to a minimum Upgraded from Airlift V2 Management to Airlift 3P (the latest) Also bought an Alpina boot carpet (from Maccavvy on here) in fitting with the wheels I normally run. Set about building a mini boot build: Under the carpet I built a false floor, with countersunk holes so the screws/bolts wouldnt stick out. Then trimmed the whole lot in black felt to keep the boot silent. Still have a bit of work to do, but getting there. I also replaced all my window and bumper trims as they were showing signs of age: Old rubbers: That's pretty much where I got up to in terms of working on the car. It was then MOT'd ready for me to hit a few shows. First up Rollhard Show in Cressing Temple Barns Then it was to a local Bmwowner.com meet in Surrey, Minter was on hand to take some great pics; Players10 in Essex The next show I was due to attend was 100% Tuning in Rotterdam. I was invited by the organisers, and couldn't refuse as I love shows abroad, and its the first indoor event for the e39 which I was hyped about.. I decided to make a proper trip of it with the Mrs, taking in Brugge and Amsterdam along the way, making a mini trip of it all. Hotels, crossing etc all booked and ready to go, we were both really excited. Until two days before one of my wheels started leaking, and as I was on the motorway, it killed the tyre. Nobody could get me the tyre size i needed before going and I had no time to get it fitted. Proper gutted, but decided to do the trip anyway as everything was paid for. A friend of mine came to the rescue with a generous plan - overnight some centre bore adaptors/spacers, and I could run his wheels so I could still make the show. The results are epic: The show was awesome, and to see the car on carpet, roped off, and on general display in front of 40,000 visitors was amazing. Such a brilliant feeling, The whole trip was incredible to be fair, and the car got attention wherever it went. Lastly, Ultimate Stance in Telford. I'd gone from never exhibiting at an indoor show, to two in a matter of weeks. Slam Sanctuary kiindly invited me to appear on their stand again: Thats it for now.... I'll try and keep it more up to date over coming months to save such a long post in future. **I'll have to go through the pictures at some point and update the photos - looks like the quality on a few has gone to pot where Ive saved on my phone and uploaded to photobucket.
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    Facelift Headlight Trouble

    Adjusters have been replaced via the 'bake' method and headlights are solid again. Thanks for the pointers
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    The old girl needs some tlc

    Coughing..... I'm still on Oxygen