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    I have excel spreadsheets on 3 x E34 M5 and 1 x E39 Alpina B10, its horrific when sober and wifey does not know password on laptop.
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    Really surprised at some of your responses. First up, my two favourite things are drinking and driving. Back onto alcohol. If you want a sweet white, why not try Moscato. It's sweet and slightly bubbly. White wine. Most traditional chardonnays et al are a bit old hat. Try a decent Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. Depends on your taste. Champagne: try sec or semi-sec. Desert wines are for deserts and will probably make sick if you get into a few bottles. Red: old French full bodied full of tannins isn't everyone's taste anymore. Start off with a young wine, from S. America or Chille. As suggested Malbec is a good starting place. Merlot? If it's £1000 a. Title and you think it's shit, don't drink it. If it's a tenner and you like it, then drink it. It's down to individual taste. Personally the only thing I drink, is absinth on the rocks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Performance BMW - Gaydon Write Up (Photo Next To RichardP's White M1)
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    The Story of my 528i SE

    Hi Darren, loving the black and white photo shots, as others have said, the exterior and interior colours are a nice combination ( I would go as far as saying classy ) and wouldn't change anything. Nice motor mate
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    Darren Spratt

    The Story of my 528i SE

    Mick, I've seen your Eta pics - really cool looking car.
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    Just stumbled across this thread. My mate gave me his 528 '99 however, as I've said to him, in nearly two years I've spent around £3.5k on it so he doesn't feel envious it's still on the road in as good a nick as it is. I've run DIS tests on the engine and the results were stupidly impressive. All test results were within less than 0.2 of the tolerances that allow +-0.5 and I'm on 196k miles. Changed the radiator and when I looked inside the block it was like new. I've never seen a cooling system on any car look new. That, and the fact that the E39 is, in many minds, the best saloon car ever made, made my mind up that I was going to keep this thing going as long as I could. Best car I've owned and I've driven some brand new '16 cars as well, Jag's, Merc's, Fords, Volvo's....
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    535i Andrew


    At an oil service you will get your oil and filters changed and that will be about it. They will read the fault codes and wash the car too. And mibbies Hoover it for you. The cost of the service will be the oil and to pay for smartly dressed girl behind the service counter who will smile very nicely at you when she asks for 280 of your pounds and to pay for the free wifi and to pay for the free coffee that you drink while sitting on expensive leather sofas which themselves sit on expensive Italian floor tiles. I serviced my last E60 myself and whilst I bought the parts from BMW thus had a BMW invoice, I wrote the invoice number in the space in the service booklet so a future owner could cross reference what was done. It hurt my trade in valve by a grand total of £40 (at WBAC) but I had saved far more than that doing DIY servicing.
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    535i Andrew


    It will be exclusive there is no arguing there! If you can live with the thirst then go for it, nothing puts a smile on your face like hearing all 8 open up when you are horsing past a Sunday driver. Experiences from a 545i SE point of view.....it's the same block just with a different acoustic cover. Get the engine checked over for oil leaks, they like to leak oil from rocker covers, vanos unit seals, upper timing chain cover to block/head and the dreaded alternator bracket. Also watch out for the egr system clogging up on these engines. Valve stem oil seals can give emissions problems too. Most parts on the V8 E60s is the same as everything else so when the time comes to replace the suspension arms they are all the same. Brakes are the same as the 535d upwards and need to be two piece to keep weight down. I had mine for 8 years till the autobox went with the dreaded E clutch failure at just over 91,000 miles despite being serviced twice. I bought it knowing it liked a drink and got anywhere between 22 - 36 mpg depending on run. High as 39 mpg on a 50 mph cruise and as low as 21mpg towing. Great car still miss the bellow of the V8!
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    This was precisely my point. Been there done it. The cost of new shocks was around £350. Add to that the cost of taking off the car, dismantling the struts in order to change the shocks plus the new top bearings needed etc... I've got the invoice on email with the part no. for what I bought if you're interested. I had no choice as I knew the front shocks were MOT failures. Plus, with the new setup, lowered a couple of inch's, slightly stiffer shocks, all completely adjustable both height and damping, I just couldn't go wrong.
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    Thick White smoke

    Could you have oil left in your exhaust maybe, thats getting burned off when the engine and exhaust gets warmed up? Or is it a major amount?
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    Retro Fit Towbar on to an F11

    85% is a common sense rule plus it gets damn scary towing anything heavier than the tug imho. in the book the max is 2000KG (braked trailer) for the F11 but that assumes driver only and not car full of kids luggage etc. check the plate in the car for the precise values. Going over any of the figures stared there or in the manual will invalidate your insurance plus plod are up to speed on this aspect so and could pull you over and direct you to a weighbridge. If the car then exceeds the Gross Train Weight you get fined points or whatever and have to find an alternate tug etc. I know this because I read it in the Daily Mail so it must be true. I also had to get a letter from Renault a few years ago because they had a stupidly low figure in their manual and on the plate in the engine bay which was known to be a mistake for the Grand scenic - no letter meant I in theory was invalidating my insurance when pulling our mobile shed around.
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    Steve van hool

    E39 528i SE Auto SOLD

    Surprised this is still for sale! Get it bought someone.
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    Rubber Johnnies

    Jonny Cash used to be a pound for a pack of three from the machine in the gents at the pub on a Saturday night IIRC, so long ago now. Regards, Mick
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    The Story of my 528i SE

    Hi Darren, Great looking car and well done saving and restoring it. Great colour combination, the light colour of the Pearlbeige leather interior really pops against the Diamantschwartz Metallic. I have an Eta with the same colour combination. There are some photographs in my gallery. Regards, Mick
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    Warranty question

    Sorry that would help wouldn't it.. it's the mondial one. I'll phone em later and update this with what they say.
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    Matthew Ashton

    F11 glass tailgate slowwww...

    PM sent.
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    Damit,... Thought you had him there
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    E39 528i SE Auto SOLD

    That's a cheap car indeed. Sitting on 32's. Can't go wrong. It'll not hang about long for that money.
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    The server rack runs quite happily on a UPS for a few hours so no loss of internet smart arse......
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    Boge, Sachs, KYB - These are all good makes and will work fine on your car No point in spending hundreds of £££ if it's not necessary! Even though yours is an SE, has it definitely got the Mtec suspension on it (ie. off an E39 Sport)?! Check RealOEM for the correct part numbers
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    Remaps - talk to me

    i have used simon at emaps several times and would not hesitate recommending him to anyone, he will be able to remove the ecu if needed also. Dms are very expensive with the same maps that simon has or so i have been told anyway. Dms are good but expensive.
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    maybe coming back to the BMW fold

    This is the sort of story I've seen time and time again with modern BMWs - which is why, although I have wanted to drive BMWs all my life, I wouldn't have another one as a daily driver unless it was brand new, as this would mean it had a full 3 year warranty. I can't afford that, so I drive a Volvo, which can also be expensive when something goes wrong - but that doesn't happen with the same monotonous regularity as it would with a BMW. Plus it comes with a decent stereo as standard, as all cars now should. Fords and Vauxhalls are better than BMW in this regard. It would be great if BMW would just go back to building cars properly, with decent quality components, because the fact that they don't effectively means the end of my relationship with the marque. Life's just too short.
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    Rubber Johnnies

    I honestly cant remember Dan!
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    Rubber Johnnies

    This thread has made me really laugh.
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    Rubber Johnnies

    It's been a while Jimmy.